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   Unali- Oops! Forgot to send a post with Arawn's response regarding the map before the last update.


   [Unali turns to Arawn who is enjoying a nice slice of garlic
like bread. "Arawn, you have this lovely drawing of the mountain
range that you made for my daughter. I would like to look at it
when I wake up. That would make me very happy. Could you get it
now, so I can take it with me as I retire for the evening soon."]


   Arawn nodded and smiled congenially.


   "Of course, Lady Au."


   Excusing himself from the table he made his way to his room and pulled out one of the copies of the drawing. He looked it over and decided that if no news was found this time around that it would be worth another divination to gain further insight into this location. Rolling it up he moved downstairs where he handed it with a slight bow to Unali.



["I know many companies in town. Part of my business to
know such things. It looks to be the Yank brothers. But
I heard just yesterday they were bought out by a person
in another city. They were paid well and sold quickly.
They have two warehouses in town I believe. They mostly
ship large wagon loads in caravans of 3-4 wagons at least.
A lot of big items like furniture or such loads." Saleem
replies and returns the parchment.]


- "Any information on the buyer and, regarding the Yank brothers, do they still have a representative in town? And can you give directions to their warehouses in town?"


[Arawn asks about
the baroness. "All have heard stories of it. I personally
didn't pay attention to them. I am much too busy to care
about such things. Some of my friends do tell me she was
in town for business but not sure what business."]


- "I had heard something of a group called the 'Night Demons' that are linked to her disappearance. They are said to be linked to some sort of unusual cult in a place 'in between worlds'. Do you know anything of them?"

- "As for the Baroness, could you discover her name and what business she had in town or else a contact that we might talk to who would know."


[Arawn asks about odd items or weapons sold. The fence
tenses up slightly. After a few quiet seconds. "You ask
strange questions friend. If it weren't for Tiehul vouching
for you, I might get concerned. I did a month ago come across
a circle weapon that is worn on the arms and has sharp edges
that seem to spin. I'm told a barbarian jungle tribe south
uses them. Last week I also was sold a staff rod thing that
had a strange serpent head." He growls slightly. "But the
cursed item shriveled up. If I find that man again..." He
growls again. "I had to trash it as it didn't seem good.
It broke apart from decay."]


- The circular bladed weapon intrigued Arawn but he wasn't sure if it was a Vong weapon. The second weapon, however, he was quite familiar with. He relied on his training and will to keep a stoic mask at mention of the Vong item.

"The circular blade is new to me but I would be interested in acquiring one or discovering the name of the barbarian tribe if you know it. But it is the serpent-staff that I find more intriguing.

What do you know of it? Where was it found? And who was the seller? Perhaps we might be able to track him down for you if you can give us a lead. I've seen such items before and desire to find this man's source."


["My job is reselling things. I'm sure Tiehul has explained
it. I tend to work around things like silly taxes and the
restrictive laws. I buy, resell and get paid. Some buy
from me or sell to me. But I mostly sell. I've done this
long enough it comes to me now. I no longer need to go out
to obtain items. Did you have something in mind?"]


- "Some hard to find items... sachranium; sea giant heart; aerated lava; or blue emeralds. I might have others to ask for but will have to get back to you on such later."


[Arawn asks of trustworthy contacts in the south. This
gets another giggle from Caladan and a slight smirk from Zhou.
It is like asking a thief of good and honest trustworthy

"I could look into it but depends on where south you go.
The south is a big place. I have a few."]


- "Thank you. I'm not sure where just yet but will let you know if and when it is decided."


[Arawn asks about maps of Katai and the mountains.

"A map shop can be found four blocks west. It has many
maps for sell. I have none here."]


- Arawn commented to the others, "It might be worth purchasing a map or two."


["The south west gate near the Aimee Bakery is the best gate.
Few guards are skilled there and many can be bribed."]


- Arawn looked at Zhou and Caladan, giving both a slight nod recognizing the need to remember this bit of information.


[When Arawn finishes his question the man suddenly leaps to
his feet startling the trio. "Your wizards!? Tiehul did
not tell me this." He rushes to a side window and looks out.
"You put me in danger by coming here?!" He scans the outside
and then rushes to the door. He exits the office and rushes to
the front and looks for several long seconds to the street.
he then storms back in. "You will need to leave now. I don't
want to be caught."]


- Using his Influence and Rhetoric Arawn will attempt to calm the man down.

"Calm yourself. You need not worry about wizards being present but as you can tell we have interest in certain items that could set off detectors. I ask as it would be a waste of time and resources if we were to purchase from you only to find an item inadvertantly sets off a detector. We might even have need to use them and if so wanted to know the best way to throw off trackers should the need to activate them arise."

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