[pnpgm] Game Update #67 - File #560 - Party meets Fence

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Lin (aka Frema) will talk to the tailor when he comes to check on Raban and get his measurements.

Talk to the tailor, "You will make sure he is still able to move quickly, I do not want a slow bodyguard when I call for him. Understood? He is to have better traveling clothes, along with one set that will represent me when I am in the presence of other Noble families. You will listen what he needs in clothing otherwise, as I trust him on representing ME correctly." She throws a glance in Raban's direction to make sure he understands that his appearance is very important to how she looks. She will then take out 2 gold coins (Katai) and hand them to the tailor. "This is also to be done as quickly as possible, as my father is not sure how long we will stay here, so being done today will be your answer." Staring at him, tempting him to defy her.

She will keep an eye on the tailor to see his reaction to a kid telling him what to do and the gold that is placed in his palm for doing what she said.
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