[pnpgm] Game Update #65 - File #556 - First day draws to end

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Tue Jan 19 08:40:45 CET 2010

 HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  Do.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  R1 NPC...................Shu.Yeoh..........Wizard..Normal/Human..Fe
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar, 

  Cover Story Info: [HD- House member, F-Foreigner, N-native non house]
     Arawn      aka Arawn         as Teacher to daughter [F]
     Ben'dar    aka Bu Da         as Horse expert        [F]
     Caladan    aka Ca Lu         as Guard/Archer        [N]
     Chion      aka Capt. Chu Mai as Sailor Trustee      [HD]
     Farseeker  aka Fu Sa         as Guard               [F]
     Fremea     aka Lin Mong      as Noble child         [HD] [Disguised]
     Kell       aka Swan          as Trader              [F]
     Kiet       aka Kiet Sunan    as Zhou's servant      [F]
     Raban      aka Toban Nu      as Entertainer/Guard   [F] 
     Strie'bog  aka Sun Zhu       as Entertainer         [N]
     Shu        aka Shu           as Niece               [HD]
     Unali      aka Tun Au        as Zhou's wife         [HD]
     Whitney    aka Whitney       as Herbalist/Tailor    [F]
     Will       aka Sun Tzu       as hunt master         [F]
     Z'leyra    aka Kakita Junami as Healer              [F]
     Zhou       aka Zhou Wa       as Baron Noble         [HD]

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     Private emails (not public actions) to longshot at cybermax.net
     Game Update #65 in sequence (file #556)      
     Admin Notes: None. 
     [Recap]   -  None

     [New Stuff]

         [Julis 24th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains, Shantou Province, Shantou city]
         [Weather: Cloudy, Temperature: 66-98]

         [Time: 2-5pm]

           In the horse corral in the western district of the city Kiet
         and Ben'dar wade through the dust and muck to find the best
         horse.  It isn't the cleanest place in the city and it seems
         the traders care less as long as the horses are presentable.
         It takes some time to round the horses for Kiet down to 6
         choices.  But when Ben'dar inspects 3 for their teeth he finds
         them in bad shape due to either disease or lack of good food.
         One he finds a hoove in bad shape from an infection and lack
         of grooming.  That leaves two for the men to inspect.  Out
         of the 30 horses or so these two seem to be the best of the
         bunch which means haggling is reduced due to supply.  Kiet
         tries to mount one and ride it to test her personality and how
         it takes to him.  As the acrobat rides Ben'dar inspects the
         other one and finds small skin sores made from bad grooming and
         ticks.  He growls at the lack of good care for the horses.  It
         seems the farm animals have far better upkeep than the riding
         horses in this area.

           Since the other one could be treated with the sores, Kiet
         tries it but finds the mare a bit temperamental.  The horse
         doesn't seem to like, more than usual, the spur.  The horse
         even tries to buck once so Kiet decides on the other horse.

           Meanwhile in a nearby tavern Kell has entered and started to
         collect a few beers for a deposit for his stomach.  As he does
         he talks to some local peasant-farmers.  Eventually Kell leaves
         the tavern and enters back into the hot sun.  He returns to the
         corral in time to help with Ben'dar to haggle for the horse.

           Though Ben'dar doesn't understand Katai language the merchant
         takes this as an attempt to use this.  But Kell who does know
         the language rebalances the attempt to spike the price.  After
         about 5 minutes of intense haggling the price is finally
         settled on.26 silver and 1 copper.  it is only about 4 silver
         less than normal market price.  But due to the selection there
         isn't much good and the horse likely won't be around long.

           Arrangements are made to deliver the horse to the inn the
         non-noble folks are staying at.  Z'leyra then rejoins the
         others from watching on the sidelines.  the four then march
         back toward the Inns.  This time the party takes a different
         street to explore that section of market place.

           The group comes up to a small tailor shop.  Kell enters and
         finds several good sets of clothing normal to Katai styles.
         The bulk of the store seems to be lower class supplies of
         farm and simple peasant stock cloths and almost near rags
         to wear.  There are a lot of those large straw hats the
         farmers seem to like on the farms.  But Kell happens on
         a brown soft leather hat.  It has a small strip around the
         base that might be raccoon fur that is a bit stylish and
         seems to be worn by some of the merchants.  He decides to
         buy it and a brown tunic and tan pants that many in the
         market place seem to wear.  When it comes to pay the tailor
         agrees to sell it all for 1 silver coin though it is a bit
         more than that.  Kell asks if custom tailoring can be done
         for a friend but the tailor shakes his head no.  He does
         give directions to a tailor shop that can do special custom
         fitted clothing.  

           On the trip back Kiet finds a wine shop.  The clerk looks up
         but upon seeing Ben'dar frowns a bit.  The implication is
         that his class isn't welcome there.  As Kell and Kiet explore
         the shop the wines appear to be for middle and upper class.
         There are about 200 bottles and the clerk reports he has a
         special collection in the cooled basement.  But it is a bit
         more exclusive shopping for select people.  Some of the cheap
         wines are as low as 2 silver while the most expensive bottles
         the clerk reports is about 4 gold.  The clerk states he tends
         to sell only and not buy as wines are hard to validate their
         quality without some reputation behind it.  

         [Time: 5pm]

           As the afternoon draws to a close the groups in the market
         or exploring the city start to being to return to the inn
         for a dinner with everyone.  By now the streets are thinning
         and shops are starting to close down.  

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Friday...

         GM: Small update.  This will be the way of it for the next 3-4
             updates.  There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going
             on (email) and that takes time to go back and forth.  Since
             most of it seems private can't post here.  But it should
             all tie in eventually.  So stay tuned.  My potential
             schedule of events:

             Friday - Dinner.  Night events if any, sleeping.
             Monday - Second day of events, meet with fence, more
                      shopping maybe.
             Friday - Second day again.  Maybe second night if needed. 

             Since folks are divided up it takes a time to coordinate it
             all but it helps speeds some things up.  But in order to do
             behind scenes stuff need to spread the time frame out a bit.
             So for this next update have all day activities done by
             then.  I may not have dealt with posted stuff yet and
             will get to that in the second day in town.  So don't think
             I've ignored them yet.  But just going to delay the update
             time frame for replies in email and last minute stuff or
             the first day.

         GM: Some questions

             Who will attend Zhou to go meet the Fence (Tiehul's contact)?
             If you don't want to join you can submit questions or comments
             to be asked.

             I will assume the horse from Tiehul and the traitor will
             be sold for party treasure on second day.  Unless stated

             If any last minute actions for the first night let me know.
             If not there will be time the next "day". Will be replying
             to some email in the next couple days. 

         GM: Expenses paid out

             Blue Crystal Inn Rooms -
               Arawn/Farseeker/Fremea - 2 Silver per     *
               Raban/Shu/Unali/Kiet   - 2 Silver per     *
             Blue Crystal Inn Food    - Included         *
             Blue Crystal Inn Bath    - 2 copper per     *
             Other Inn Room Rates  -                     *
               Ben'dar/Caladan/Chion  - 4 copper per     *
               Kell/Strie'bog/Will    - 4 copper per     *
               Z'leyra                - 4 copper per     *

             Whitney meal             - 6 Brass bits     **
             Beers - 1-2 drunk        - 1 Brass bits per ***
             Other Inn Bath           - 5 Brass bits per ***
             Kell Hat/Katai clothing  - 1 Silver 

             *   Total deduction 18 SC 2 CC from party treasury
             **  Deducted from personal coins
             *** Deducted from various characters

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