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I realize they have a guard staff in the coach house, but Whitney would as soon sleep in the wagon itself. In fact, if there's some scrape wood about, he'll spend his time carving up a toy menagerie while making sure any hidden bits of the wagon aren't searched for (much less found).

Worse case, he'll raid the nearest stack of firewood for materials. Assuming wood cooking fires, anyhow (as opposed to charcoal, coal, or even less savory bits of... things).

Food and bathing at the other inn, of course, although food to go would be preferred. Whitney has a bad feeling about leaving a smuggler's delight like the wagon alone for people to poke into.

>       Not Selected which Inn
>             Ben'dar, Caladan, Chion, Farseeker, Raban, Strie'bog,
>             Whitney and Will
>       Questions/Assumptions
>       1.  If no rooms selected by room will determine the guards randomly
>           to stay in the noble inn.  Guards are acceptable as nobles tend
>           to have security near.  More out of sight and mind but there.
>       2.  Will assume rooms are single occupancy but if you wan tot stay
>           with a person in particular (other inn) let me know.  For
>           saftey might be best to double up.
>       3.  Rooms can be paid for out of party treasure.  But if you want to
>           pay yourself let me know.

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