[pnpgm] Update?

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Fri Jan 8 06:53:38 CET 2010

   Due to events out of my control no update Friday.  Especially
   since got some late posts (heck I was late this week).  But
   time constraints and the like.  Here are some comments from
   hhe posts I've seen.

   * Rooms

       Noble Inn
             Room #1 - Zhou/Unali
             Room #2 - Fremea/Shu
             Room #3 - Kiet/Arawn
             Room #4 - [Empty] 1-3 "guards"

       Other inn
             Kell, Z'leyra

       Not Selected which Inn
             Ben'dar, Caladan, Chion, Farseeker, Raban, Strie'bog,
             Whitney and Will

       1.  If no rooms selected by room will determine the guards randomly
           to stay in the noble inn.  Guards are acceptable as nobles tend
           to have security near.  More out of sight and mind but there.
       2.  Will assume rooms are single occupancy but if you wan tot stay
           with a person in particular (other inn) let me know.  For
           saftey might be best to double up.
       3.  Rooms can be paid for out of party treasure.  But if you want to
           pay yourself let me know.

   * Bath

      - Noble baths all those staying in that Inn can go free.
        Even guards/servants "allowed" if needed for security.
      - Those at other inn will have to pay a few coins for bath but
        its cheap.  Will be from personal funds.
      - If you prefer to bath alone let me know.  Assumption will be
        alone.  But heck if you want to bath in a group for safety
        that's fine too.  Assumption will be alone.
      - If you need "help" bathing some nice young gals can help to
        bath and scrub you.  For the noble house this is in the basic
        price of rooms.  for the other bathhouse a tip might be involved.
        For other services like drinks, food or such it will be separate.
      - After 2 weeks on road I will assume ALL take a bath at least
        once in the city but if you don't want one let m eknow. 

   *  Expenses

       - Items obtained in shops will be from personal funds not
         party treasure.  Basic assumption.
       - If you want something that's fine.  This city is huge and
         quite populated.  Being so close to Katai itself there are
         shops for ANYTHING and everything.  Except magic of course.
         That isn't to say magic might nto exist in black markets.
         But to find those could take more than a few hours work.
       - So for the look lists shops exist.  Now if you spend time
         looking for that one item it could take time.  I will
         have to determine that time later. 
         If there is stuff in email its harder to get to in time
         since I handle all public stuff first.  So it might be
         best to post such things in public aciton posts.  Then
         I gather up the emails and do those actions second.  So
         hope don't forget. :)

   * Shops

       - As above most shops are out there.  In the area around the
         noble inn those shops are high class.  So you'll be paying
         high prices.  As you go to more common markets it will
         level out.  Just FYI.

       - Will assume basic time spent in shops randomly based on
         priority list and overall free time unless stated otherwise.

   * Tiehul's contact/free time

       - Assume by time folks bath and settle into rooms it will be
         2pm.  So will be a good 4 hours of free time.  Then group
         can meet up some place for dinner and figure out plans.
         The contact will have to be found and Zhou will investigate
         a bit.
       - Exploring the city - it is best to go with someone for safety
         and Zhou will demand this.  He doesn't want another kell
         attack.  He would prefer folks stay close at the inns but
         knows folks want to travel.  Though its not safet to do so.
         He recommends stay nearby.

   All for now.  This post isn't even spell checked. No time.  Up
   early in the morning 2 hours earlier than normal.  So off to bed.
   Stay tuned for monday's update.

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