[pnpgm] Game Update #62 - Kell's responses and further actions

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Kiet respons to Kell, "Well, I would prefer to go along and choose, and Ben'dar is certainly welcome.  I think that two average riging horse would suit my needs.  I will normally keep my belongings on the one while I ride the other.  In this way I can essentially rest them if I am on a journey.  I believe that since I am not even 150# soaking wet, that I might not even encumber a horse even if I am armed and armored!"

"Also, if anyone needs tutoring in Katai, speaking, reading or writing it, I am quite fluent and willing to teach if I have the time away from my, um, 'duties'."

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        Responding to Kiet, "Of course I can arrange to have a bath ready for you. Consider it done. And I'll get you a shield and two horses, one with riding gear the other to carry your equipment, they'll be stabled at the inn for us regular people, not those who live in luxury." Grinning at the acrobat widely, thinking of him living in luxury. Pondering the possibility of selling his extremely pricey wine, setting up a long term contract, and all the profit that brings. 

        "Do you know how much average horses cost? About six gold each. Do you want one average for riding and and a draft horse, or two average riding horses? Whilst I will get the best price I can, well, it will be cheaper than that." Grining again, anticipating the thrill of bargaining and getting a deal.

        Kell approaches Ben'Dar later and asks, "Will you come and help me pick out the two best horses in the market? I'm not nearly as skilled at appraising them as you are, my friend." [Kell is trying to learn Merchant - Horse with all the horse buying/selling. I'm guessing the horse purchases will be the second day we're in Shantou.]

        [Regarding rooms at the average inn.] 
        "Sharing rooms is probably safer. Whilst some privacy is nice, safety here is important. Anyone want to share?" 

        Responding to Z'Leyra, "I'm going shopping and browsing as well if you care to go together for a time? I am particularly interested in jewels and jewelery, and wines. We can split up when done with the shops we both want to see, but I wouldn't mind some company."

        [If Kell finds out Z'Leyra wants to learn to read/write Katai, he will offer to help teach her. He's not as skilled as a native, but pretty good at read/write Katai.]


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