[pnpgm] Kiet's actions upon reaching town.

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After we arrive at the Inn, Kiet will be seen to be quite busy attending to Zhou's needs.  Kiet hears the talk of the nobles objecting to the servants taking baths in THEIR tubs...so...

Kiet will go to Kell and offer him a few silver coins.  "My friend, would you please arrange with the inkeeper of the establishment where you stay to have a bath ready for me late tonight after I take care of Zhou and his needs?  I must reek from the depths to the heavens."

(not private from group...Zhou especially I would like to overhear) Kiet will also seek out Fremea with a request.  "Madame Fremea, the food they serve to us 'servants' is usually of poor quality.  I was wonding if you would do me a favor that I think only you could pull off convincingly.  Since you are a 'young one' in this game, would you impose upon your 'father' to have three different meals brought to you each evening?  Choose one you really want plus two others that Arawn and I might share in private.  I simply wish to have better food, and Arawn, being who he is, would probably appreciate the higher class meal.  I would, of course, pay for it myself (that mostly to Zhou).  I will be required to attend to the 'family' and won't likely have time to go about and get my own good food."

Assuming she agrees Kiet responds "Madame Fremea, you are as gracious as you are kind.  I thank you."

Also, Kiet seeks out Kell on another matter.  "Kell, I need to seek out a shield and two riding horses...one to ride and one upon which I can keep my belongings.  Would you care to join me?  While I am as yet uncomfortable with these horses, I think I have little choice but to learn to ride them.  My time with them on the wagon has given me a bit of appreciation for the animals."  This assumes that such purchasing of a horse won't hider the wagon driving with too many spare horses.
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