[pnpgm] Game Update #62 - File #541 - Party enters Shantou City

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Wed Jan 6 20:03:20 CET 2010

<Raban has been working on his horsemanship skill predominately, but 
would like to learn to read katai for signs and such>

<Inn problems, Raban would try to sit before Fremea's door but most 
likely would be told to move even when he says it is a matter of honor.

<Bath, Raban really wants a bath! LOL  He does not mind being compared 
to a horse...But not due to scent! So it would appear he needs to go 
down the street for this. It may cause some interesting side effects.

<Clothing, Raban will either need to make some himself or hire it done. 
If materials are limited in his packs he will need to acquire some. This 
would also tend to require him to find a seller which is likely the same 
as finding a tailor shop.
[Likely fresh from the bath] "The mistress has burned most my clothing 
because she said it stunk and was not adequately presentable. She says I 
need clothing that will not make me sweat so much. But they must also be 
appropriate for a Noble's bodyguard. I am honor bond to obey all her 
orders, even ones such as these." Flashing a gold coin, "But I must get 
back to my post so speed is important. Take what measurements you need, 
I can return about this same time tomorrow for proper fitting."
<I am unsure how much a few sets of clothing would cost if they need to 
be better materials but a gold should go a long ways. If it is way too 
much then we better reduce it or it will draw even more attention.>
<Raban prefers durable leather clothing but in Katai it is rather warm

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