[pnpgm] shadow magic / wooden weapons

John Hooten jhooten at windstream.net
Fri Feb 26 00:04:46 CET 2010

Raban smiles, "Thank you Z'leyra, but it is unlikely any wooden weapon 
would survive my use of it for long. That is why I learned to use my 
hands and even they do not fare so well at times. My gauntlets or my bow 
are the only weapons I need, though only time will tell how they will 
perform against this enemy."

On 2/25/2010 2:55 PM, Alex Koponen wrote:
> Z'leyra asks "Are any of us conversant with the crafting of shadows? I 
> am not...but it seems that it might behoove me to learn. If someone is 
> and is willing to teach I would eagerly learn. If not...well I will 
> bide my time crafting wooden weapons in case of need. These wooden 
> weapons could be further 'crafted' in moments if we meet those we 
> seek. And could be used as firewood after. Any requests for wooden 
> weapons?"

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