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[OOC - I read the update and need time to think and respond, and there are about 13 emails.  Very nice!]

          A foot off the ground, Farseeker snarls at the noble. He
        doesn't speak above a whisper. "You should show more respect.
        He is right she didn't deserve to die.  You stand there
        packing shirts more worried about losing your own hide than
        losing one of us!  A leader leads by example." He releases
        the man who slumps down a bit.  Farseeker steps back. "You
        are no leader.  I follow Unali now not you.  For the sake of
        the mission you will show more respect for us than the mission."
        With that he storms out of the room almost shoving Kell out
        of the way a bit but not by force.

As Farseeker pushes past Kell says quickly to Farseeker, "Well said. I stand with you." Giving the big man a nod.

The half-elf goes to his room and begins to pack, checking all the Lockes to make sure they are whole. He can't be too careful.  [  He he.  Lost is great.  ]

        [Time:  about 3:40am - Night 2 in Shantou, leaving the common inn]

After packing his few things and he is ready to leave, Ha'Kell puts on his armor and dons his helmet.  He takes out his tulwar and straps it across his back and carries his shield.  With all his gear loaded, he takes out a spear and holds it in his right hand, his shield on his left arm after he mounts his horse.  He will ride at the rear of the group behind the wagon, and in his armor with helmet and spear and shield looks much more like a guard than a merchant.

During all the back and forth between Whitney and Arawn a smile creeps across the handsome half-elf's face.  He fixes a steeley gaze on the both of them and remarks, "Does it matter? We don't know why it happened to Shu. Maybe there is something with her task that demanded this? Calm down both of you or we'll have it worse. I don't care if they are lit or not."  Calmly focused and using his senses inherited from his elf father, Ha'Kell isn't very worried about being caught off guard riding out of the city.  [Dreaming of punching through a wall, and then the monster's chest, then the tree, then six feet deep into the cliff wall, then...]

After hearing Arawn's explanation Kell opines, "So the Night Demons may correctly named and possibly be aligned with a whole branch of the forbidden in Katai?"  In a very sarcastic tone, "This is just great.  And if they are aligned with the Vong, oh so much the better."  Pondering the possibilities that the Vong are using them in addition to one or more royal houses.  This doesn't make him happy.

Becoming serious again and with a very steeley gaze he confronts Zhou, "Now is the time to tell us everything you know.
 Why was she expecting this? Why did it not surprise you? Why did you not tell us?  It is important to us all, even those who, what was it you said, choose to go shopping?  Enlighten us as to the errors of our ways, " using a mocking voice "oh brave one."  Kell's opinion of the baron is slipping faster than it did on the sea voyage from the Dark Lands, where he showed his bravery, and his patience for secrets is even less.

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