[pnpgm] Game Update #73 - File #597 - Party evacs the city

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  Actually Arawn rides outside of the carriage and is carefully studying the circle of light so he actually would be in the know. He's the one who spoke with Zhou about it in the first place so there's no actual backtracking of time.
   As to how Whitney wants to die, you're right, it is his choice. Unfortunately this isn't about Whitney, it's about the safety of the others. 
   Arawn doesn't want to risk a shadow warrior or someone in shadow form just cruising through darkness undetected and hopping up on the rear or into the carriage. He's trying to make it more difficult for that to happen by forcing it out due to the light or at least giving others the opportunity to spot the shadow as it moves.
   If Whitney doesn't feel comfortable in the light at the rear of the carriage he's been given the option to move. Arawn isn't making it difficult for Whitney, Whitney is making it difficult for himself. You're call on whether to take cover outside of the light, either on horseback or in the carriage, both of which are far more comfortable than Whitney's current seat, or take the hard route and struggle with Arawn over the lights.
   To me it doesn't make sense for Whitney to be difficult if it's an issue of safety when he's been given an option for a better spot than his current one, light or no light.

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I had thought Whitney's first attempt to put them out was after we left. Now we're back in time? Please. Whitney rides int he rumble seat, he's alone back there, everyone else is inside the wagon or up front. How do folks even know what he's doing?

They're going out. As soon as the wagon start moving if not before. If you're that worried, take a lantern inside the wagon.

Lights on, Whitney might die from an arrow or 40. Lights out, he might die from a supernatural critter. Shouldn't it be his choice which death he wants to risk? Not Arawn's?

   Just prior to the party entering the carriage Arawn takes a bright light and takes a careful look inside and under the carriage for signs of anything unusual.
   "Actually I am, more so than you know. You have no idea what you risk. I do. Mortal threat is not the issue here. If you wish to expose yourself to it that is one thing but, please, do not put the others at risk.
   If you are not comfortable with your position then might I suggest moving yourself to a different position until we leave the city. There is likely space in the carriage or you may switch places with me," Arawn responds with a look that conveys the seriousness of his words.
   If Whitney doesn't want to move position and still wants to put out the rear lights Arawn will attempt to block his action.
   Scott: If the above isn't feasible then Arawn will move towards the other lantern, grabbing it and moving to the rear to keep as continual a circle of light around the carriage as possible.
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