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   Just prior to the party entering the carriage Arawn takes a bright light and takes a careful look inside and under the carriage for signs of anything unusual.


   "Actually I am, more so than you know. You have no idea what you risk. I do. Mortal threat is not the issue here. If you wish to expose yourself to it that is one thing but, please, do not put the others at risk.

   If you are not comfortable with your position then might I suggest moving yourself to a different position until we leave the city. There is likely space in the carriage or you may switch places with me," Arawn responds with a look that conveys the seriousness of his words.


   If Whitney doesn't want to move position and still wants to put out the rear lights Arawn will attempt to block his action.


   Scott: If the above isn't feasible then Arawn will move towards the other lantern, grabbing it and moving to the rear to keep as continual a circle of light around the carriage as possible.


   Once out of the city Arawn seems to constantly scan the surroundings before eventually sharing what he knows with the group.


   "Sorry about the mystery earlier but considering all the attention we had already garnered I did not wish to risk ourselves further by speaking of less than mundane things while in the city.

   I recognized what it was that killed Shu. It's a creature from the realm of Shadow, a shadow warrior. A rare few have the ability to call them forth into this world and from what I can tell the one that we witnessed had to have been called by a very powerful summoner. Either a true master of such magics or a very experienced and talented Shadow Weaver was responsible as it was different than those that are normally summoned.

   That's why I spoke with Zhou about having the rear lanterns placed. These beings can travel invisibly and silently through the shadows and I did not want to risk one striking at us, unlikely as it might be. They can easily slip up on one and strike a death blow without anyone else knowing until it is too late, especially this one. In addition I wanted to minimize risk of a shadow-spy slipping in amidst our camp."


   He then turned to Zhou.


   "You said that you would explain everything after we left the city."



   When the group finally decides to stop for a bit Arawn will perform rites for the dead for Shu, as long as there aren't any non-party witnesses. There is a look of distant sadness in his eyes as he does so. He feels for the girl, her life cut short before she had a chance to experience it to the fullest but he held comfort in knowing that in time she would return and be given another chance to gain experience and grow in body and spirit.

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