[pnpgm] Game Update #73 - File #597 - Party evacs the city

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   Forgot to add-


   "I'll explain later, when we're out of town."


   OOC: Update and info later on today
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> <Just a heads up from a player who does not know for sure...But I expect 
> Arawn thinks having shadows is important for those fiends to attack so 
> the bright light would help prevent them forming right next to you. Just 
> a guess... Of course the light has drawbacks like making you an easy 
> target for normal weapons. But since he has not said this the characters 
> have to use their own judgment, isnt that fun ;)
> On 2/19/2010 1:02 AM, Thomas O. Magann Jr. wrote:
> > 
> >> By now Arawn has urged Zhou to lit up lanterns for each corner
> >> of the wagon. While the front two are standard he doesn't argue
> >> with the last two though Whitney finds them a bit distracting
> >> in the rear section. Arawn simply tells Whitney that it might
> >> be beneficial to have the light shine.
> >>
> >> 
> > OOC: just to be sure I understand this: Whitney is riding in the rumble seat outside the back of the wagon with a lantern on either side of him making sure he is well illuminated in case someone wants to take a pot shot at him as the wagon rolls by? And Arawn thinks it's a good idea?
> >
> > Well if that doesn't just give one a warm fuzzy feeling. :-)
> >
> > IC: as soon as the wagon starts moving and there's no one around to tell him different, he'll put the things out.
> >
> > Thank you for your time,
> >
> > Thomas O. Magann Jr.
> > 
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