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Kiet is obviously very nervous about all of this and, if it weren't for the information being so important, he would have been packing while they were casting their Akasha and other spells.

Kiet leaves immediately after seeing the illusion of the smoking fiend that killed Shu.  He first goes to put on his leather armor and then gathers all of his other arms and armor to take to the wagon.  He gets his horse ready and loaded then starts helping the other people load up.  As soon as they are done loading, Kiet's putting on ALL of his armor, keeping his shield and some javelins handy on the wagon.  Kiet will drive the wagon out of town as quietly as he can while in the Inn compound, but once out of it will hurry.

Damn, he wishes for the umpteenth time that he had a sword at his side and knew how to use it.  On the plus side, if we are suspected or accused of using magic, then it possibly can be used to escape as denials may be no longer useful.
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