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   As everyone gathers in Shu's chamber and attempt to begin investigations Arawn carefully studies the area. As the others attempt to move towards Shu and the table Arawn will attempt to block them with his own body, excepting Z'leyra as she looks over the girl. He does not attempt to block anyones view, only physical contact with her items, keeping a careful eye on any that move close or those that examine her body.


   "We should stay still for the moment so as to not disturb any clues. Someone should also guard the hall."


   From where he was it was obvious that the attacker was skilled in the arts of assassination, the wound too clean for a simple thug.


   "We have a few options as to what happened here. The attacker snuck in the room or was already here before Shu arrived; magic was used to enter and exit the room; one of us is responsible, willing or otherwise.

   If the attacker used mundane methods then it seems unlikely he snuck in through the windows as they are locked and sneaking into Shu's room through her front door would have likely drawn her attention. That means either he would have had to be hidden in the room prior to her arrival and then slipped past the guard as he exited the room or else used a secret passage to get in.

   If magic was used to enter and exit then magic will have to be used to discover this.


   If it was one of us then I think we can come to answer on that with magic as well. I do not believe any here would do such an act willingly but with the right magics a person can be made to perform acts quite contrary to their nature and being separated throughout the day and evening would give a magician plenty of opportunities to charm one of us."


   Lowering his voice just a bit in case any other guests might be within earshot he continued,


   "I can scan us for lingering signs of enchantment and I am willing to allow the same to be done to myself. I can also sense the truth if need be but I think a scanning of the akashic record would prove most insightful. As to Shu," directing a sad gaze to the young magician. "I can call upon her spirit for answers if she did not leave a clue for us on the table. It would also give me the chance to see if she wishes to be brought back to life. I can do so for her but she would be a pale shadow of herself as I have not developed my expertise with it yet."


   "As to leaving, I don't think it necessary just yet. If guards were to be alerted I think they would have already been here by now. That Pamau is likely our next stop I will not argue but I think that there are leads in this city and someone doesn't want us to find them. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the work of the 'Night Demons' but whoever, whatever is behind this the question that rings in my mind is, how did they know who to strike? Perhaps a few questions directed to the inn's spy could prove enlightening... after we are finished searching things here."


    Looking to Z'leyra he asked,


   "Are you willing to perform the Akasha?"




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