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Kell listens to Z'leyra who has mirrored his own thoughts.  Responding to her, "I had similar thoughts, although I think the Vong themselves, and their agents, know we are searching for them.  It is very likely they knew who could help us find them the most.  That, or the distraction that Shu mentioned and arranged turned on her.  That is a distinct possibility.  Whilst I don't know which is true, you speak well saying we should pack and leave as soon as possible."

If the healer mentions the spell Akasha, Ha'Kell will voice his opinion it may be worth using even with the risks if Fremea doesn't know what happened.  Perhaps with some Luck or Purification to help it, these not mentioned as spells but in a very general sense in case there is a spy.

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Z'leyra also looks at Fremea and asks "What did you see? What happened?" But from the temperature of the body and the coagulation of the blood Shu's death must have been many minutes (likely many tens of minutes), not seconds, ago. She wonders why Fremea didn't rouse the party when whatever tore her dress and got blood on it occurred.

Z'leyra ponders what if anything could be done for Shu. Massive damage to the brain...dead for more than ten minutes....no healing that she knows of could possibly save Shu at this point. But perhaps Regeneration on the wound...coupled with a Resurrection...maybe, though doubtful. Shu's spirit is likely on its way to its next destination. In any case she has neither of those spells and spells are dangerous to cast here. She does have a dangerous spell, Akasha, that could give a much better idea of what happened here...but is it worth casting? Besides attracting potentially fatal kinds of trouble the spell itself is very tricky, any failure being abysmal. Without her tools failure would be far more likely than she wants to risk.

In any case it is obvious that an assassin has found the party, putting off leaving beyond the crack of dawn would be foolhardy. She tells the party "We must pack and leave this town, before dawn if possible. An assassin has found us, soldiers may not be far behind. Lets wrap her body up and take her in the wagon...we can bury her later."

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