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   [Kiet listens to the other party members then throws out this little tidbit, "I think we were being followed when we went shopping.  I'm not 100% sure, but farily certain that one of the people from around the inn was following us."

He sighs then continues, "I also had a very disturbing encounter with an old man I think was carrying a detector.  Now, there's no way they can detect magic on me, I left all of mine, um, at 'home'.  My concern is that the detectors aren't set up to detect magic being used, but to detect magic users!"
"All I know is I want out of this town as soon as possible."]
   "Could you identify the person you think might have been following you and do you think the person saw anything of importance?," Arawn asked. Turning to the rest of the party he added,
   "Did any of you notice anything similar?"
   His eyes drifted along the walls of the room as listened to the replies.
   "It might be worth our time to check for spyholes and hidden entrances into our rooms or the baths."
   "As to the old man, what makes you think he had a detector and why he might have sensed anything? Where did it take place, how did he act and did you see where he went afterwards or who he might have spoken with?"
   Scott, after the meeting is done Arawn will take time to look over the bedrooms and private baths for signs of spyholes or secret tunnels. He'll do so when there are no npc's around to avoid drawing attention to himself.
   ["For the warehouses, I agree with Arawn.  We should investigate.  I can go tonight, darkness does not hinder my vision hardly at all.  Who else wants to go?  Whilst we investigate it tonight, tomorrow I can go and inquire as to the companies, both the Yank Brothers and the purchasers.  As we need large and secure shipping for Lord Zhou's business enterprises, I was told the Yank Brothers are a good shipping company to use, so any company that bought them should also be good."  He flashing his brilliant blue eyes at this, showing his very handsome features and looking excited for the task.  "Tomorrow I will go to see what I can find out."
"I will be listening for the Night Demons, but don't expect to find out much.  Perhaps someone in the black Market will know something?"  Ha'Kell asks for the black market password, as he will go there.  "Who else wants to go? I can go alone, but, er, at the last city's market there was my incident.  Hey, that could be a great distraction for Shu!"  Smiling widely at the thoughts and memories, running his hand up and down the arm that was so badly wounded.]
   "I would volunteer if no one else wishes to accompany you as I do not think it wise to investigate the warehouse alone. However, ideally, I think it better if I stay behind. I'm concerned over attention that may have been drawn our way and would like to keep an eye out should anything unusual happen in the night... unless others are willing to do so instead," he replied, looking to the others to see who, if any, would either accompany Kell or else act as nightwatch for the group.
   "As to the blackmarket, if all goes well tonight I am willing to go tomorrow as long as I'm not needed elsewhere."
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