[pnpgm] Kell's response at dinner to Arawn and the discussion with actions

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Ha'Kell grins mischieviously at the 'Professors' response and replies, "No, you act like a professor, always trying to teach.  Usually you seem to fall into an almost lecture, much more than a student's reponse.  Which is why I asked if you are really a professor," giving great emphasis to the next word, "professor.  I think that should be your new nickname, Professor.  What say everyone?  Professor Whitney!"  Smiling broadly at the young man.  Grinning and quietly saying, "Buy my dog ate it, he eats anything, so I need more time..."

Speaking a bit louder again and much more serious to the task, "And I didn't misunderstand you as you mentioned, and I quote, 'anomalous people you folks are after'.  That doesn't mean some Katai that hate certain, well, things.  I agree finding and studying some of the detectors would be very benficial, and I also agree we may be jumping at shadows and attributing too much to the devices.  But all of this is secondary to these 'anomalous people' that we are after."

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Whitney ponders how to explain the meaning of the word 'research' for a moment, and then speaks again, "It must be that Katai isn't you natice language. A teacher explains what is known to those who dont' yet know it. A researcher studies what is known to find out what isn't known, then attempts to make the inknown into the known. Both teachers and researchers, well, the good ones, at least, spend a fair amount of time in libraries, that being where knowledge is kept.Librarians organize such knowledge, often making themselves quite familiar with it in the process. I have spent a fair amount of time organizing and learning from one of the greatest libraries in the word, for it's chosen subject matter. I am a Librarian, most certainly. I was enroute to a place where the unknown was happening and there was much to be discovered, and on more than one subject. I haven't even gotten there, yet, and I have had some success. I would say I am a Researcher. Until
 meeting you people I had never had need nor opportunity to teach. I have found that the earmark of a great teacher is being able to reach the poorest of students. I may or may not be a Teacher.

"Now, what sort of Student are you? I ask because it isn't a Vong I want to study. it's one of the Katai sensing devices, which you seem to have misunderstood.The devices seem to do much too much at one time. I would study one to learn how and why...and possibly how to block them entirely. Then again, it could just be we're jumping at shadows and attributing more to them than they can actually do, which is also worth finding out."   

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