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Arawn then waited to hear what the others had to say.
Kell ponders Arawn's words for several minutes, then decides to add his own information and ideas.  "While shopping we asked about the symbol.  We found it.  The warehouse was deserted when we examined it."  Kell compares notes and locations to find out if they saw the same warehouse or different ones.  If the have both, wonderful, if not then so be it. 

"For the warehouses, I agree with Arawn.  We should investigate.  I can go tonight, darkness does not hinder my vision hardly at all.  Who else wants to go?  Whilst we investigate it tonight, tomorrow I can go and inquire as to the companies, both the Yank Brothers and the purchasers.  As we need large and secure shipping for Lord Zhou's business enterprises, I was told the Yank Brothers are a good shipping company to use, so any company that bought them should also be good."  He flashing his brilliant blue eyes at this, showing his very handsome features and looking excited for the task.  "Tomorrow I will go to see what I can find out."

"I will be listening for the Night Demons, but don't expect to find out much.  Perhaps someone in the black Market will know something?"  Ha'Kell asks for the black market password, as he will go there.  "Who else wants to go? I can go alone, but, er, at the last city's market there was my incident.  Hey, that could be a great distraction for Shu!"  Smiling widely at the thoughts and memories, running his hand up and down the arm that was so badly wounded.

Pausing in thought, then turning to Unali.  "You know this city well, is there a developed sewer system, enough to move through?  Can you help me with this?"

Kiet ...  [deleted for space]
"What kind of distraction are we going to use?  I was thinking one of Kell's large, dirty 'friends' could be convinced to cause a ruckus near the other end of town."
"Ha!"  Kells snorts a bit at this idea.  "I would so love to have one of my large, dirty, " adding great emphasis on the next word, filling it with sarcasm, "friends provide a distraction.  Do you we want city wide mayhem or just a minor riot?"  Smiling broadly, showing his white teeth.  

"What will we do for a distraction?  Or are we going to count on luck to protect Shu?  I will ask around sideways in the market for something."

Whitney shakes his head [deleted for space]
"Oh, and I'm a researcher, not a student. Specifically because I not only paid attention to my lessons, but went the extra step and thought about them, as well."
Ha'Kell is watching this conversation with a very amused look on his face, still not sure what to make of the librarian after all this time.  "I thought you were a librarian?  Are you a teacher as well?"  

"I agree with you, we should refrain from using certain words.  I don't want any of us in jail for a loose tongue."

Speaking with force, the half-elf's expression becoming stoney, much like it was with the traitor, "They aren't people, they're invaders.  Spawn that could destroy all of us, everywhere.  Don't forget that, we aren't here to try and tame one as a pet.  They give no mercy or quarter, I expect all us to treat them the same way."

At the end of the evening meal's talk, Ha'Kell tries to talk with Unali about her home city, both as a friend and to learn more.  The half-elf wants to help her however he can, and makes it very clear to Unali.  Family and friends are important, very important to him.  He counts her in that.

After the meal, later that night around 11pm, Ha'Kell perpares to go explore the warehouse. He dresses in his darkest clothes over his armor, and brings his trusty tulwar, with two daggers on his belt and a third in his right boot.  Too much sneaking around for a spear or a shield though.  He has his hair up with a black bandana that covers his ears and his longer than usual hair in a ponytail to keep it out of his face.

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