[pnpgm] Game Update #25 - File #276 - IBT and Cover Story

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OOC: I don't know what Scott uses as a reference, but as a GM I have
always used the old Runequest language proficiency table. I don't have
my Runequest books handy, but it would place 52% proficiency at the
medium to high level for a native speaker.

The RQ table was something like
0-20%  "Meat was bad! Aaarghh."
20-40  "The sheep flesh you sold me yesterday was rotten. I want my
money back."
40-60 ???
60-80 "Dear Mr. Butcher, the leg-o-lamb that you sold me yesterday was
of highly questionable quality and the amount of maggots that were
crawling in it was uncountable. I strongly suggest a pecuniary
renumeration or I will report this establishment to the appropriate
authorities and have you closed down."

I have always liked that table.

J Hooten wrote:
> Raban laughs heartedly, "Thank you. A fabulous role, but one I would
> need to practice...often. We just need a supply of maidens and I think
> the grunts will supply themself. Yes, my Goddess approves of that role."
> But he continues in a more serious manner "It is an option with a bit
> more fun perhaps than as a slave but it will have similar problems. I
> doubt their laws would allow such a beast much more leeway than a slave
> is given, though being valuable property of a noble could count for a lot."
> <So does a 52 in Katai mean a lot of that is actually the wrong words?
> Sometimes you can have fun with bad translations. Did Raban actually
> hear something different than she said? Was his role to be 'adult'
> entertainment, a spectacle for a large audience?
> Wout Broere wrote:
>> Unali, in Katai: "You could be just who you appear to be, the noble
>> savage from lands afar. Half man, half ape, clearly dumb-witted and with
>> a temper to suit a great ape. Has been known to escape his bonds and get
>> away with the virgin to do whatever great apes do to virgin maidens.
>> This great spectacle has been brought home by my husband to entertain
>> his court. Of course you would need to be restrained, but by token
>> restraints that could be broken in an instant." (OOC: a phase)
>> "How are your snarls and grunts?"
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