[pnpgm] Game Update #25 - File #276 - IBT and Cover Story

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Thu Jul 30 08:20:00 CEST 2009

  Raban sighs and says "I had hoped to travel as entertainer or guard 
but the more I though about it the less it seemed such would work. I am 
too different. That is part why I acted as I did during the inspection. 
I have always known others to think anyone my size must be 'slow' or 
outright idiotic. I will admit I am not as smart as my friends here, but 
I am smarter than many people. Besides, if people expect an idiot then 
it gives me surprise when I need it. A slave will be a major problem 
even as skilled an actor as I am. You mentioned events as example that I 
would react too, I do not know if I could see any woman mistreated and 
not react. Even knowing failure of our mission could doom those same 
women, I cannot see myself simply allowing abuse to continue. If such 
treatment is common then I will be a detriment to our mission."
  "Can anyone think of a role that would allow me to defend them? I 
cannot see any way if such treatment is part of the society and 
considered normal. Even if it was known the barbarian would react that 
way, it would not be tolerated. Someone would have to pay fines at the 
least and it would draw attention to us."
  "Know that me seeing a noble abuse and attempt to rape those daughters 
in front of the family and others would result in his death and likely a 
goodly part of his escort. But as you have seen, there is limits to how 
many I can fight unscathed. A large group would eventually get lucky. Of 
course, I would more likely have killed the noble and flown off with the 
daughters. But that would not be much better with the reaction it would 
  "Maybe that is why my Goddess wanted me here. To show that such should 
not be allowed and lead a rebellion against those who believe otherwise? 
Though I must admit, my Goddess does not require such service of me, so 
she may be trying to force me to change my ways. In truth she would not 
be upset with me if I acted a bit more crudely with the ladies than I 
  "So tell me, is it really that bad? Must I try to change a path I have 
followed all my life? "

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