[pnpgm] Languages (or, Kiet Stands Alone?) (think Rocky and Bullwinkle)

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Kiet replies "Most Gods are to be avoided, especially their attention!  They 
are not always fair-minded.  Many are childish, evil, or just plain 

"Why would a dwarf not just give you access to the Tongue of Dvallin? 
Because it is sacred.  It is important and has meaning and is VALUABLE! 
These languages are not meant for casual use!  In fact, use of the languages 
draws power from some source...how do you know that Power isn't going to 
some day wish to be paid back?  And if someone is using that language in a 
fashion the Gods doesn't like, he might also decide to find out which of his 
(soon to be former) adherents blabbed."

"Perhaps after a few years of LOYAL apprenticeship I might give a novice 
some inkling of a supernatural language...but certainly not freely giving it 
away!  They are mean't for disciplined use."

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> IDK if you got my last e-mail about languages. Chion will learn whatever 
> he can.
> If Chion heard this exchange:
> With arms folded across his chest Kiet continues. "I, for one,
>     wouldn't even ask.  Casual use and distribution of such powerful
>     magics and languages seems to me to be the height of foolishness!"
> : he will simply smile, laugh a little, and if opportunity presents itself 
> add, "To speak a language of a God is to praise it and give it power. It 
> does not take away from the power of the diety. Which is why you can get 
> their attention by doing so. And why speakers of Kototh are usually put to 
> the sword. Its absurd to think that speaking a language a God created 
> would offend it. Otherwise that diety would offend itself with every word 
> it uttered."
> (this is just his opinion on Supernatural languages and has nothing to do 
> with reality, mind you)
> -Marcel
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