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   HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  Do.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  R1 NPC...................Shu.Yeoh..........Wizard..Normal/Human..Fe
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  Do John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar, 2 Donkeys

  Cover Story Info:
     Caladan    aka Ca Lu         as Guard/Archer
     Farseeker  aka Fu Sa         as Guard
     Fremea                       as Noble child    [Disguised]
     Kell       aka Swan          as Trader
     Keiet      aka Kiet Sunan    as Zhou's servant
     Unali                        as Zhou's wife
     Will       aka Sun Tzu       as hunt master
     Z'leyra    aka Kakita Junami

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     Public posts/actions to pnpgm at abroere.xs4all.nl (mailing list)
     Private emails (not public actions) to longshot at darktech.org
     Game Update #22 in sequence (file #232)      
     Admin Notes: None. 

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra would like to learn the Helva and Lemasan languages and
          any tongues the sailors know as native tongues (EL80) that she
          doesn't already know. If Raban will teach her The Elder Tongue
          she will gladly learn that. Likewise if Arawn would teach her
          Cernunnos she would be interested in learning that tongue.

          If the sailor is fluent Z'leyra will attempt to learn
          Dechan, Cerulean, Teosan, Taolisan, Dawanaese, Fomorian
          from the sailors if that is okay with them.

          And several seconds thought Z'leyra comes up with the cover
          name of Kakita Junami for use in Katai.
        GM: Ack. Boy what an alias.  Glad I put it in the header above or
            I'll forget. :)

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          Since Kiet cannot pass as a Katai native, he will keep his name
          and merely server his 'master' Zhou to the best of his abilities.
          Kiet will speak in Katai at all times, however...if the need

          Kiet asks "Does anybody in this group know Chunai and/or...
        GM: Ack. Cover name and story noted above in header.  

        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          <Raban does not know Elder, he does know Wood? Did I miss post
          at some point or was that an assumption?

          <So this may abort many posts, public and  private as a result
          <If Wood was meant then Raban needs to reply differently

          <On the topic of learning Supernatural Languages. I made it
          vague so it works many ways.

          Raban sighs, "Teaching someone a language of the Gods is not...

          <This may abort others actions as well due to time sequence
          <Raban is also still interested in learning languages but sets
          it as a low priority. Any language of the areas we travel through
          is ones he would like to learn. He can trade ones he knows as

          <Was it ever mentioned whether you can use tongues to improve
          on a language you know?

          [Re: Will]'s post deleted for space]
          <Throw the Dice?
          <Wrong tense, its 'the dice has been thrown'
        GM: Ack.  Raban is into wood?  I thought he was a ladies man? :)
            I will assume Katai only then.  Since your not going to list
            specific languages.  This is your chance at learning languages.
            Once I do the languages that's it for the ship trip.  The
            necklace allows you to learn the language.  Once learned you
            can improve through use.  As to improving through tongues
            not really.  You learn it as a core result of your Empathy
            so higher that is the higher the level. Based on your speech
            about trust is that a yes or no to teaching her Elder? :) I
            can't really tell. 

        From Will: [Re: Actions]
          OOC: I almost forgot...

          >Will hears the warning from the hallway and enters his cabin
           and closes the door.

          as the door closes some will hear Will exclaim "alea jacta est"
          One of these days this will make sense.
          If you think my Latin is good you should see my hieroglyphics

          languages:  Here are some of the languages I am interested in
          mostly just practical ones to make life a little easier.
          Lemasan, Chunai, Sarghut, Bayan, Zen'dali, Kll'maun

          as well as any languages spoken by the party members not listed
          above alias:  Sun Tzu and position Hunt master to the Noble
          Some details which he may have not mentioned but that would have
          become obvious over the last few weeks are that he was raised in
          the Dark Lands but is of mixed ancestry Donaron on his fathers
          side and katai on his mothers side.   He has a journal left by
          his grandfather and name sake Bill thus he is Wilhelm Debadsen.
          He is quite proud of his Donaron heritage but this can be a
          problem in Katai so he will adopt a Katai name and downplay
          his non Katai heritage.
        GM: Ack.  Been awhile since I had latin in school but I know the
            phase.  As to Kll'maun I don't recall that being on the list
            to know I'll have to check the file.  If not can't learn it.
            Alias noted in roster.

        From Kell: [Re: Actions]
          As Ha'kell is not talking with Capt UIi anymore, he continues to
          pay attention, but also goes over to translate for Ben'Dar.

          Ha'Kell tries his best to translate all the conversation for
          Ben'Dar through the whole exchange.
        GM: Ack. You could have replied to him.  Retro actions in that style
            are fine.  If I move the scene forward but you might could
            have replied its fine with me.  Just a future FYI.

        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar nods his thanks.  His skepticism of Zhou's negotiating
          abilities is plain on his face.  He waits impatiently for the
          fight to start.
        GM: Ack. 

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Arawn is willing to share the Tongue of Cernunnos with Z'leyra as
          he sees many shared principles between shamanism and Cernunnos's
          ways. As long as Z'leyra is willing to treat the language with
          respect and not share it with others than Arawn will allow her
          to learn it. He's unsure what other languages Z'leyra has to
          trade or if she has another offer but the two can discuss that
          later. He's not pressed for anything in return for such knowledge
          right now and is alright with Z'leyra learning the Tongue first.

          As he could not pass as a native of Katai without magic or an
          extremely good disguise kit Arawn will go with whatever role and
          name Zhou thinks is best.

          As for languages, Arawn is interested in learning any and all
          languages available but will not monopolize the necklace if
          others are waiting. He can cast Tongues himself for the same
          effect over the span of the journey, maybe once or twice a day
          to learn the languages. In order they are-

          Eagle, Dae'ta A'miri (if possible), All the languages the
          sailors speak (though Fomorian and Dawanese would be learnt
          first if possible) Donaran
          Climan, Ba'ru, Lemasan, Aratad, Salaqi, Kameri 
        GM: Ack. 
        From Kiet: [Re: Languages]
          Kiet hears about this and is appalled.  "Do you people...
          [Re: reaction to Arawn's email deleted for space
        GM: Ack.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Arawn understood Kiet's reaction. He himself was not prone to
          passing such knowledge freely but he felt that in this case it
          was a particularly fitting choice.

          The teaching of such is not something that I would pass ....
        GM: Ack. 

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          Kiet looks at Arawn for a long time, as if considering something
          he wants to say, then glances up to the sky, wondering if he
          should cast Protection vs. Sidh Lightning...
        GM: Ack. Funny... :)
     [New Stuff]

         [During the ship trip from Dark Lands to Katai...]

         During the trip to Katai in the three months the language necklace
     created by Z'leyra is used.  In the weeks that draw into months
     discussion languages come about.

         Kiet asks, "Does anybody in this group know Chunai and/or Cerulean
     and be willing to teach it to me thru the use of our language
     training device?"

         One of the sailors eventually speaks Cerulean and agrees to
     speak it for the magical trinket.  As to Choshai none of the sailors
     seem to know it.

         When some speak of learning sacred supernatural languages others
     quickly react to that thought.

         Z'leyra asks Raban about his Elder tongue. 

         Raban sighs, "Teaching someone a language of the Gods is not done
     lightly. I must judge whether its use would benefit my Goddess or her
     causes. Or whether what I would receive is equal to its worth in my
     Goddess's eyes. I was taught a little Sidh because it is needed by
     their magic and I am allied with the Sidh Gods. But I am still in
     debt to my teacher for it because of its nature. I am sure you are
     worthy to learn anything I know but I must ask whether you truly need
     it. That will greatly influence whether my Goddess will deem it is
     right to give it too you." 

         Raban continues, "I am connected deeply to my Goddess and often
     can judge her opinion of my actions. Far too often I have made
     mistakes anyway and I excepted whatever punishment I deserved. Some
     think that makes me a slave but I know she loves me and wants what
     is best for me. I am allowed to do what I want even if she tells me
     it is wrong. But always such actions have caused me trouble
     eventually and I learn from those mistakes. Still there are times I
     convince myself that it is worth the costs."

         When Kiet hears about Z'leyra asking for Arawn's sacred tongue
     his face shows his mood clearly.

         Kiet hears about this and is appalled.  "Do you people not
     understand that the use of these languages draws attention? And not
     all of it is beneficial?  Supernatural languages are not just some
     barter chip to be distributed like Ben'dar's ale!  They should only
     be given out only under the most controlled conditions...because if
     you give them out to everyone, pretty soon one of the Gods is going
     to want to know who has been blabbing his secret language!"

         With arms folded across his chest Kiet continues. "I, for one,
     wouldn't even ask.  Casual use and distribution of such powerful
     magics and languages seems to me to be the height of foolishness!"

         Arawn understood Kiet's reaction. He himself was not prone to
     passing such knowledge freely but he felt that in this case it was a
     particularly fitting choice.

         Arawn has seen first hand how mortals draw the attention of the
     gods.  The wizard who tries to become a god like that Lich fellow
     whatever his name was that Arawn can't seem to recall.  The wizard
     who sits and casts spells all day and night to gain power too fast
     rather over long periods only to be destroyed by a threatened god's
     servant.  Even the mighty warrior in some nation called Rogizini
     who become so powerful a warrior god felt challenged and sent his
     Avatar against him.  Arawn has seen gods become jealous and mostly
     threatened.  Gods will never admit it but they fear mortals who
     could challenge their dominion.

         Arawn responds to Kiet in soft tones, "The teaching of such is
     not something that I would pass on lightly. You are right about
     attention, both good and bad, having listened to musings and rants
     of my family and other gods. I only pass such knowledge on to those
     I believe will respect its use, indeed I demand it of those who would
     learn, and who promise not to pass such secrets on."

         "But I believe Z'leyra is a good choice. The ways of Cernunnos and
     basic shamanic principles have much in common. I think she would do
     good work by it and as a holy woman understand the respect such is
     due. In truth she already has the friendship of one of Cernunnos's
     daughters, his grandchild, and his servants, a friendship not lightly

         Kiet looks at Arawn for a long time, as if considering something
     he wants to say, then glances up to the sky, wondering if he should
     cast Protection vs. Sidh Lightning...He takes a step away just in case.


        [Ma 23rd, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Average, Speed 7]
        [Distance this day: 31]
        [Weather: Overcast, Wind storm]
        [Temperatures: 61-71]
        [Magical talisman: Not active at this time]

        [Time: 1:17pm]

            Kell moves away toward Ben'dar as Zhou and Captain Uli move
        to the back of the ship.  It is clear Zhou doesn't want to be
        overheard as he talks or bribes or whatever he is saying.  Kell
        feels a bit unsettled to have his talk with the captain end so
        suddenly.  He walks over to Ben'dar near the top of the deck
        where the opposite end of the ramp is down to the hold.  Kell
        notices the form of what has to be Raban below in the shadows.
        Kell begins to translate what was said.  While he can't hear
        what Zhou and Uli are speaking of he translates the past

            Ben'dar shifts from foot to foot impatient for the talk.
        He doesn't know what was said much less cares.  Like most
        things this will likely end up a fight.  There he can do far
        more good than talking nice with these foreigners.

            Now Z'leyra gets to the stairs and climbs up.  As if acting
        like nothing is wrong she simply walks to the side and glances
        faintly at the new ship and its guards.  

            As Kiet gives wine to Captain Uli, Zhou glances over and
        waves a hand after taking his wine glass.  Uli nods to Kiet
        and continues to talk to Zhou.  Kiet backs away but as he does
        he does hear words like "..the law is to be respected" from Uli
        and "As Katai friends it would do no good to have Choshai dishonor
        a Katai noble or its house..." from Zhou.  Kiet goes over to stand
        near Kell and Ben'dar with the wooden tray under his arm folded
        up against his body.

            On the Choshai ship a couple of the sailors seem to talk to
        each other but soon stop.  Kell tries to listen but they were
        just too far away.

        [Time: 1:18pm]

            Caladan seems to tilt his head right then back toward the
        ocean east. He then glances over at Strie'bog and walks toward
        him and pats his shoulder as if a hello pat.  Then he walks
        toward the back of the ship and suddenly turns west toward the
        gangplank area.  As he nears the two sailors he glances at his
        left hand as if examining the nails.  He soon drifts up and near
        the sailors and ends up a few feet away.  He glances at Zhou
        and Uli.  Then glances at the sailors and shrugs.  In Marentian
        he speaks, "Zhou is a good man but loves sex with horses."

            At that comment Ben'dar bursts out in a quick laugh but
        quickly dampens it out.  Kiet and Kell smirk but control their
        tongues a bit better.

            Caladan notices the sailors furrow their brows but do not
        seem to show any emotion.  In fact they look confused.  Caladan
        nods to himself and is glad that they don't seem to understand
        Marentian.  There is a chance they know Zen'dali but Marentia
        is too far away.  As another test Caladan adds.  "Uli reminds
        me of my grandfather who wore dresses."  Again Caladan steals
        a glance at the sailors.  If that didn't get a reaction nothing
        will.  Of course this only means the two here either don't know
        the language or aren't showing they do.  Those on the other
        ship could still know it.

            The two sailors look at each and back at Caladan.  But Caladan
        shrugs and moves toward the trio by the ramp.  Kiet frowns at
        the use of the language.  if the cover story is to be Katai
        only Katai should be spoken.  But it seem Caladan has a good
        reason to use the language.

            Caladan leans on his staff toward the trio and whispers.
       "They have a prisoner on their ship who is suggested to be
       a wizard.".  This he speaks in Marentian to the trio.  He
       says this loud enough for the three to hear and Raban to hear
       below.  But the other folks are too far to hear.  "Spread the

            Caladan turns to Kell.  Before they can ask how he knows this
       he continues.  "Kell, try to find out more about this.  But we
       need information indirectly.  Don't arouse their suspicions.  My
       Katai isn't as strong as yours."

            With that Caladan twists and moves aft then turns and heads
       east toward Unali and to warn her.  Z'leyra and Strie'bog also
       have not heard the news yet.  As Caladan rounds Kiet he whispers
       to Kiet, "let Zhou know if you can."

            Caladan continues and nods toward Z'leyra.  Knowing that
        Ben'dar and Kell block his view from the sailors he raises both
        hands to his stomach and signs toward Z'leyra, "Wizard prisoner
        on board their ship."

        [Time: 1:19pm]

            At that moment Fremea heads up to the deck in her disguise.
        She knows it would not make sense to wear a nice gown on ship
        as it could be torn by all the lose boards and nails.  There
        is no special occasional. So she dresses in her disguise of
        wearing normal silk pants and tunic.  Her wings are clipped
        inside the padded tunic making movement and breathing a bit
        difficult.  While it might be overdress for most children it
        might still work for this situation.  As she gets on deck the
        two sailors glance at her and their eyes drift away as if
        not gleaming any threats from her.  So far so good.

            With hair clipped over his ears and using a small hat, Arawn
        strides through the hall in hopes no one will ask him to remove
        his hat.  He heads toward the stairs.

            Suddenly Captain Uli steps back.  Captain Uli says loudly,
        "fine!"  Captain Uli glances at the new ones on deck and then
        back to his sailors by the gangplank.  "Trun get all on deck.
        Ensure all are up here.  Then you are granted to inspect below."

            The others turn toward Zhou.  Zhou grimaces but for those who
        know him it seems more a grimace of victory than of failure.
        Maybe he wanted this?

            Zhou speaks up loud as well, "Kiet you will escort the sailor
        below.  Even though we are in international waters I have allowed
        him a cursory examination of the ship.  No direct inspections will
        be made until reported.  This means he can examine rooms and
        open some things but not go through say a chest item by item."

            Z'leyra frowns if he finds the staff under the bed or her
        other things.  What has Zhou done?  Then she and those on deck
        realize it could be worse.  If Captain Uli was doing the inspection
        his skills would be tougher to fool.  If this sailor goes
        below Kiet might be able to distract him enough or he might just
        be dumb enough to see nothing even with a magic item in front
        of him.  A chance for getting through this.  But then there is
        that situation with the prisoner and how does Caladan know?

            Kiet bows to Zhou and turns to walk toward the two sailors.
        He raises a hand to the stairs for the sailor to join him
        below.  Kiet then glances at the others for some sign of
        action or advice.  He knows sooner or later this would have to
        be done its better to test it now than later.

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Friday???

        GM: With this new twist (actually 2) I think its enough of a update
            for now.  My brain energy is low so need to stop.  All are
            aware of the inspectors above.  Even those in the cabin as
            sailors have warned them.  Will assume you head top side
            sooner or later once the sailor goes below with Kiet.

        GM: There are many behind the scenes things going on.  I will need
            to deal with that.  So I may or may not do a update on Friday.
            I also need to catch up on other behind the scenes stuff not
            related to this update.  So if no update friday then don't
            be shocked.  :)   Will update the language file with the
            allocations soon. For the Attention by Gods thing a reminder
            of my home brew rules and notes file on the website I
            mentioned last week. :)

        GM: Placement:
            * Deck 1: Ben'dar, Caladan, Farseeker, Kell, Kiet, Strie'bog,
                      Unali, Zhou, Z'leyra, Fremea
            * Deck 2: Raban [Horse hold], Arawn [Near stairs]
            * Deck 3: Shu [Cabin], Will [Cabin], Chion- 

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