[pnpgm] Game Update #109 - File #606 - Party heads down

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Jan 30 06:39:55 CET 2009

   HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
     Game Web Site - http://www.funport.com/longshot/pbem
     Public posts/actions to pnpgm at abroere.xs4all.nl (mailing list)
     Private emails (not public actions) to longshot at darktech.org
     Game Update #109 in sequence (file #606)      
     Admin Notes: None. 

        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          Raban was upset finding the woman he rescued was murdered, but
          from what was said, she must have been one of the people who
          abused those down below. Was her actions some ploy to lure him
          in or was she possessed by another creature who was the one
          targeted for murder? It is more likely I fell for her trap and
          rescued an enemy...

          After Raban finishes hauling things he rushes back to check on
          Fremea and the Seeker. "Fremea, they are nearly finished. There
          is some magical sled that is being used to haul things down so
          it may not take too long to get it all done. I think I will be
          happy to leave this evil place behind... It's been a major pain
          in the neck." Raban grins at his little attempt at humor and
          hopes to get a smile..
        GM: Ack. 


        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          I thought I had voted.

          I would prefer that the total value (estimated value?) of the
          treasure be calculated, shares divvied up evenly and then we
          essentially 'purchase' the items we want to 'claim'.

          Kiet will be D-A-double -MNED before he lets one character take
          the plate armor that is probably worth more than all the rest
          put together, and probably even from their last adventure (even
          though I don't know that).
        GM:  Ack. Saw your comments but wasn't sure on the exact vote. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Getting back to the rest of the party Z'leyrawill inform them
          about what happened below and Sven's warnings while helping load
          the platform. She will glance about to see if any need her
          healing skills and be ready the platform for a second trip as
          quickly as possible.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Ma 2nd, 1633TH. 5th Day of Adventure #4.
        [Location: Chaos domain, Dark Lands, 2 Miles up, Flying Island]

        [Time: 1:01 pm]

        [During a lull in loading gear outside Raban takes a moment to
         view the covered body of the female he saved from the altar
         room. Hearing about the Romati, though he hasn't heard of them
         below, she must have been one of the evil ones.  Knowing now
         that she is one of the abusers who hurt the Seker and Anwora
         she must've wanted Raban not to save her but to be a victim.
         What would she have done to him in the room on that altar if
         she hadn't failed that spell she must've cast?  Would Raban
         even be alive now?]

        [Doing one last check of A'kril's bedroom finding nothing else
         to take down of value, Raban decides to check on Fremea. Entering
         through the portal he finds her quiet in deep thought conversation
         with the Seker. Raban clears his through and speaks.]

        Raban: "Fremea, they are nearly finished. There is some magical sled
          that is being used to haul things down so it may not take too
          long to get it all done. I think I will be happy to leave this
          evil place behind... It's been a major pain in the neck."

        [Raban grins at his little attempt at humor and hopes to get a
         smile.. But Fremea notices his smile is faint as if behind it
         is a bit of disappointment and sadness.]


        [Time: 1:18 pm]

        [Z'leyra returns quickly to the island and lands just outside
         the east wall again just beyond the water collection room windows.
         The group reforms up, except Fremea, and she informs them of what
         happened below.  She tells of the death of the female visitor
         and Sven's belief in the Elder's personal familiar having been
         the one to do it. She informs of the warning that the wizard
         who owns the Chaos domain below, Wizard Itom may send more
         people to investigate.  Sven suggests to leave quickly.]

        [Arawn is sad to hear of more death caused by this place and the
         ambition of those below seem clear.  The visitor who was the
         apprentice to Itom must've been expecting delivery of things
         including treasure.  To have a wagon her allies seem to have been
         prepared.  A'kril must've done a deal with the female.  Even in
         death A'kril seems to do much more harm.]

        [Caladan leans against his staff and seems to take the entire
         news in with casual observation.  Clearly the female had to
         be a shape changer to get this high up.  Something out of his
         own skill set.]

        [Chion stands stone faced as usual listening and knows that it
         inevitable that this should happen.  The rumors of the Elder's
         familiar is wide and known, likely some spread by Ki'ama himself.
         Many wizards have their own supernatural pet, ally or familiar
         to do tasks.  Below isn't too unusual for this land but it is
         nice to know the familiar didn't touch Sven.  Usually is a all
         or nothing attack. Chion still wonders what the Elder truly
         knows about this place.]

        [Kiet shrugs and doesn't know Sven all that well so doesn't know
         if his warning is valid or not.  But based on how he was attacked
         in the Citadel he can figure out wizards can be desperate & bold.]

        [Raban frowns at the thought of Z'leyra, near death, fighting
         in a dangerous battle below without him to help.  He feels like
         screaming with all these females taking risks and not acting like
         normal females.  Of course most females are dainty and use their
         skills in seduction or such. These women seem quite deadly and can
         take care of themselves.  But how can he prove himself if they
         won't let him take the chance.  Raban figures maybe staying below
         when others are wounded might be better than up here defending a
         Faerry who could take care of herself and seems well with minor

        [Unali listens carefully and seems to be distracted, thinking
         of things beyond this land.  Soon the party may be leaving this
         realm back to Marentia and her chance to see Katai is so close.
         She wonders if her family is well and what has happened since
         she left so long ago.]

        [Ben'dar grins at the thought of Tef'wo taking one of them down.
         Glad to know the horse is still safe.]

        [Time: 1:23 pm]

        [Soon another load is finished and Z'leyra steps back on and starts
         the descent down again.]

        [Time: 1:40 pm]

        [Z'leyra lands and this time Sven has a wagon nearby in the
         clearing.  It has two horses and Z'leyra glances back and
         notices other horses tied up with the party's horses.  More
         good treasure to sell it seems.  As Sven takes the first load
         off she glances at the horses at the wagon and notices no
         brands.  That'll be good for selling.  Z'leyra helps to load
         the goods onto the wagon.]

        [Time: 1:48 pm]

        [Z'leyra returns again to the flying castle for another reload.]
         This one looks like it should be the last.  But when it seems
         it is too much to hold there is a little bit left over.]

        [Time: 1:54 pm]

        [Z'leyra returns down below and helps to unload.  She sighs
         when she realizes she could've saved time by sending down
         Raban or Ben'dar to help.  Too late now.]

        [Time: 2:13 pm]

        [Z'leyra this time loads up the two subdued and tied up prisoners.
         She gestures for the Ipanza to sit on the slab but they are
         clearly hesitant.  When someone gestures that the castle will
         go boom with hands and fingers they reluctantly step on.  Z'leyra
         then takes the final items and four others down below.]

        [Time: 2:35 pm]

        [Taking a bit longer due to the weight they finally land.  When
         the Ipanza see Sven they hop off quickly and speak fast to
         him.  Sven also talks but gestures for them to help unload and
         load onto the wagon.  The two prisoners are placed nearby.]

        [Time: 2:39 pm]

        [Z'leyra takes off again for the flying castle.]

        [Time: 2:48 pm]

        [This time Z'leyra takes half of the party onto the slab and
         then sets off quickly.  Some find it quite daunting, thrilling
         and even fun.  But some worry about those below who might have
         seen the few trips up and down.]

        [Time: 2:53 pm]

        [Z'leyra has a bit of fun by instead of landing slanting the
         slab a couple feet off the ground and forcing those on the
         slab to slide off.  Grinning she heads back up for the last
         of the party.]

        [Time: 3:03 pm]

        [Z'leyra arrives now with the treasure gone and the last of the
         party waiting.  Z'leyra wonders if Fremea will be safe and
         scans one last time the castle.  Having left her samples of
         the creatures she hopes the Glyph saw but figures the Wind
         Elementals are always watching. Z'leyra gestures for those
         to sit down and hold the ropes Kiet has criss-crossed
         along the slab for rails, holding and feet leverage.  For
         the last time Z'leyra heads off and down.]

        [Time: 3:15 pm]

        [Z'leyra lands below and realizes the slab should've been
         placed below the treasure on the wagon.  Sven must have
         thought the same thing and has unloaded most of the gear
         to reorganize into a better efficient load.]

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Monday...

        GM: It takes about 2 hours to go up/down in total with the
            various loads.  I wasn't sure who goes on which trip
            so just generalize it above.  Sunset is maybe 3 hours
            and there are 12 miles to go before the party can reach
            the Balance domain border.  Meaning some night travel
            will be required so possible torches, Sidh (Arawn) and
            night vision folks (Z'leyra) might be needed in front.

        GM: Final details -

            Arawn - I assume those Metal Man/Statue strips will also be
               left behind as they were "slaves" in some respect?

            Fremea - Still got email to come eventually.  Haven't had
            time to finish it.

            Who will be the ones last on the island aside from Fremea?
            Fremea CAN teleport (I forgot).  So Chion won't be needed
            per se unless she wants him there.  Fremea do you want anyone
            with you at the end?  Guys let me know this by Monday if

            Any last minute details on/in/around the castle?  Say so now!

        GM: Monday we'll head the party back to the Balance Domain and
            Fremea will head the island to the sea.  Fremea you can
            teleport the Seker out so that's good.  It will take at
            least 2 teleports to return to the old Balance Domain camp
            from the previous night.

        GM: Treasure report - I'm about 95% done with the v2 report.
            Will likely post it Monday.  BTW the website is back up
            and updated with posts.  Before I do some preview.  Here
            are some treasure item conflicts:

  * Item Conflicts: Players who claimed item are listed in order of claim

    1) Flag, Unknown nation           - Arawn/Kiet
    2) Dark Lands Map                 - Z'leyra/Arawn
    3) Fine Cloth, Wool               - Z'leyra/Kiet
    4) Fine Cloth, Silk               - Z'leyra/Kiet
    5) Fur Cloak, Exceptional Quality - Z'leyra/Kiet
    6) Glass Bottles (5), Empty       - Z'leyra/Kiet
    7) Books - Books 20-24            - Arawn/Kiet
       Arawn selected - 10, 13, 18-23, 24*
       Kiet Selected  - 20-24

            For example Arawn put the first claim into the Flag then
            Kiet.  Now for conflicts you guys can either simply give
            up the item, discuss who should have it, fight to the
            death over it, go to People's Court or simply talk civilized
            over it and who needs it better.  If no resolution can be
            done then maybe I can play King Solomon and divide the item
            up or flip a coin. :)  Usually these things resolve themselves
            with no blood though.  You can do it privately in email or
            public on the list.  Let me know results.  Thanks.  If
            you have questions on the items let me know.  Consult
            the first treasure report on the list for further info
            like width, height and cost for example.  

        GM: Treasure Votes

               All votes are in:
                 Method 1 - 3 votes [Arawn, Unali, Fremea]
                 Method 2 - 4 votes [Ben'dar, Chion, Z'leyra, Kiet]
                 Other    - 0 votes
                 N/A      - 2 votes [Raban, Caladan]
            Well as you can see all votes are in.  Five is a majority of
            the players.  With four method 2 technically wins.  I did
            save we need a majority.  But first I need to make some
            comments.  In over 9 years of this pbem method 1 has worked
            well and till only a month ago has things been said.  Even
            conflicts were done well.  All were happy and all become
            rich, fairly.  It seems the big item in question is the
            Elven plate a unique very rare item indeed.  For most humans
            it would be easy to obtain such armor.  To an Alfar it is
            near impossible to get and repair elven armor.  The alloys
            can't just be bought on every street market.  So to have
            such a item is  big reward for a Elf regardless of cost.
            At this point Kiet has said he finds the claim outrageous.
            Now I'm all for free will and thus I allow the voting to
            happen.  But I don't want strife as it leads to fights
            and that leads to departures.  Some could say the books
            are worth far more than the plate to scholars.  To Ben'dar
            the books might be just paper to burn.  But to someone
            like Kaylle they could be worth 3x the plate in knowledge.
            Even Kiet has taken some of those books as claims.

            Now method 2 is new to me and thus its far more book keeping.
            I had to redo the math on the entire report.  But the problem
            is how do I determine the true value of things like the books,
            scrolls, maps AND the plate?  A library in Marentia might
            pay 2 gold for one book while Ticasi's scholars might pay
            200 gold.  So how do I figure value for party share deletion?
            Same goes for the plate.  The plate by the math could be
            as much as 7500 gold if you figure base value.  Katai brings
            in about 240k gold a year that's 1/24th (more or less) of
            their total income.  Even for them that would be a high
            price.  Who in their right mind as a monarch or rich merchant
            could afford that?  Who will buy such a expensive thing
            much less be able to find a buyer for it?  How many years
            will that take?

            This is my problem.  How do I figure out Arawn's deleted
            share from this value?  For the books I'm considering
            those items not sold and kept.  So without this plate things
            go easy with it and contention it goes a bit harder.

            So I would like another vote.  If you think Arawn should
            not get the armor let me know.  This outright without
            a share deletion.  You can do so privately.  I know how
            Kiet feels and I respect that view.  But I want to see
            how others thing about it.  If only one person has a problem
            with it then let's just give it to him.  I don't like to
            be a dictator GM and just dictate how things will go so
            I want to see how folks feel about it.  Once I hear I can
            post the report better and figure out what folks will get
            and the like.  BTW notice I've not even shared the true
            properties of the armor - for all Arawn knows it could
            be cursed or really really smelly!  If a majority wishes
            Arawn not to take it then how do I figure out his party
            share?  I'll take those comments as well.  At this point
            it looks like something 130 gold per person (roughly).
            So 130-7500 gold is a major negative.  That based on this
            adventure would mean Arawn would have to go about 50 years
            to regain a share.  That means 50 years probably without
            getting even basic treasure like food and basic living
            supplies.  Is that fair? I DO see the merit of Method 2.
            But I have to play devil's advocate here and give what
            I also see and problems with it.  So I'll take all public
            and private comments.  Thanks.  If I was a dictator I
            could just claim method 2 isn't technically a majority and
            rule method 1 wins and Arawn gets it free. :)  But that
            would probably upset a few.


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