[pnpgm] Game Update #107 - File #593 - Z'leyra rejoins Sven

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Fremea hovers near the Seker, awaiting the conversation to come to an end and then the Glyph turns and speaks to her. She listens intently and those in the room see her nod slightly, and say, "Thank you Master Elemental, I shall do that to the best of my ability." She then watches the Glyph leave.

"Raban, I do appreciate that you want to stay here, however with your strength and great agility, you might be able to help load things faster and that will protect me as well. Once we are done here, I will get the kin released and this island will be no more. I will be safe then. And as for getting the Seker out of here, I can do that myself. Like you, I have other gifts that many do not know about as of yet. I was trained to do much harm, however I can see very clearly now that some of those pieces I can use for great good too. However, if you do chose to stay, I have no problem with that, though it may seem I am quiet as I talk to the Seker. What would also be important to me, is that Z knows our wishes on leaving the animal parts behind on the island. I know that Arawn stated he would tell her, though I just wish to make sure right now. I will be safe until your return, as only people who have ever been here to the island and probably have ever realy been in the graces of Akril, would know about this spot."

<seperate email will come for conversation with Seker>

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