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   Aside from any minor items already listed for him (and if someone wants any of them feel free to say so. I only took them at the time in case we needed them during the adventure) Arawn is mainly interested in the following items but will cede them to others if they are interested-
-Lapis Lazuli, minimal flaws, average 
-Flag- Unknown nation (He’s up for selling it but wants to study it first and then see if it has collector’s value for the group)
-Any parchments, blank scrolls, and inks that are left over after anyone else’s claims
-Repair/Design tools (not sure, what exactly are these for? Dependent on type Arawn might be able to use them)
-Dark Lands Map (if no one wants it)
-Unknown gems taken from control panels on the way out (he’s curious to see if they are some new type of stone)
Magic Items/Books/Scrolls-
   This is Arawn’s main area of interest as he’s obsessed with knowledge. Arawn will mention the possibility that he might be able to decipher the language magically and therefore see a reason to keep at least some of the books amongst the party for now. It’s hard to actually claim them without knowing what’s written but he feels that the following should remain with the party. Anything marked with (*) are items he’s personally interested in prior to translation. Of course this could change after translation but he is definitely interested in them.
   Also, Scott, if the High Elder is assisting with identifying magic items, then what about the auras/wards on the books, scrolls, and maps?
-The Blue Book*
-The Red Book*
-Books 10, 13, 18-23
-Book 24*
-A text list to assist with translation
-Scrolls 7, 11-15
-Scrolls 16-18*
-Maps 1-4 (number 4* in particular intrigues him but the idea of discovering ‘new’ lands excites him, really more for the group but wants to keep it with them for now unless we’ll have time to study them with Kaylle)
   (This list could be shortened/changed if Arawn is able to decipher anything before this adventure ends but that’s, of course, dependent on successful translation)
   As for party gold, Arawn feels he already has more than enough and will forgo a party share of treasure in terms of coin. He wouldn’t mind a few gold/silver to keep him from having to be too needy but he’s skilled enough to do without them and would like the rest of the group to keep most of his share.
   As for Raban, Fremea, and any others in need of equipment, don’t know how much downtime we’ll have but Arawn will happily offer to craft armor or weapons for them if time permits.
   Arawn will also mention the possibility of using the Insanity curing potion on the Anwora if no one in the party or the High Elder are able to aid him but will accept the party's decision if they say no. In such a case he would likely see to it that the Anwora is aided by either Sidh, Elder, or Neutral forces, maybe in the Vassa region or Wild Forest.

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