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   Arawn knelt beside the Anwora, searching him and removing any weapons or tools that could prove troublesome. Though his kin it seemed the man was, for now, a danger to them as well as himself. Securing the Anwora's hands he payed careful attention to the information dispensed by both Fremea and the Seker.

   "Seker, I know that you have only pieces of this puzzle but do you have any idea as to the nature of this game or deal between A'kril and the gods? Were certain forces particular to this arrangement? And you knew of a Chosen One? How did you know of such a person, their role and other clues as to the game played here?"

   Arawn also turned his attention toward Fremea and her offer of knowledge.

   "Fremea, you say are in tune with this island right now. Do you know its destination and purpose? Also, see if this place holds a record of past events. We might be able to gather further information the pact between A'kril and the gods and why all this was enacted.
   If possible, I also suggest deactivating any other defenses set in place that could hamper us as well as locating anything else hidden in the complex we should know of. 
   Beyond that, as you seem linked to this island and its parts, see if there is a way to remove the 'map' in the helm. Also, for your sake, see if you can gather information about Samma, the town we spoke of before."
   He paused for a moment and then reached into his pack to pull out a scroll. Unfurling it he showed it to both Fremea as well as the Seker. It was a finely drawn picture of a particular mountain.
   "See if the island recognizes this location and see if you can find anything out about it." Turning to the Seker he asked,
   "I wonder if you have the ability to see images in anothers mind. If so I ask you to look at the thoughts in mine and see if you recognize any of these images."
   Arawn is focusing his thoughts in the crablike creatures from the Vassa area and the images he saw while communing with the serpent crown. If the Seker is unable to see images then Arawn will describe them.

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