[pnpgm] Game update #101 - File #554 - Lights, Pebbles, Shakes oh my!

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   Hearing Fremea's recommended call of action Arawn wonders if the connection has somehow affected her or if her lack of connection to the Sidh realms is to account for her decision. There were too many unanswered questions and striking or freeing any before more knowledge of the pact came to light could cause even more devastation. If the gods enabled this situation and did not yet undo it they had to have a very, very strong reason to do so. He worried what the ramifications of the actions of the day would be. As soon as he was done calling out he quickly added,
   "We don't know enough to judge the situation. Try to contain instead of kill... if reasonably feasible."

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Fremea sees amazing places and things flood through her mind in an instant, almost overwhelming her. She is able to regain herself quickly though as something pops out of the amulet and starts to attack her group and at the same time the Anwora yells that it can not be this way. Speaking in a language the group can understand, "Quickly dispatch this insane elf, it will ease his mind to be released from captivity himself and no longer suffer. He is a threat."

She will then pick up anything that can be quickly thrown at an imp and let it go. Doing her best to stop one of them from doing what ever they are doing.

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