[pnpgm] Game Update #100 - File #551 - Arawn talks to creatures

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   The Seker's words seemed to confirm Arawn's thoughts. The two had been here a very, very long time and the Anwora, though his nephew, was far older than he. The Anwora's own story seemed further evidence of such and as he pondered this thought he watched the Seker twist it's right-hand fingers before engaging the group, apparently privately, in telepathic conversation. Trying not to seem too obvious he carefully looked over the equipment as well as any devices or markings that the Seker had touched on it's right hand. As the two outsiders engaged the group Arawn prepared to share his own words when the Anwora seemed prepared to strike before pausing in an apparent conversation with the Seker.

   "It is possible that things are not as bleak as they might first appear. The gods work in mysterious ways, as I am sure you both know, and our presence here was not completely unforetold," Arawn's thoughts going back to the prophecy spoken in the High Elder's hall. "We're here to help but to do so we'll need to know more about the pact."

[Telepathic/group and seker]
   "You ask about the Chosen One and I have heard those words before. I think we can help you Seker but I think it would be good to assist me in counciling my nephew and sharing what you know of the pact, A'kril's role as well as the gods, and what you already know about the Chosen One."

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