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Tue Dec 30 09:03:45 CET 2008

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          Raban is shocked with what he sees, more prisoners or worse. Did
          this island fly using the souls of people to carry it? Or tap
          their magic? Surely this place and its builders were evil, if
          not chaos or kotothi, just as bad or worse. Yes, it must use
          force, slavery or binding magic, that explains the actions
          outside, why they were so violent. They were right, this place
          needs to be destroyed, but not by crashing it on top of innocents.
          Chains he could break, but Raban knows his knowledge of magic is
          not sufficient to safely free anyone, he must wait for the others.

          <He cant think of what to say, so just thinks to himself and
        GM: Ack. 


        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Just wondering, is Arawn able to identify either the elf or the
          silverish humanoid?

          By the way, nice Christmas lighting down there with the red and
          green lichen and "The firs thing notices... ", someones thinking
          about the holidays:)

          As Arawn gazed upon the silverish humanoid and the gaunt elf and
          recognized both immediately. They were both creatures from the
          realm of the gods, though neither were normally linked to one
          another. The appearance of the silver being, a Seker, servant of
          Balance, was a rare one in the Middle World for not only was it
          usually was an avenger of great upheavals but they could rarely
          maintain their form for long away from the Upper Realms and it's
          presence led him to wonder just what had led it here. The elf-
          like being was completely unrelated to it and Arawn wondered if
          he was prisoner or guard but he recognized the being as kin. He
          was an Anwora and cousin or nephew to the Alfar, for they were
          the children of Pwyll, his great-uncle, and Morain, his elder
          sister. He wasn't sure what was going on yet but he decided a
          direct approach might be the best option.

          Pulling the face-wrap free Arawn allowed both beings to become
          fully aware of his heritage. He answered in Elf Sidh while
          projecting his words mentally to the Seker. As he spoke he also
          translated into Marentian for the party.

          [To the party in Marentian]- "One is Sidh, an Anwora, the other
          is a Seker, of Balance. They're asking who we are."

          [Elf Sidh/Telepathic/and then translated to the party in

          "I am Arawn, son of Morrigan and Payan, and these are my allies.
          Please, allow me a moment to translate for my allies," he paused
          to allow the others a chance to introduce themselves if they
          wished. "Greetings to both of you, brethren," he nodded toward
          the Anwora, "and Seker," turning his attention the silver giant's
          way. "If you ask about A'kril, then the answer is, yes."

          Arawn looked over their condition and asked,
          "How are you two doing and why are you here?"
        GM: Ack.  Yes.  Advised you in ICQ what they were.  Common Alfar
            knowledge.  As to lichen well didn't plan it for x-mas but
            worked out that way huh? :)  Same with firs my editor goofed
            should've been First. :)


        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea studies the shackles, while Arawn speaks with the old elf.
          She looks for any weak points in the magic that bind the cuffs or
          the neck piece. In her mind she speaks, "Are you the one that the
          elementals want freed, so that they will be free? You have been
          here many years, so I would use your help in removing these for
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]                                     
          Z'leyra brings the skullcap inside and examines it further. If
          time get close to running out (in the hourglass) without the
          others coming back she will cast Perception to see what its
          properties are...to find out if this is the item that must be
          destroyed or used somehow to accommodate the elementals.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        Q: Why do Mummies like Christmas so much?
        A: Because of all the wrapping!

        [Time: 12:15 pm]  

        Elf: "Who are you?"

        [As the Elf asks he walks a bit closer to the larger creature. He
         grips his spear in an alert but cautionary stance.  Those like
         Unali, Ben'dar and Raban scan the cave for any other signs of
         others hidden but there seems little area to hide in. The glowing
         lichen pulses in some place red and green and the party wonders if
         it is magical or natural.  But when scanned by the Sidh no magic
         is detected at least outwardly.]

        [Raban tall and regal as always is shocked by the scene.  He can't
         tell if the larger mouthless creature is male or female. But
         lucky for the party it seems male.  It talks like a male in his
         mind.  If it were female he would be so enraged he'd be ripping
         the chains away.  He wonders jut why this reaction to females
         isn't the same as males.  Maybe when there is time he'll have
         to consider the fairness.  Of course females are dainty little
         things with fragile bodies.  They deserve his protection and
         his goddess almost demands it or at least seems to.  Raban
         narrows his eyes and wonders if this connection with the
         prisoner cells in the castle could mean something.  Could
         some lifeforce or energy or magic be making these prisoners
         or creatures use that power for flight?  These creatures don't
         seem to fly but looks can be deceptive.  After all who would
         believe Raban could fly.  Clearly the Elf seems in control over
         the prisoner in chains.  But is one the master and the other
         the slave or both slaves to a higher person like A'kril?   Up
         to this point Raban has felt this place might hold hope.  A
         flying castle could be used for good.  Think of relief for
         natural disasters and education.  But now recalling the events
         of the last few fights he realizes this place must indeed be
         destroyed.  Raban can tear it stone by stone if he has to do
         so.  Raban knows he can't get to the Elf before he could react
         to anything so he studies the chains on the legs and wrists.
         If the party has to act or flee Raban will have to act fast.
         But he is wary of the magic they clearly demonstrate.]

        [Arawn recognizes both creatures immediately.  One he has seen
         in another's court the other through books.  Both are noble
         creatures and shouldn't be here at all.  The silver being, is
         called a Seker a servant of the Balance forces.  Known for
         avengers of great upheavals.  This one should've faded long
         ago unless it just came here?  But that doesn't make sense.
         They can only remain here a short time.  Why is this one still
         here?   Then there is the other being, a Elf like creature that
         isn't related to Sekers, an Anwora.  The Anwora were kin to the
         Alfar.  Surely there can't be that many.  So why can't he identify
         this particular one?  Does Arawn know him personally?  At this
         distance it seems not.  Then again one can't know all the levels
         of a family tree.  The Anwora were the children of Pwyll, his
         great-uncle, and Morain, his elder sister.  Why are both here
         and why hasn't he heard of such in his home land?  At least the
         Anwora's disappearance would have been known to him.  but things
         of a family history and such wasn't his forte.  Why should he
         worry about such things when he can simply ask someone or go
         find them.  Now that he is here in this realm he regrets not
         knowing his own extended family.]

        [Arawn decides the best approach is one of directness.  Arawn
         smiles faintly thinking of his face wrap.  In Marentia he wore
         it to hide himself.  In the Vassa forests he didn't so he could
         be one of the guys.  In the castle he didn't wear it so he
         could be considered friendly.  Now here in this place he wore
         it to avoid dust.  Now he must take it off and reveal who he
         is once more to a creature that shouldn't be here.  With slow
         hands he lowers the face wrap to reveal himself to the Anwora.
         It is doubtful the Seker may know all beings.  But the Anwora
         should at least.  Arawn begins to speak in Elf sidh and during
         pauses project his thoughts to the Seker. He then translates
         it into Marentian.]

        Arawn: "One is Sidh, an Anwora, the other is a Seker, of Balance.
          They're asking who we are."

        [Arawn continues this process of Elf Sidh, telepathy and Marentian
         translations during the following conversations that are in the
         open for now.]

        [Arawn approaches a few feet in hopes to get under the brighter
         patch of red lichen nearby. He is unsure the Anwora have the
         good night vision of a Sidh.  but it is doubtful the Seker
         can see so well in this dim light.  He raises his hands palm
         up in the all-to-human gesture of peace.]

        Arawn: "I am Arawn, son of Morrigan and Payan, and these are my
          allies. Please, allow me a moment to translate for my allies,"
          [He paused to allow the others a chance to introduce themselves
          if they wished.] "Greetings to both of you, brethren," [He nodded
          toward the Anwora,] "and Seker," [turning his attention the silver
          giant's way.] "If you ask about A'kril, then the answer is, yes."

        [The Anwora jerks up at the words and notices finally Arawn's form.
         But the words also explain who he is.  The Seker upon hearing
         the answer to A'kril slowly lowers his head back and stares up
         into the ceiling.  With no mouth there is little expression
         on his face and Arawn is unsure of this reaction.]

        Arawn: "How are you two doing and why are you here?"

        [Fremea listens to Arawn and is confused by the Seeker and Anwora
         terms.  She has never heard of such beings.  She meets an Alfar
         a son of a god, then dark evil Elves now these creatures.  It
         has been a confusing few months.  She is unsure of the ability
         of the beings so studies the cuffs and the magical items that
         seem to clearly contain the Seker.  As she studies the devices
         she projects her thoughts to the Seker only heard by him.]

        Fremea: "Are you the one that the Elementals want freed, so that
          they will be free? You have been here many years, so I would use
          your help in removing these for you."

        [Ben'dar shifts from foot to foot not enjoying someone speaking
         in his mind. This isn't right. How could the creature just  do
         that and can he read minds?  Zen'dali are private beings and to
         invade the mind is not right at all.  Ben'dar checks the situation
         out and knows the seker is no threat.  It is chained and can't
         attack.  It can't even talk.  but the one with the spear will have
         to be taken care of if things go bad.]

        [Unali doesn't like telepathy as well.  It was bad enough she
         was attacked by a telekinetic but now one can send words into
         her mind.  Unali stands still at the ready not knowing about
         these creatures and their abilities.]

        [The Anwora waits a few seconds and stares at Arawn.  He then
         speaks in Elf Sidh.  Fremea and Arawn can understand it fully
         but Raban only a bit.  the others do not understand until it
         is translated.]

        Anwora: "I know of your parents but not of you.  Why I am here
           I could ask the same thing of you and your friends.  I
           was told there would be little distractions.  The blood tie
           and our pact defines this arrangement." [He begins to pace
           back and forth around the head of the Seker.] "The man you
           called A'kril tricked me.  I was called here as some toy
           for amusement.  This one" [he points to the Seker] "was
           captured as well soon after.  A'kril and others did things
           to him.  Altered his being.  His natural ability of flight
           was enhanced and is enhanced by that device." [He points to
           the collar.] "It amplifies his natural and twisted new
           abilities." [He begins to raise his voice loud and it
           echoes in the cave.] "We were told this pact was only
           short term.  I did agree with the gods for this pact in
           exchange...in exchange for something.  I was told the
           gods would arrive and recall the pact.  Where are they?"

        [The Seker twists his right hand fingers a bit and then projects
         thoughts to everyone.]

        Seker: "What he says is true.  We were captured.  I was changed.
          I should have been gone long ago.  But what he doesn't know
          is that once no one is in this cave he Silences.  He simply
          stops and doesn't act or move.  He doesn't realize the passage
          of time as I have.  I keep this place...this land afloat by
          my power.  A power that I steal from the upper realms itself.
          A'kril forces me here and keeps me here somehow.  With his
          death there is no need for me to remain.  No purpose.  Maybe
          I should die now...Unless one of you will be the Chosen One."

        [With that he raises his head and looks at the party.]

        [Arawn frowns at the Anwora's thoughts.  It implies gods were
         here and had some part in this place.  If that is the case
         it has to have been a very very long time ago.  Gods have
         not been in the Middle world for countless years.  How long
         has he been locked in this place?]

        [Suddenly the Anwora who seems to have not heard the Seker's
         thoughts turns abruptly around.  He strides toward the Seker
         and raises his spear.]

        Anwora: "With A'kril dead then the pact is void.  If I can not
          return no one will."

        [He raises the spear to the Seker's throat but stops as if he
         is now hearing something from the Seker in his mind.]


        [Z'leyra climbs into the window with the leather cap she found
         in the stone box.  She shuts the window and ushers the Ipanza
         away to guard the others.  She shows Kiet the cap and he inspects
         it but only sees a simple leather hat.  Kiet explain he is going
         to check out the armory since it seems safe now.  But she asks
         first that he remain as she casts a couple of spells.  He will
         need to be near to listen to her words in the trance.  She
         has decided to scan the item with magic.  First she gathers
         up her drum and staff and then sits.  She explains he should
         note anything she says to recall it back to her later.  She
         first casts a Shamanic orientation spell with her spell.  Then
         she casts the perception while holding the leather cap.  Within
         moments she begins to speak of various things.]

        [Later Kiet repeats what he heard and she learns of the cap.
         The cap itself is a simple leather cap with the nice leather
         vest style smooth inside and a bit rough, leather normal, on
         the outside.  It fits most normal sizes it seems but might
         have trouble with Fremea or Raban's head size.  Apparently it
         is magical but doesn't have any orientation itself.  That
         could indicate it just isn't made to have one.  Based on
         the description of the barbarian and the layout of the slab
         it is easily figured out.  Simple deduction and reasoning
         figured most of it out beforehand but she knows it could
         be more vital.  Indeed like the warrior says the cap is
         worn.  The leather strap is secured so it doesn't fall upon.
         The wearer then simply thinks.  It seems to invoke mental
         control over something.  Based on her chant Kiet learned it
         is control over something rather than something.  So that
         rules out any Elemental it seems.  Kiet and Z'leyra soon
         come to simple reasoning that the cap must control the slab.
         The vicinity of the device to it is no coincidence.  If the item
         has control over the slab and the barbarian indicates the slab
         can fly it must control the slab to fly.  It would make sense
         a place like this would have support vehicles for supplies and
         such.  That may be how food, prisoners and other things were
         sent here.]


        [Kiet soon after the discussion with Z'leyra heads toward the
         Armory to explore it.]

        [Time: 12:17 pm]

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Friday?

        GM: Kiet will go into more detail next update.  Ran out of time.
            Stay tuned.

        GM: To everyone happy New Year!!  In 2009 we'll begin a new
            adventure.  I hope all have a good final holiday of this year.
            Assuming everyone is sober Friday I'll do a update then.  

        GM: Still don't know if Chion is in the cave or not. :<

  [Second Floor]

  Legend -           North /|\
           1 Row    = 2 feet
           1 Column = 2 feet
            % , ° = Solid wall or earthen rock

  [Portal Second Room]

              1         2         3         4         5

     %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% A
     %%          %%%%    %%             %        %%   %% B
     %% O         %%%   U  B              E           %% C
     %%    %%%     %%         A       SSSS            %% D
     %%%%%%%%%     %%   F             SSSS            %% E
     %%%%%%%%%            R                     %     %% F
     %%%%%%%%%%           %%                  %%%     %% G

     % is cave wall.  O is portal. Portal area elevation is
     about 5 feet taller than the other section.  So going
     down to other section is rock/stone natural steps.

  Party Locations -

     A - Arawn    - D26 [Above Map - Facing East]
     B - Ben'dar  - C23 [Above Map - Facing East]
     C - Caladan  - Second floor, Navigation room
     H - Chion    - ???
     F - Fremea   - E20 [Above Map - Facing East]
     K - Kiet     - First floor South Hallway
     R - Raban    - F22 [Above Map - Facing East]
     U - Unali    - C20 [Above Map - Facing East]
     Z - Z'leyra  - First floor South Hallway/Outside
       - Corona   - Roof outside
     E - Anwora   - C33 [Above Map - Facing West]
     S - Seker    - C/D 34-37 [Laying down, head raised, facing west]
     Prisoners    - First floor South Hallway
     Barbarians   - First floor South Hallway
     Wind         - Courtyard hourglass

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