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   As Arawn gazed upon the silverish humanoid and the gaunt elf and recognized both immediately. They were both creatures from the realm of the gods, though neither were normally linked to one another. The appearance of the silver being, a Seker, servant of Balance, was a rare one in the Middle World for not only was it usually was an avenger of great upheavals but they could rarely maintain their form for long away from the Upper Realms and it's presence led him to wonder just what had led it here. The elf-like being was completely unrelated to it and Arawn wondered if he was prisoner or guard but he recognized the being as kin. He was an Anwora and cousin or nephew to the Alfar, for they were the children of Pwyll, his great-uncle, and Morain, his elder sister. He wasn't sure what was going on yet but he decided a direct approach might be the best option.
   Pulling the face-wrap free Arawn allowed both beings to become fully aware of his heritage. He answered in Elf Sidh while projecting his words mentally to the Seker. As he spoke he also translated into Marentian for the party.

[To the party in Marentian]- "One is Sidh, an Anwora, the other is a Seker, of Balance. They're asking who we are."

[Elf Sidh/Telepathic/and then translated to the party in Marentian]
   "I am Arawn, son of Morrigan and Payan, and these are my allies. Please, allow me a moment to translate for my allies," he paused to allow the others a chance to introduce themselves if they wished. "Greetings to both of you, brethren," he nodded toward the Anwora, "and Seker," turning his attention the silver giant's way.
   "If you ask about A'kril, then the answer is, yes."
   Arawn looked over their condition and asked,
   "How are you two doing and why are you here?"

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