[pnpgm] Game Update #96 - File #523 - Elementals react to talk

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Dec 12 18:11:20 CET 2008

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          Raban forces himself to stay calm and let wiser heads prevail.
          But that does not appear to be what is happening, Arawn is not
          reaching these beings who he implies should be friends? And he
          did not answer the question on the Lion. Enough! Time has been
          wasted to no good effect, no more can be lost... With that Raban
          rushes to rescue the damsel in distress, by any means required.
          Walls, Doors, Windows, Floors, Ceilings, they are all ways into
          a room if someone desires it enough.

          <Well he tried, now we will see if it is too late. Its a Bird,
          Its a Plane, Its Super-Raban to the rescue! At need, this mild
          mannered Bard doffs his clothes to become...wait what is the
          rating on this show again? And was the removing of clothes before
          or after the rescue? Maybe I should be speaking to the script
        GM: Ack. 


        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          OOC:  The "Glyph" is the same as the Windy Man?  When he spoke
          "Where is the one that bound us here!  Show him now or die!" was
          that in the Elemental tongue of Wind?

          Assuming "yes" to both of those questions, Ben'Dar nods
          emphatically with Caladan's comment and barks loudly, "Back out
          the way we came! This place is coming down!"

          He begins cursing in Zen'Dali at the foolishness of coming up
          here in the first place.  If he ever sees the High Wizard again,
          he's going to punch the guy out.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          [** Ben'dar's comments deleted **]

          LoL. The image in my head is just too funny.

          OOC: Not sure from the post description but, does Arawn have
          both Elven Empathy and the Communicate spell up at the same

          For the group, if the Communicate spell is up you'll be able to
          understand Arawn's side of the conversation without translation
          as it's spoken in Katai. The elemental, however, still needs it's
          part translated.

          Realizing the bond had been successful Arawn listened with some
          concern to the Elemental's demand. The castle was falling, there
          were angry air elementals everywhere, and a strange lion-headed
          man nearby as well. The situation needed to be resolved quickly
          and smoothly or not only would things possibly go bad for the
          party but also for any innocents caught in wake of cloud-island's
          impact. He hoped he would be able to take care of both problems.

          "I've established communication!," he said to the party. He
          caught sight of Raban rushing off but chose to refrain calling
          out to the bard for the time being. Every second delayed in talks
          with the elemental could be disastrous and he hoped Raban was not
          about to make a mistake with the lion-headed man. Meanwhile Ben'
          dar was calling for a withdrawal, normally a wise move but, in
          Arawn's mind, not something the druid was willing to risk due to
          the destruction that could ensue if the island impacted with the
          ground. Turning his attention back to the elemental he continued
          to speak.

          "We're newly arrived here but if it's whom I believe then he is
          now dead by our hand. His name was A'kril and he was lord here.
          If I'm wrong then let us help you. Either way I will free your
          kind from here but we will need help as well. This castle
          threatens others down below. Will you help us to bring this
          castle down safely and allow my allies and I to leave safely in
          return for assistance in  your quest?"

          With that he then quickly addressed the group.

          "We can't let this castle come crashing down! The destruction
          and repercussions could be enormous! It wants the one who bound
          the air spirits and I'm trying to get their help to steer this
          place safely and help us escape in one piece."

          OOC: Hope reason or Arawn's Influence Chance works to our
          advantage! Fingers crossed...
        GM: Ack. Both empathic and communicate are setup. 


        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea stood there, completely taken with what was happening
          around her. This was very different to her, never having seen
          any elemental this close up before, and especially really pissed
          off ones. She contemplated what she should do, though there
          really did seem like a lot at this time that she could do. She
          stood watching as Raban ran, no flew, to other side to get to
          the screaming woman and heard Arawn speak about finding the one
          responsible for binding the elementals to this place. She
          faintly heard Bendar call for everyone to get out of here and
          she wondered if that was even possible at this time.

          She realized that the island was falling now and that her only
          means of being safe was to make sure she was in the air and way
          far away from this place when it hit, as the debris and rocks and
          what ever else hit the ground. Yet, she would not just leave
          Chion or Arawn behind as they both have been very kind to her,
          even if she really didn't deserve it. And even Raban with his
          odd sense of having to protect one that really can take care of
          herself, even though she knows there is too much she doesn't
          know about the world.

          She quickly goes over all that she was taught to do during her
          slavery and finds only the communicate spell to be useful at
          this time. She will cast it at max (EL 2) to communicate with
          the elementals also, so that she can translate or if need be,
          talk to them herself.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra says "Lets grab everyone and follow Corona!" Satchel
          full of scrolls she grabs her staff and uses sign language to
          indicate to the ex-prisoners that they should help her drag the
          bound prisoners with us. Reaching down she grabs the prisoner by
          the collar and starts for the secret door.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion decides that they must be within "mind shot" of Sven. He
          begins casting a telepathy spell to talk with him. He will tell
          Sven, "Look up, the castle is falling, if you have any means to
          move out of harm's way, I suggest you use it. Also, if the
          prisoner secure? We may need her to satiate the anger of these
          elemental's. If you can tell me anything about her, like a name,
          perhaps that can help keep this place from hitting hard." He will
          wait for a response, and barring that, will hope that Awarn's
          words and actions are helping. He hopes the rest of the party has
          the good sense to get close enough to him to teleport in case of
          emergency. Otherwise it might just call for a insubstantial spell
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Ma 2nd, 1633TH. 5th Day of Adventure #4.
        [Location: Chaos domain, Dark Lands, 9 Miles up, Flying Island]

        [Time: 11:58:27 am]

        [Raban's blood boils with wanting to help the female.  Almost 30
         seconds pass and still the party stands and wants to talk to these
         beings.  Arawn's duty as a Bard to the Druid is conflicting with
         his duty to women.  Even that duty to the female in the party
         though they can take care of themselves.  His heart aches but his
         brain conflicts with those emotions.  What to do? This place is
         falling and little time to stand and talk.  Any second now a big
         splat will destroy the group.  Sure Raban could fly away and avoid
         it but he has set his path with these people and this cause.
         Fleeing away from danger is good common sense but fleeing under
         the eyes of the goddess while females could easily die without
         him?  That is just not possible.  He'll have to take one with him
         or maybe two.  Sure, Fremea could fly away so that leaves Z'leyra
         and Unali to carry away.  But then there is the female in
         distress.  Maybe Z'leyra can cast some magic to flee?  With all
         her gear it would weight him down as well.  Behind him Arawn and
         Fremea seem intent on looking at the Elementals, oblivious to the
         lion man.  To his side the second balcony seems under attack.
         Above him wind and lightning bolts hit the roof of this place and
         destroying it piece by piece.  Heart battles mind and soul.]

        [Ben'dar growls and curses in Zen'dali.  These people around him
         are insane!  Chion, Fremea and Arawn just stand there like this
         is a nice performance of entertainment.  Magic and magical beings
         are something Ben'dar can do without.  He glances around and not
         understanding what the Windy Man is saying.  But he knows
         destruction when he sees it.  The second balcony and other room
         seems to be under attack.  the cloud overhead could shoot a bolt
         down and probably kill anyone here instantly.  Yet these fools
         stand in place?  Unali, Caladan and Raban seem the only ones
         nervous enough to move.  Then he suddenly realizes if this place
         goes splat Tef'wo will die instantly.  His blood begins to
         boil at that thought of such a waste.  If he gets out of this
         alive he'll show his discontent to the High Elder.  Even if he
         is turned into a snail by him.  At the very least maybe his spirit
         can nag the HIgh Elder for eternity or at least for the rest of
         his life whichever is shorter.]


        [Time: 11:58:29 am]

        [Z'leyra begins to stuff books and scrolls into the bags the
         party took up.  She grabs her satchel as smoke pours from the
         couch.  The ipanza slink away from the fire coughing as Kiet
         looks confused as ever at what is going on.  He can't figure
         out why Corona would be upset enough to flee and why Z'leyra
         seems aware of something he isn't.]

        Z'leyra: "Lets grab everyone and follow Corona!"


        [Time: 11:58:32 am]

        [Seconds pass as the Glyph stares at Arawn.  Arawn's emotional
         connection to him seems tight and the Glpyh seems intrigued or
         at least cautious.  Arawn wonders if the power he has with his
         Elven ability is reversed.  Could the Glyph sense his own
         emotions and intent?  Arawn glances up and the emotional state
         of the Cloud Elemental is clear.  The dark swirling mass and
         swarm of lightning is clear anger.  Even though Arawn failed
         partially to get A'kril to deal maybe here he can do some good.
         he knows if this place falls it will have a greater impact
         than just the party's death.  Maybe this is why he is here.
         Maybe only someone as powerful as an Alfar could deal with these
         beings? Arawn tries to move any doubt from his mind.  If
         this place falls the High Elder will have possible war on his
         hands and massive destruction.]

        [Suddenly Raban drops his longbow, quiver and minor gear he has
         been carrying.  Arawn then notices his large form seems to go
         sideways or upwards.  It is hard to tell.  Raban seems to be
         moving, no flying?  Could the Bard be fleeing the party now? There
         is no time to question and losing eye contact with the Glyph could
         be a mistake.  Ben'dar and Caladan are calling for retreat but
         there simply may not be time.  Arawn calls out to the party.]

        Arawn: "I've established communication!,"

        [The others are unsure what that means.  Communication through
         a spell or something else?  Arawn continues to speak to the
         Elemental this time.  All the while those who understand Katai
         understand what he is saying.  If only Arawn was speaking in
         Marentian all would understand.  Arawn shouts to the Glyph
         over the storm.]

        Arawn: "We're newly arrived here but if it's whom I believe then
          he is now dead by our hand. His name was A'kril and he was lord
          here. If I'm wrong then let us help you. Either way I will free
          your kind from here but we will need help as well. This castle
          threatens others down below. Will you help us to bring this
          castle down safely and allow my allies and I to leave safely in
          return for assistance in  your quest?"

        [Raban steps up on the west railing of the balcony and climbs it
         a foot or two.  He swings his large leg over and dives over the
         side down into the food preparation room.  Ben'dar gasps at the
         giant falling and notices he begins to fly in a circle going
         counter-clockwise around the room.  The large giant rounds the
         room and angles up to the north wall [N9].  Raban's large frame
         barely makes it through the thin area between guard wall and
         ceiling of the second floor roof.  Raban flies north straight
         for the wall.  Ben'dar and Unali wonder why he isn't flying
         at the Lion head.  Then the Lion head also notices Raban and leaps
         forward slashing with sharp claws.  The agile Lion man leaps
         right at Raban's left side and goes through Raban.  Unali and
         Ben'dar blink in confusion as Raban continues toward the wall
         and slams into it.  No wait he goes through it.  No wait the
         wall is intact?  Ben'dar drops his jaw in wonder and confusion
         as the Lion head tumbles to the ground east of where Raban flew.
         Arawn doesn't notice this but shouts back to the party.]

        Arawn: "We can't let this castle come crashing down! The destruction
          and repercussions could be enormous! It wants the one who bound
          the air spirits and I'm trying to get their help to steer this
          place safely and help us escape in one piece."


        [Time: 11:58:38 am]

        [Z'leyra tosses her satchel and gently lands her bags into the
         hallway.  Then runs back inside and grabs the awaken guard
         by the collar and begins to drag him.  The guard begins to
         speak in that strange tongue clearly confused.  Z'leyra tries
         to motion for the Ipanza to help but they don't seem to
         understand.  The two men run as the blaze of the couch reaches
         a couple feet up.  Some part of it falls to the carpet and
         begins to burn it.  One rushes past kiet and spins him a bit
         sideways.  They run out to the hallway.  Kiet brings the other
         still living guard out into the hallway by the collar as well.
         As Z'leyra gets near the north door of the hallway it is open
         and she hears glass break some distance away then a very loud
         crash that seems to rattle the ground under foot.]


        [Time: 11:58:47 am]

        [As Arawn finishes speaking the last word the south end of the
         second balcony suddenly breaks off and falls.  The Cloud had
         been pelting it with lightning bolts and the winds rattle the
         struts.  Ben'dar glances over and realizes he can't go that way
         now.  Behind him he hears glass break but isn't sure what it
         is at this time.]

        [For the last minute or so Fremea stood there in awe and wonder.
         So these are Elementals.  She heard something about them from
         some human who worshiped earth ones, maybe a old farmer or some
         such person.  The cloud seems nothing special other than a normal
         cloud.  The wind things aren't seen but only when they are doing
         stuff.  Wind is just wind.  She has dealt with the wind flying
         around outside.  Nothing major there.  But the Windy Man seems
         quite extraordinary.  Quite powerful.  Just moments ago an aura
         rose and fell quickly before Arawn made contact. That aura she
         wasn't sure what it was about.  The Windy man flies with great
         ease through the air by air.  Sure she has heard Raban - she turns
         to her left and sees Raban of all things fly past her into the
         wall - fly.  So Humans can fly like this through magic or ease?
         Why would gods give Faerry wings and not humans?  Arawn mentions
         contact as the Lion man seems to roll past her as if diving for
         the ground.]  The urge to flee or fight seems to come to her.
         She could leave this place quickly and easily survive.  But
         to leave Chion, Arawn and even gentle Raban behind?  If they
         are brave enough to stand certain death why should she flee?
         Just seconds earlier she cast her own Communicate spell to try
         and learn what the glyph said when he raises his arm at Arawn.
         She realizes that she must understand them to get to them. In
         the past few seconds she has come across her skill set and
         her abilities.  If there is something she can get to these
         beings she might have a chance to help.]

        [The Lion man gets to his feet and roars in anger.  He looks back
         to where Raban went but doesn't see him.  He turns and roars again
         and looks right at Fremea and the others.  That's when Ben'dar
         acts.  He charges past Chion and Caladan.  Passing through the
         small balcony he gets behind Arawn and twists around Fremea to
         stand to the side (north) of Fremea who seems distracted. Ben'dar
         raises his pike and suddenly he feels another presence near him as
         Unali joins him blocking any danger to Fremea and Arawn as they
         work this out.]


        [Time: 11:58:50 am]

        [As Kiet and Z'leyra get to the hallway the smoke begins to pour
         out.  Z'leyra glances around the door and notices in the east the
         same window he came in is now destroyed.  She guesses that Corona
         must've fled out that window.  But why or for what reason she
         isn't clear.]

        [Suddenly the Glyph seems to shift form and fly forward.  The next
         blink of the eye and he is standing to the side of Arawn.  Arawn
         and Fremea step back for caution.  The Glyph's eyes are ablaze
         with internal lightning flashes.  The glyph stares at Arawn and

        Glyph: "Dead? I see no reason why I should help you.  We can
          simply flee and let this place fall.  It will serve our
          purpose to destroy it in the end.  You seek our help but yet
          you have dealt with this man who bound us?  You must be
          his ally?"

        [The air around the glyph is full of wind and Fremea has to hold
         the railing just to remain steady.  Arawn's clothes and hair
         blows so wildly its useless to stop it.  Arawn considers his
         next words when behind him he hears Fremea.]

        Fremea: "Elementals, I understand your pain and know you want to
          take revenge now on those that enslaved you. I too bear that same
          want. However, destroying everything now and letting this island
          crash will only allow those that have done this to you to escape
          and run far away or get ready to protect themselves, as they will
          know you are free. I have already made that mistake and so I must
          plan and build to get my justice. You, though, have a chance to
          be subtle, such as water and air are, and make it seem as though
          you are still enslaved. Yet, all the time your master thinks
          this, you will be waiting for the better moment, the right time,
          to strike and in one single blow destroy those that enslaved you,
          forced you to do what you did not want to do for so long. We have
          seen some of the length that this island has been floating and
          only wish to release you from enslavement. I ask you to stall
          your destruction and stop this island from falling, just long
          enough for us to help you get what you really want. I promise
          that I will use all my tricks to this end."

        [As Fremea begins to speak the Glyph glances behind Arawn and
         seems to listen.  With a flick of his hand he literally blows
         Arawn to the east railing and walks past him.  With another
         flick of his hand more winds blow north and blows Unali and
         Ben'dar off their feet and forward.  They lurch off the railing
         and only a few feet from the Lion head.  As Fremea speaks her
         confidence beams but inside she is nervous.  With one flick of
         his hand a bolt of lightning could kill her or she could be
         blown to the roof of the balcony and flattened.  She has to
         hold onto the railing with both hands and flap her wings to
         remain balanced.  The Glyph listens and seems to pace around
         her in a half circle back and forth.  His eyes seem to pierce
         inside her and Arawn wonders if he should act to stop this.  He
         is surprised she seems to try her own gambit with the elemental.]

        Glyph: "Winged one.  You do not seem to listen to my call.  You
          have will and grace.  These beings can't fly but you can.
          We seem to share more than just flight." [He stops and
          ponders her words.]

        [At that instant the Lion head charges forward.  The glyph seems
         oblivious of this but Ben'dar and Unali ready.  When the lion
         man lunges it spreads its claws which Ben'dar and Unali notice
         are metal looking.  He lunges for Ben'dar and one claw misses
         but the other hits him in the lower right chest and does a
         deep gnash past his dragon armor (2 points).  That's when
         Ben'dar reacts and swings his pike knowing that blow might've
         killed Fremea.  Ben'dar swings his pike and hits the lion man in
         his left arm doing a massive slice cutting tissue.  Unali draws
         one dagger to block and one to fight.  She twists and tries
         to get behind the man but only ends up on his side. Her dagger
         hits the lion man in the left shoulder and slices down the
         shoulder and back cutting massive tissue and bone doing a massive
         17 or so point hit.  Yet the Lion man seems to still be standing.]

        [The Glyph looks up and Fremea follows his gaze to see Corona
         fly above and then down into the courtyard.  Fremea wonders why
         the Eagle is here and where is Z'leyra?  She turns back to
         the Glyph and waits for an answer.  Corona lands on the wall and
         perches watching the Glyph as if a bit dazed.  As the trio
         fight he responds.]

        Glyph: "We are free of this place's magic.  But I sense the control
          magic is still there.  I will not tolerate other Elementals being
          used.  I give you time to find it and deal with it.  I give you
          this long." [He turns to the courtyard and waves his hands.  He
          speaks in some soft tones.] "I will return to see of your progress
          and judge the fate of this place then."

        [The two wind vortexes move from the second half destroyed balcony
         and one seems to disappear.  The other begins to stand over a span
         of dirt.  Sand and dirt begin to swirls in a vortex of wind, sand
         and dirt from the flower garden.  It shifts and a large pile of
         dirt seems to be floating in the air and little trickle of sand
         begins to fall.  Arawn stares as he has seen a hour glass made
         before but never in this fashion.  When he turns around the Glyph
         is gone and flown away.  The cloud above seems to have risen and
         stopped its barrage of bolts. Arawn stares at Fremea and smiles.] 

        [As Arawn and Fremea talk to the strange beings, Chion begins to
         cast a telepathic spell.  He tries to contact Sven but finds no
          response.  Either they are still too high, Sven's magical defense
          is too high, the place is still blocked with some magic or the
          spell simply fails.]

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Monday...

        GM: The above was typed in 2 days.  So I hope it makes sense.
            Various sub things are going on at the same time.  So tried
            to piece it all together.

        GM: Arawn - Would assume you don't try to stop Fremea.  Your
                    empathic ability would've given a slight edge
                    if he decided to kill her and maybe you could've
                    reacted but it never went off.

            Ben'dar - Would assume you would try to fight something. :)
               Since Fremea was a bit in awe of the elemental figured
               you would help defend her.  If you want to stop or
               do something else let me know.

            Chion -  The heat of the staff is still there.  But the
               range on a basic telepathic spell is limited (2 miles
               at EL0).  So your either still too high or the above
               as I mentioned.  The staff heat implies some contact
               with the Elder or the "thing" in the staff is there now.

            Kiet - I guess your still on vacation or something? :)

            Raban - Stay tuned same Bat Channel.  Email to follow.

            Unali - Assume same thing for Ben'dar to help him fight.

            Z'leyra - Keep in mind while you follow Corona he has fled
               the castle itself unknown to where.  As you leave the entire
               room could soon be up in flames.  Destroying guard bodies,
               furniture, other treasure left there and some party equipment
               left there.  Carpet burns pretty fast. :)

        GM: Situation is this -

            Main room is starting to burn.  Probably couch is totally
            engulfed and carpet starting to burn.  Z'leyra and Kiet
            have dragged the two alive guards out.  The barbarians are
            in slight panic and confusion.  Corona has fled.  The
            Elementals seem to have fled as well hearing what Fremea
            has to say.  Some time was given to finish with this place
            or leave.  Maybe to find the control of this place.  Raban
            has disappeared or been zapped away.  The Lion man has
            decided killing is good for now and Ben'dar/Unali are engaged
            with it now.  All of this has happened pretty fast as well.
            The make shift hour glass is the only way I could convey
            some amount of time.  It will take a few minutes to study to
            figure out the time frame given by the Glyph.  The cloud
            has risen high above.  New map positions below.   It is
            important to remember Z'leyra and Kiet are on first floor
            and rest are second floor.  The @@@ on the second balcony
            shows where it has fallen to the courtyard.  So the north end
            of the balcony is one big slide down.   There may be still time
            to explore the rest of the castle or flee.  but it will
            be up to you guys. 

  Map Legend -

       1 - Windy Man - Gone? 
       2 - Wind      - Gone? 
       3 - Wind      - V29, Hovering 2 feet up, holding dirt hourglass 
       4 - Lion Head - K18, facing south, back against wall 
       5 - Female?   - Somewhere in Room X
       A - Arawn     - P17, on second floor, in covered balcony
       B - Ben'dar   - L17, facing north 
       C - Caladan   - R17, on second floor, in covered balcony
       H - Chion     - S16, on second floor, in covered balcony
       F - Fremea    - O16, on second floor, in covered balcony
       K - Kiet      - Main Foyer, 1st floor
       R - Raban     - Gone in room X? or somewhere
       U - Unali     - L19, facing north 
       Z - Z'leyra   - Z12, Hallway, FIRST Floor

  [Second Floor]

  Legend -           North /|\
           1 Row    = 2 feet
           1 Column = 2 feet
                ° = Solid wall or earthen rock
           / or \ = Door
           ,,     = Stone Steps
           @@     = Table
           ##     = Cabinet, Storage Chest or locker
           *      = Chair
           o      = Barrel
           `      = Shelf
           ~~     = Pull lever
           I      = Stone wall
           $      = Bed
           :      = Window 

      [Some symbols may be different and will be described if that
       changes for each room.]

                  1         2         3         4         5
                          __/\I__                               F
              Room        I   I°°I                              G
                X         I   I°°I                              H
                          I   I°°I                              I
        I___/\_____I______/   I°°I_____/\______°°°°°°°°°°°°I    J
        I                 4                                I    K
        :                B U       Stairs                  :    L
        I_______________   __________.._______  ___________I    M
     M  I           I  [  ]         I..[[.   [  ]I         I    N
     i  :           I  [F ]         I[[[[    [  ]I [~] [~] I R  O
     d  I ...   ... I  [ A]  *      ____     [  ]I [~] [~] : o  P
      ->I ...   ...    [  ]        /    \    [  ]I [~] [~] I o  Q
     L  : ...   ...    [ C]       (  *  )    [  ]I [~] [~] I m  R
     e  I ...   ...    [H ]        \___/     [  ]I  ~   ~  :    S
     v  I ...   ...    [  ]                  [  ]I  o   o  I G  T
     e  : ...   ... I  [  ]  *               @@@@I        #I    U
     l  I           I+ [  ]     .....3....   @@@@I        #I    V
        I___________I__[  ]__________________ @@@I_________I    W
        I               /\                    /\           I    X
        :                \----Ledge/Balcony///             :    Y
        I____/\_____Z  ____________________________________I    Z
                   I   I
            Kiet --> K I   Main Room
                           [1st floor]

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