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   Arawn listened to the concern in Raban's voice as he discussed his percieved shortcomings.  When the bard was done the druid looked him in the eye and replied in a gentle voice.

   "You should not be hard on yourself, Raban. You have done what you can for others without asking for anything in return. Your heart is good and I think you have made your choices based on what you have learned. As you said, you are still learning and we must be judged on what we know and not on what we have yet to learn."
   In reponse to Raban's comment towards the Blessings Arawn replied,

   "I can easily call upon more magics if I am strengthened. You have restored some of my energy and I can see to the remainder if need be unless there is more Angelica to be shared. I would not normally ask but with the dangers we face and Z'leyra and Kiet elsewhere I think the more magical options we have the better the chances for our group. Thank you, again."

   As for Arawn's vote- Upstairs from the main foyer is his top choice.

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>    [From the previous post in reply to Raban and Blessings]
>    “Thank you, Raban. It seems Miryan favors you for there is much 
> power in your spell.” Smiling his thanks Arawn seemed to ponder 
> something for a second before speaking. “You have offered Blessings to 
> us in the past and I think, considering the danger we seem to be 
> facing, that it might be wise to accept it now. If you are still 
> willing that is. Strengthening the power of will and life force could 
> serve to empower my casting ability in case such might still be needed.”
>    If Raban is willing Arawn will accept a Blessing to boost Willpower 
> and Constitution. He doesn’t want to tax Raban too much so will avoid 
> asking for further Blessings for the time being.
Raban smiles happily as he replies to Arawn, "I love Miryan and she 
returns my love, I can feel it in my heart and soul. But sometimes I am 
not smart or wise enough to do what is right and she shows me her 
displeasure in some manner. I have not done my best for everyone here 
and in that I am sorry for my failures. I am unused to aiding men, it is 
far easier for me to help women. I am learning as I go, trying to find 
ways I can help more. My magic is quite limited though I am of moderate 
skill with what I know. I have not had a chance to expand on that 
knowledge. That failure has left me with few ways to help, only 
Blessings would seem of use right now. But they will serve people well 
for a few days. I do not feel any censure from my Goddess, so I should 
have no problems Blessing you or even a few others."

Raban pauses for a moment in thought before he continues, "You are sure 
you need both boosts to life? They will help you survive and aid magic 
use if your body and soul cannot handle much mana normally. It will need 
further magic to build up your new capability, though Angelica can do that."

Raban reaches deep into his heart and soul for the connection to his 
goddess, "Miryan, I beg you to grant further aid to our druid ally and 
Bless him with the capability to increase his life force far beyond its 
norm." <Followed by the castings of Blesses at max el for Will and Con. 
Not sure on mana supply at this point but should have more than enough. 
I assume Raban has increased spell success with willing subject so low 
failure chance?>

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