[pnpgm] Game update #8 - File #10 - Status 11/30 - Chion's Events

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Nov 30 05:55:56 CET 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
     Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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     Game Update #8 in sequence (file #10)
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        GM: Administration Info -

            * Status file updated.

              1. Characteristic Points

                          Total Players: 14
                    CPs sent to Players: 14
                 CPS allocated/returned: 13  
                  Character sheets sent: 13  
                       Current progress: 93% 

                  Leaves only Strie'bog at this point.

              2. In-between time actions
                          Total Players: 14
                 IBT Actions sent to me:  9   
                    IBT completed by me:  9   [***Changed***]
                       Current progress: 64%  [***Changed***]

                 Have IBT actions from:       [***Changed***]
                    No one at this point. 

                 Check out the Status link on the website to
                 see order of IBT actions given to me and
                 which at the time of the week I'm currently
                 working on.


        GM: I have finished Chion's IBT time.  This is a change
            above of 14% for a 64% completion of IBT time.  This
            gives 93% for CPs and 64% for IBT for a final average
            total of 79%. 
        GM: I currently have no IBT Action Plans in the Queue.
            So at this point not working on any.  I'm just working
            on Adventure #4 details.

        GM: Expecting IBT Action Plans from - Arawn, Strie'bog,
            Unali, Z'leyra and J Hooten (New Player).  Once these
            are complete we'll begin the adventure.  Maybe by
            the new year?  I understand Z'leyra is working on hers
            now but no info on other progress.

        GM: By the Way Framea's Encounters won't be posted due to
            various reasons.  She is free to post a summary of
            those events however.  Posting this info is optional.

        Actions? Comments? 

        Next update Monday...

        GM: Below is Chion's IBT events...

            Didn't know when Arawn was going to return. Had hoped
            to know by now.  But just went ahead and finished
            Chion's IBT events.


   *  IBT Encounters

      Due to being in Caladan's Tribe encounter chances are reduced
      by 50% from 20% to 10%).  Any encounters could be altered
      by Tribal sentries and such.

      Dec 25 - 31 - None

      Jan  1 -  4 - None

      Jan  5 - 3:10am - Chion is awoken up to horses entering the
        camp.  Cetric goes out to meet them and soon Chion follows.
        Chion notices from his dress and feathers he is a Shaman
        with 3 warriors or apprentices with him.  Upon seeing
        Chion the Shaman scowls and refuses to finish his conversation
        with Cetric.  Cetric asks Chion to return to his tent. Cetric
        and the others talk for some 15 minutes and then they make
        camp for the night with others.  At sunlight the shaman's
        party leaves the village and heads east.  Chion never
        learns why they came or what they wanted.  

      Jan  6 -  8 - None

      Jan  9 - 2:43pm - A group of 7 Zen'da Villagers enter the
        camp and Gib'borah welcomes them.  They have come from
        the far West in hopes of spreading news and song.  Cetric
        explains its a form of entertainment and news system that
        spreads things around the various villages.  The 7 dance
        around the campfire in traditional indian style dances. Sing,
        chant, tell stories and play drums.  For several hours the
        village learns of news from the western and central tribes. The
        group leaves with new stories including the grave robbery and
        Bova plots to send back to the west when they do return that way. 

      Jan 10 - 7:01am - The sun is barely up and Cetric and you are out
        looking for herbs as he trains you on looking for herbs that
        grow in Twilight periods.  Your a good 3 miles from the
        village.  Suddenly 40 feet away in bushes dark by the still
        low sun a snake rises and in a python like move spits poison
        at you.  But the glob of poison misses Chion.  Cetric is away
        and when Chion turns he sees another snake attacking Cetric.
        Cetric can handle himself Chion figures and Chion draws his
        sai weapon (having left his staff at the village, Cetric
        doesn't like the staff during Shamanic teaching).  The
        snake crawls fast forward.  Chion swings his sai but fails
        to hit.  The snake bits on the side of Chion's chest and
        does 3 points of damage. Leaps over the tail and stabs
        his sai down on the back of the neck doing an impressive 21
        points of damage.  The enraged snake turns and strikes but
        fails to hit.  Chion leaps forward and turns with a twirl
        of acrobatic and martial art skill to stab the snake in
        the left shoulder doing 4 more points to it. The snake
        strikes again but fails to hit, though coming close within
        a inch of Chion.  Both Chion and Snake twirl and dodge
        but both fail to hit each other.  The long snake is able
        to knock chion forward with his tail and bit Chion in
        the chest again for 4 points of damage.  Chion also
        stabs him in the tail for another 4 points as well.  The
        snake rises up and strikes but fails to hit.  Chion uses
        the opportunity to stab upwards and hit the snake in the
        jaw doing the killing blow.  The Snake lands dead onto
        Chion's feet.  When Chion looks up Cetric is standing with
        blood on his clothing and smiling.  Cetric nods and congratulates
        him for handling a dangerous plains snake.  Cetric checks
        Chion's wounds and informs he has been likely poisoned by the
        2 bites.  Its not enough to turn him into a thrall of those
        snakes but will take time if Chion learns the prayers to
        get rid of the poison.  There is no other cure.  For three
        weeks Chion sleeps and has vile dreams.  Cetric knows the
        effects of the poison so posts a guard to help Chion maintain
        his perverse desires.  In the three weeks Chion is stopped
        four times from leaving his Tipi to do things unknown.
        In a month Chion finally recovers from the poison and is
        completely cured.  Both snakes the one Cetric killed with
        magic and his own knife are burnt as the meat is no good.
        [270 Cep, Dae'ti Koti]

      Jan 11 - 20 - None

      Jan 21 - 10:35am - Cetric, Caladan and Chion are out on the
        plains as Chion is shown how animals react to a shaman.
        Suddenly a rider comes saying raiders have entered the
        eastern lands.  All four ride east but by the time the
        group gets there other nearby villages have reacted
        and sent a group of warriors.  By the time Chion and
        the others arrive 16 enemy warriors are dead and only 1
        Ga'fel tribe warrior is injured.  Cetric tends to the
        wounded as Caladan and others find clues of Bova tribes
        among the enemy.  They look to be a bit famished so could
        be they raided the territory out of food need.  In the last
        3 months since the party took out the shamans of the Bova
        their fate may have changed. Chion sees the evidence of the
        party's lasting deeds.

      Jan 22 - 31 - None

      Feb  1 -  4 - None

      Feb  5 - 8:24am - A group of 6 Warriors from a village in the
        north east enter and report of missing deer and ask Cetric
        and Gib'borah of any news on it.  The villages are having
        to trade food and hunt more in the river.  No news is heard
        but Gib'borah sends a warrior to return and help out (and
        to learn more).  Gib'borah arranges for food to be sent back
        to the villages as well.

      Feb 6 - 9:50pm - Sentries report seeing a Wolf hunting pack of
         about 7 wolves to the north-west of the village.  Wolves
         know better than to attack a full sized village.  But villagers
         want them chased away as game can be attacked.  Cetric
         refuses to kill them since its his Tonah animal.  But he and
         several warriors go out to convince them to leave.  Chion
         rides along with torches and watches as a shaman communicates
         with the wolves not a bit scared of the beasts.  Eventually
         Cetric seems to get through to them and they leave the area
         back toward the river to eat fish.  Chion learns a great deal
         on how a Shaman and Tonah works but he already has seen how
         Z'leyra worked before.  

      Feb 7 - 11am - Cetric and Chion out of the village this time
        to the south west encounter a wagon and horses.  They
        meet a Ba'ru merchant who has a Ti'u Kelom (pass to enter
        the plains).  Chion learns he has been sent by Gib'borah
        to ship food and supplies to the tribes to the far north
        east.  The merchant seems wary of the barbarians but knows
        the relationship with the Zen'da is a lucrative one for
        pelts and other items.  Gib'borah sends the merchant to
        the troubled villages with a warrior escort.

      Feb  8 -  9 - None

      Feb 10 - 12:29am - Word comes to the village by a rider that
         the west a small pirate river boat was attacked by
         Zen'da.  The craft did not have permission to travel the
         river.  The village learns of 7 pirates killed in the
         attack and no Zen'da losses.

      Feb 11 - 19 - None

      Feb 20 - While on a ride with Caladan alone Chion is shown
         a herd of cattle (about 25 animals).  Caladan explains
         Gib'borah is trying to see how cattle might do for
         the tribes.  Its an experiment but a costly one as it
         is a high barter animal.  Chion can see this based on
         the number of guards around the herd.

         8:18pm - Sentries report hearing a large herd of animals
         in the distance and upon a patrol learn there are 9
         antelope a mile out.  Durge leads a hunting party to
         capture and kill a few of the beasts for food and hides.
         Gib'borah doesn't protest as the winter has been hard.
         Chion rides out and watches the skill of the Zen'da
         horsemen round and capture the antelope.

      Feb 21 - 9:16pm - Cetric has sent Chion out on one of his
         "listening to the wilderness" missions alone.  Out
         and away from the village, some 4 miles away, Chion
         finds himself alone in the dark doing as he was taught.
         He finds it silly but knows it might be his only way
         to obtain a Tonah later.  Armed only with a sai and
         his clothing he suddenly hears snorting and from the
         darkness (no campfire is lit as it would distract from
         the quest and Cetric could be watching) and rushes
         at Chion.  Chion finds they are boars from their snorts
         and knows they can be dangerous. Chion is able to roll
         and dodge from the tusked beasts.  Chion stabs one in
         the chest doing 5 points.  Chion is tusked twice but
         only one does damage for 2 points.  The other boar
         fails to draw blood.  All 3 circle each other but
         fail to hit anything.  Chion stabs the wounded in
         the right shoulder knocking it to the ground as it
         squeals.  The boars fail to hit.  Chion stabs the
         boar in the left upper arm and slices it doing
         enough damage to kill the boar.  He finds the other
         boar only knocked out and kills it to relieve its
         pain.  Chion soon finds 3 piglets nearby and Chion
         is able to chase them but eventually capture them
         to return to the village.  The boars are collected
         for a good meal that night. [Cep 20]

      Feb 21 - 30 - None

      Mar  1 -  5 - None

      Mar  6 - 5:30am - The tribe is awoken by females screaming and
         sentries yelling.  When Chion grabs his sword and sai he
         finds Caladan, Durge, Cetric and many warriors outside.
         In the south east sector of the village tall mangy looking
         8 foot creatures are attacking.  Warriors led by Durge
         attack one creature.  Caladan fires fireballs at the other
         with help from riders firing from horseback.  Chion runs
         to help fight the 3rd animal, later learned to be a Te'sla.
         Chion has time to don his chainmail for the combat.  
         The Te'sla claws at Chion's right shoulder and draws
         blood with its claws doing 7 points of damage.  Chion
         fails to strike back.  Two other warriors fire bows
         and hit it doing only 2 points to the creature.  The
         creature claws again at Chion this time drawing blood
         on his right arm doing 2 points of damage.   Chion leaps,
         an amazing feat for his size, and kicks the creature
         back then lunges forward with his sai.  Chion stabs the
         creature directly in the heart doing 20 points of damage.
         This takes the creature down.  Chion turns his back to
         the creature to see the other 2 down.  One smoking from
         Caladan's fireballs, which makes Chion happy to see him
         in combat again, and the other dead from arrows.  Suddenly
         warriors yell at Chion to turn around.  When he does the
         creature has now stood back up and about to lunge at
         Chion when Cetric casts a shamanic spell and uses a death
         blast against the creature.  The Te'sla goes flying backward
         and is killed by a warrior with a spear.  Cetric explains
         these creatures regenerate and must be killed fully or they
         rise back up.  [CEP 51].  Caladan reminds Chion he can
         take the hide and blood back to sell for personal treasure.
         Cetric and Caladan help collect the Te'sla hide (2 the
         burnt one is worthless) and iron flasks of blood to sell
         when get back to Marentia.  Cetric tends to Chion's minor
         wounds glad to see the Death Poison doesn't seem to take effect.

      Mar 7 - 7:45am - On the last day of Chion's Shamanism training
         the village is attacked by a swarm of 8 hippogriffs.  Chion
         recalls them from Clima when he used spells to stop one
         in mid flight.  He does the same thing but this time
         with his staff stopping 5 of them.   But the warriors attack
         with bows before he can warn them not to until a full barrage
         can be done.  After a battle that lasts 7 minutes only
         one horse is wounded.  One warrior is badly wounded but
         will survive healings.  Chion suffers no damage and helps
         to kill one.  [CEP 36]  The Zen'da refuse to keep them alive
         and slaughter each knowing these creatures are their top
         enemy since they are horsemen.  Chion sees 40 Gold worth
         of hippogriffs slaughtered.  

      Mar 8 - None

      Mar 9 - 5:35am - Cetric believes Shamans should be up early
         with the women as their work is long and tiring.  This
         morning Chion is up helping the female folk venture out
         to a local well for water and berries near the bushes
         of the well.  He escorts 3 pretty young females who giggles
         at the strange outsider.  Chion finds the cold and
         darkness comforting.  Chion sits by the well as they
         pluck berries and giggle more.  Chion figures one has
         a crush on him but knows he'll be gone in a matter of
         days back to Marentia.  The group is a good 3 miles
         away from the village.  Chion and one of the females
         has a lit torch.  Suddenly Chion hears two scream and
         gets up to see a towering dark form some 9.5 feet tall.
         From the smell its surprising it got this close.  The
         ogre snorts and begins to chase the females.  Being
         confident Chion charges but misses with his sword.  The
         ogre doesn't and with a club hits Chion in the right
         shoulder doing 15 points of damage knocking Chion to the
         ground.  Chion is startled by the power of the attack
         and realizes he may need help.  The females run for their
         life back to the village.  If they were together he could
         teleport them back but are divided.  Chion brings up his
         sword to stab the ogre in his arm doing 14 points of damage.
         The other arm bashes down but fails to hit Chion.  Chion
         rolls out and leaps to his feet running toward the bushes
         for breath and time.  His torch snuffed out there is no light
         but the smell is there to detect the ogre.  Chion decides to
         play a typical game with prey he has done in the past, human
         prey.  Distraction and conquest.  Chion throws a rock toward
         the well and it makes a noise against the stone.   The dumb
         ogre turns to investigate and that's when Chion runs and
         leaps onto the back of the beast.  He gets only halfway
         up his back and had to pull himself up with both arms with
         his sai in his mouth.  The ogre tries to swipe his arms
         back but can't get to Chion.  Chion struggles to the top of
         the animal hide and gets to the ogre's neck.  The smell is
         disgusting and dizzying.  Chion knows a skull hit would do
         nothing with his bone and a spine kill is hard through his
         natural hide.  But a neck would might be soft enough.  At
         the top he grabs his sai and holds on for dear life.  With
         one great swing of his arm he stabs the ogre in the right
         neck.  The blow is good and does 24 points of damage.  The
         ogre screams.  But then Chion realizes if he falls back
         Chion is probably dead.  Chion is lucky when the beast
         falls to the right on his arm and then face down.  Chion
         falls off the beast but then falls unconscious from his
         own wound.  When he is awake he sees twilight and Durge
         standing over scowling muttering he is alive.  Chion smiles.
         Then Cetric and Caladan enter the picture and tend to his
         wound.  Durge mutters how this city slicker could take down
         such a beast.  The beast must've been hurt or sick already.
         Chion rides back to the village on horse in slight pain
         but satisfied. [CEP 152] He notices his Sai is again chipped
         but it was worth the damage tot he blade to see Durge's face.

      Mar 10 - None

      Mar 11 - Cetric sends Chion alone with no food or water to
        the wilderness.  Only his damaged Sai and clothing.  He
        is not to use magic to gain food or drink.  He must
        meditate and study nature for its food and live on the
        land.  This is his final test to obtain a Tonah guardian.
        It could take upwards of 2 weeks or as little as 1 day.
        The animal may choose Chion.

      Mar 12 - None

      Mar 13 - 9:23am - As Chion finds himself looking for food
         and using the leaves for water from morning dew he is
         now 10 or more miles from the village.  For days he has
         only seen the occasional plains rat or rodent.  Suddenly
         the morning silence is broken by a bird high in the sky.
         He sees it soar and then dive toward him.  Wary and tired
         he isn't sure its a vulture to pick him off.  The bird,
         a hawk now that Chion sees it clearly, lands near him with
         a dead snake.  The bird eyes Chion and drops the meat.
         Why would such a animal do this when food is scarce?  Could
         this be a sign?  The bird flies back up, circles then lands
         some distance away.  Chion takes the dead snake and eats the
         protein filled meat.  Satisfied the Hawk takes to the sky
         and stays in the area.  Energized Chion takes it as a sign
         and heads back to the village.  He notices high above the
         Hawk seems to guide him toward the direction.  Hours later
         near the fading sun Chion arrives back in camp.  Cetric
         watches the Hawk leave the area and agrees the bird must've
         chosen him or felt sorry for him, Cetric laughs.  Time
         will tell and more encounters may be needed before he knows
         if he has obtained a Hawk Tonah.  That night Chion completes
         his drum. 

      Mar 14 - The next morning Chion decides its time to leave.
         Cetric agrees he has learned a great deal in half the time
         it would take most normal Zen'da.  Cetric is impressed but
         doesn't show it.  Caladan informs Chion of Cetric's surprise.
         Durge is happy to see the outsider leave.  Gib'borah and
         Caladan give one final spring meal for Chion before he leaves.

      [Mar 15 - 28 - Back in Marentia via Teleport]

      Mar 15 - None

      Mar 16 - 5:30am - Chion is awoken to sounds in his doorless
         home.  He finds a bird has gotten inside some small hole
         it seems and is trying to escape.  Chion teleports the
         bird outside without touching it.

      Mar 17 - 25 - None

      Mar 26 - 12:19am - While at a local tavern getting some ale
         after a hard day's work making a new Sai, Chion sees
         a man recruiting men for a courier job to the Cerulean
         Empire.  The pay sounds good.  Chion laughs that he
         could probably be there in 20 minutes and back in 20
         minutes without need of a caravan.  But he knows if he
         leaves his sai half done it could be ruined. Farseeker
         always said Chion could make money as a courier.

      Mar 27 - 11:53am - While in the market looking for a good
         selection of fruit Chion finds himself having lost his
         small moneypurse.  Some thief must've cut it minutes
         ago.  Chion looks up and down the alleys to find clues
         but finds nothing.  He discovers about 5 silver has
         been taken.  A skilled thief for sure.  Angry Chion
         leaves the market. 

      Mar 28 - None

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