[pnpgm] Game Update - #5 - File #7 - Status 11/15 & Ben'dar's IBT

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Nov 16 05:09:31 CET 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
     Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
     Game Web Site - http://www.funport.com/longshot/pbem
     Public posts/actions to pnpgm at abroere.xs4all.nl (mailing list)
     Private emails (not public actions) to longshot at darktech.org
     Game Update #5 in sequence (file #7)
     Admin notes: None.
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     [New Stuff]

        GM: Administration Info -

            * Status file updated.

              1. Characteristic Points

                          Total Players: 14
                    CPs sent to Players: 14
                 CPS allocated/returned: 13  
                  Character sheets sent: 13  
                       Current progress: 93% 

                  Leaves only Strie'bog at this point.

              2. In-between time actions
                          Total Players: 14
                 IBT Actions sent to me:  9   
                    IBT completed by me:  6  [**Changed**]
                       Current progress: 43% [**Changed**] 

                 Have IBT actions from:
                   Fremea, Chion

                 Check out the Status link on the website to
                 see order of IBT actions given to me and
                 which at the time of the week I'm currently
                 working on.


        GM: An increase of 7% since last week.  Up to 43% of the
            IBT actions completed at this point.  I've basically
            99% done with Ben'dar's ranch info just a matter of
            some going back and forth on last details.  So
            pretty much done with Ben'dar.  Overall this is
            a 3% increase in total progress (65 to 68%).  

        Actions? Comments? 

        Next update Monday..

        GM: Below is Ben'dar's IBT encounters...

  [Encounters for Ben'dar]

    Dec 25 - 10:56pm

      Ben'dar is awaken by the horses at the ranch.  Some are outside
      waiting to be groomed by the staff.  Screams come from outside
      as Ben'dar hears that 2 Griffins are attacking.  The ranch
      guards exit their barracks to come to the help of the others.
      Ben'dar dresses and grabs his gear as well.  While the staff
      deal with one (4 vs 1) they eventually kill it.  Ben'dar
      mounts Tef'wo and uses his Bow and horse archery skill to
      fight the flying creature.  The dim light is hard but there
      are torches around the ranch.  His first shot is great
      and does 14 points of damage to its left wing.  The Griffin
      attacks twice in dives with claws but fails to hit Ben'dar.
      Ben'dar fires but misses and hits on the 3rd shot hitting
      for 10 points in the chest of the creature.  His fourth
      shot misses and so does the Griffin.  By the 5th phase the
      Griffin is on the ground weak and near death.  Tef'wo charges
      with Ben'dar's pike in hand.  But at the last second the
      Griffin twists and lifts a wing.  Sending Ben'dar flying off
      the horse over the wing and sliding 6 feet down the dirt
      behind the griffin.  The Griffin twists around for the
      crushing attack but Tef'wo stands on his hind legs and
      kicks the griffin in one leg taking it down.  With air
      out of his lungs Ben'dar tries to crawl to his Pike just
      as the Griffin collapses to the ground.  Now with new
      breath Ben'dar stands and kills the unconscious Griffin.
      Ben'dar and Tef'wo stagger back to treat his cuts. 

    Dec 26 -28 - None

    Dec 29 - 4:10am
      While Ben'dar is up early checking the ranch fences he notices
      on the west side of the ranch a huge boar that is heading
      north and snorting.  It stands 4 feet at the shoulder and
      6 feet long and much weigh half a ton.  Ben'dar grins thinking
      that could feed the ranch for months.  But he notices the
      board watching him and has glowing red eyes.  That's not normal.
      He mounts Tef'wo to give chase but when Tef'wo sees him the
      horse refuses to get close.  Ben'dar realizes Tef'wo must not
      be scared but respects the animal (scared, respect is that
      the same thing?).  Ben'dar leaves the boar alone as it seems
      to be ignoring him and the ranch.  Days later Ben'dar finds
      it to be a Vereghina probably on the track of someone.

    Dec 30 - 31 - None

    Jan 1 - 5 - None

    Jan 6 - 12:30am
      In a late night visit to Maren city Ben'dar finishes a business
      meeting in a tavern and leaves to get Tef'wo.  Sure that no one
      would steal his feisty horse.  As he rides down the dark streets
      and alley areas he notices a tall man in blue silks pass in
      front of him.  As the man passes a street lantern Ben'dar
      seems to recognize the man somewhere.  Then he recalls that
      Z'leyra describes a man that looks like him, a Jinn, that attacked
      her.  Ben'dar yells for the man to stop.  The man turns and
      stands but when he sees Ben'dar's necklaces he runs away.
      As Ben'dar rounds the corner with caution he notices the
      alley is long about 100 feet.  He travels up but notices no
      man.  He couldn't have run that fast.  Ben'dar searches the
      alley from horseback for some time but sees nothing.
      Behind him he hears a noise and sees a shape change back into
      the human he saw and Ben'dar charges again.  But just as
      the horse gets to the man he flies up into the sky with
      obvious magic since no wings are seen.  Ben'dar grabs his
      bow and fires but the man disappears into the night.
      After some time searching the area no sign of the man is seen.
      He returns to the ranch to think on the situation unsure if
      that's the same Jinn that attacked Z'leyra or not.  Could
      just be a wizard scared of a crazed looking man on a horse?

    Jan 7 - 9:34pm
      The next night back in Maren to finish some more business
      Ben'dar hears screams from a nearby street while riding
      away from a merchant's home.  He rushes over to find a
      female running away from a alley.  Ben'dar rushes into the
      darkness to see a body on the ground.  Ben'dar feels a
      coldness strike him up his spine and he sees a human form
      seem to change before his eyes into a fog and just float
      away down the alley.  Before chase can be done guards come
      with torches and inspect the body.  It seems blood has
      been drained from the body and 2 marks on its neck.  Ben'dar
      realizes he may have encountered a vampire but since it was
      sated likely didn't want to deal with another food source.
      The guards let Ben'dar leave knowing the female first found
      the body not him.  In a week rumors are that the body had
      to be burned in case of it being Turned into a vampire.

    Jan 8 - 12 - None

    Jan 13 - 1:29pm
     While Ben'dar is inspecting some local farms in the hills
     near Sivas for horses he travels to Sivas on the main road.
     He comes across a group of 5 humans.  One is dressed in dark
     brown robes while the others are dressed in tan robes and
     surround the one in the center.  As Ben'dar rides close
     he notices the man must be a wizard as he is carrying a staff
     and seems to speak in a strange tongue.   The party of 5
     avoid Ben'dar and even get off the road until Ben'dar passes.

    Jan 14 - None

    Jan 15 - 16 - None

    Jan 17 - 10:01pm.  Ben'dar is doing a final night check of the
      stables with his Steward when both find a guard down on the
      ground with an arrow in his arm.  He is bleeding but it does
      minor damage it seems.  Yet the man is down and paralyzed
      for some reason.  While the Steward tends to the man Ben'dar
      goes out looking for the cause.  He soon finds a Elf sneaking
      out of one stable with a horse and saddle.  The Elf mounts
      up and fires his bow at Ben'dar.  The arrow hits the ground
      at hid feet.  Ben'dar charges the man before he can ride off
      but has no pike or Tef'wo only his dagger in his belt.  With
      a battle cry he charges the Elf in the saddle.  With massive
      Barbarian muscles Ben'dar pulls the Elf off the horse and
      both go tumbling to the ground.  Ben'dar gets to his feet
      first just before the Elf does.  The Elf pulls a sword and
      both charge. (84 CEP)  Ben'dar swings and slices the neck
      of the Elf and does a massive 18 point hit damaging the
      dagger.  The Elf dies before he hits the ground.  Surprised
      the blow was meant to slice the chest not the neck.  But
      Ben'dar is surprised by his good hit.  Later Ben'dar
      finds the Guard Elf-shot paralyzed and is cured the next
      day in town.  Ben'dar gains a magical sword and arrows.
      He later learns the Elf is a Daoine Sidhe a Kotothi form
      of the Elf it seems.  The party has encountered them before.
      The creature must've tried to steal a horse for some purpose.

    Feb 18 - 20 - None

    Feb 21 - In the afternoon on the road with Tef'wo Ben'dar is
      almost attacked by a group of Falcons as Ben'dar uses nature's
      restroom.  It seems the Falcons were protecting their young.
      Ben'dar leaves with no harm to the birds or himself.

    Feb 22 - None

    Feb 23 -11:53am - Those at the ranch are alerted to a rumble
      on the ground and soon find about 30 horses riding in the
      distance to the north-east.  Soon the ranch staff and Ben'dar
      notice War Horses riding in that direction and soon pass
      within a mile of the ranch.  Seems they are on some war
      or military exercise.  They carry the flag of Marentia but
      do not come close to the ranch.

    Feb 24 - None

    Feb 25 - Near sunset 5:53pm the Ranch Steward alerts Ben'dar to
      a group of 6 entertainers who wish to entertain the ranch
      staff for a hour or two.  They are going around from farm and
      ranch to find small jobs and don't ask for much.  The
      staff pays for it on their own and the entertainers dance,
      sing and play music for almost 2 hours before they leave again
      with their large wagon.

    Feb 26 - 28 - None

    Feb 29 - 8:24pm.  While riding to the Ranch from Maren after
      a night at a tavern for food, Ben'dar encounters a group
      of 5 wolves attacking a man who was walking.  Ben'dar and
      Tef'wo scares the wolves off and Ben'dar helps the old man
      who is lucky to only have a minor bite.  Ben'dar escorts the
      man to his farm then returns to the ranch.  The man is grateful
      and gives Ben'dar a basket of fruit from his ranch.

    Feb 30

    Mar  1 - 2 - None

    Mar  3 - 2:28pm - Ben'dar encounters 2 large eagles flying over
      the Ranch as he eats lunch.  When one lands near him and
      he sees a collar on the eagle he recognizes it as Corona.
      He must've flew from Sivas to visit the area.

    Mar 4 - 6 - None

    Mar 7 - Late that night a Terrestial Demon lands on one
      stable near sunrise.  He sneaks into the stable and
      takes over the body of one horse.  No one realizes this
      till the next day when the horse refuses to enter the
      daylight bucking and kicking when the attempt is made.
      The horse was days before kind and gentle and going well
      in its training but now it acts mean.  The Steward calls
      for a friend of his who is a Healer since Z'leyra is a
      day away.  The Healer finds evidence of the demonic takeover
      and a Priest is called.  Hours later the demon is exorcised
      and forced into a corner by Light spells and banished.
      To no harm to anyone or the horses.

    Mar 8 - Mid-morning while going into Maren city to check on
      a prospect for a Knight's horse stable Ben'dar encounters
      4 bandits attacking a farmer's wagon.  After a battle that
      lasts only 15 seconds Ben'dar kills two of the bandits and
      two others flee on horse in opposite directions.   Ben'dar
      decides to help the middle aged farmer's wife who is hurt
      than chase the men.  City guards go out and find one of
      the bandits but the other one flees from justice for now. [15 Cep) 
      Turns out the farmer raises pigs and cows.  Grateful for the
      help the farmer gives Ben'dar's ranch 2 pigs and a nice cow
      as the farmer seems well off and grateful for his wife's life.

    Mar 9 - 4:30am - Ben'dar is awaken to a scream in the front
      part of the ranch house.  He wakes and finds a guard outside
      who was bite by a snake and is in great pain.  Ben'dar searches
      for the snake but finds it instead of the ground on the
      roof of the barracks.  It has wings and Ben'dar recognizes
      it as a Fire Snake since Caladan has one of his own.  Ben'dar
      realizes the snake is not mean unless provoked.  So he
      lets it fly away and goes to help the guard.

    Mar 10 - 5:12am Ben'dar up early to go to Maren for a early
      meeting finds a man on the road checking his horse's foot.
      When Ben'dar uses his torch to offer help he notices the
      man is the bandit that got away days earlier.  Ben'dar
      drops the torch and chases the man.  The man runs but Tef'wo
      is too fast.  The man is knocked out by a blow to the head
      and Ben'dar takes the Bandit on his own horse to town for
      a 1 SC reward.  Low but he is only a small time bandit.

    Mar 11 - 13 - None

    Mar 14 - 4:53am - The Steward is awoke by a guard informing him
      there is a group of 7 patrolmen from the city looking for
      3 escaped felons.  They request to search the Ranch.  Having
      nothing to hide Ben'dar allows them to search the buildings
      but find nothing.  The leader thanks Ben'dar as they ride
      off a half hour later.

    Mar 15 - 16 - None

    Mar 17 - 9:52pm - Ben'dar is doing final cleanup in a stable
      when the Guards scream for help.  Ben'dar comes out to see
      a flock of 6, no 8, Hippogriffs flying over the corral which
      still holds 6 horses ready to enter the stables.  Ben'dar
      recognizes it from talk of the others like Chion who encounters
      such and used magic against them on Clima.  But this is a
      huge amount of the creatures compared to only 3 then.
      Immediately Ben'dar runs to the house and grabs his magical
      pike and bow and calls for Tef'wo.  But Tef'wo is ready
      at the front before he returns outside.  The Steward had
      already warned the guards of creatures like Hippogriffs, Rocs
      and Griffins may attack the ranch.  The battle breaks out
      with all the staff defending the horses and themselves.
      The battle takes over 7 minutes of intense fight.  The
      guards kill 4 of them after aerial bombing and melee attacks.
      Ben'dar is able to shoot down 2 Elf-shot arrows and stun
      them.  He kills one in melee with Tef'wo.  The long battle
      sees 1 guard dead however.  Ben'dar and the guards trick
      two of the creatures on entering an empty barn and they
      trap both inside.  Ben'dar knows that some could train
      these creatures for mounts but knows he doesn't have that
      time and only he might be able to train them.  With spring
      here he knows he may be going to Katai soon.  He calls for
      one of Farseeker's contacts in Maren in the military.  Hours
      later the military leader buys the 4 captured hippogriffs
      for 22 GC from Ben'dar.  Ben'dar only allows the sale if
      the military pays for the dead guard's funeral and some
      compensation to his family for the loss.  They agree. (40 CEP)

    Mar 18 - 12:24am - After coming back from Maren city leaving
      the dead guard's body for burial Tef'wo stops and sees
      a wolf.  Ben'dar urges him forward but the Wolf just sits
      by the side of the road.  A silver manned wolf but this one
      has glowing red eyes.  It stares at Ben'dar making him nervous
      and unsure what wolf this could be.  Ben'dar tries to scare
      the wolf off by telling it to go away.  But suddenly the wolf
      speaks to Ben'dar a few quick words.  Before Ben'dar can
      question or reply he hears a wagon behind him.  Thinking
      a trap he turns to see a farmer on the road approaching
      with a empty wagon. When he turns back he notices the wolf
      is gone and faded into the moonless night darkness.

    Mar 19 - 23 - None

    Mar 24 - 8:12pm - Ben'dar is in a stable checking the horses when
      he hears the pigs squeal.  He comes outside to find a cliff
      bear trying to enter the small pin and get to the pigs to eat.
      Having come out of hibernation they seem hungry.  This time
      Tef'wo is far away and he only has a spear at reach in a local
      tool shed.  He grabs it and runs toward the pigs knowing that
      the pigs could be attacked any second.  No time to call for Tef'wo.
      The Bear turns on Ben'dar and stands and growls hungry and
      very upset.  It then charges.  First round Ben'dar does a 3
      point stab to it.  The Bear attacks but his claws doesn't penetrate
      his dragon armor.  Ben'dar does another 4 point hit but the
      Bear fails to bite and claw Ben'dar.  Ben'dar does another 3
      point stab and the bear fails to strike.  Ben'dar does another
      3 point hit and bear fails to hit.  Ben'dar fails to hit but
      the bear bites down but fails to penetrate stomach armor in the
      next 2 phases. Ben'dar stabs but the spear doesn't penetrate
      the bear's thick skin, the bear also claws but fails to penetrate
      armor.  Ben'dar does another 3 point hit but the bear fails to
      hit.  Ben'dar is able to stab deep doing a 9 point blow but
      the bear continues to fight and misses Ben'dar.  Ben'dar does
      another 2 point hit and bear fails to penetrate armor on
      another bite.  Finally Ben'dar stabs the bear for a massive
      20 point hit killing the bear.  As he pulls out though the
      spear breaks in half.  Later Ben'dar realizes there is a bear
      cub nearby and the mother was apparently only defending her
      young.  Ben'dar sells the bear body to a merchant for 7 SC
      would've been higher if no holes in it.  But it can make
      a rug or bear skin cloak.  The cub is captured and sold to
      a hunter who knows where he can sell it to a family who will
      raise it till it can be on its own for 2 SC. (128 CEP).

    Mar 25 - 28 - None


    CEP - 365

    CEL+1, OCV+1, DCV+1

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