[pnpgm] responses

Robert A. Maxwell rmax at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 28 01:07:39 CET 2006

Z'leyra asked: "Any further suggestions about the Claw?"

"My mother is very wise, and her memory is long.  She may know more about the Claw than we can discover with the resources at hand.  It may be dangerous, especially if the forest is weakening, but many in this land now know of the claw and at least some of its powers.  Stories will spread, and others may come here seeking it.  Let the stories say that it was taken away from these lands.  I am sure our friends here can convince any that come that the band took the claw to a wise man in the...," he looks around, "to the east.  That will at least throw the casual hunter off the track."  Strie'bog considers what he just said, "but if we take it, we must find a way to keeping it so that it is not a temptation.  There are as many stories of people becoming corrupt as there are grains of wheat in a field.  I do not know if this item is evil in and of itself, but temptation of power can lead to a grave fall."  He brightens, "still, I think we should find a way to take it with us in the hopes that it can either be destroyed or hidden."

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