[pnpgm] Z'leyra offers re ring

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Nov 24 07:47:41 CET 2006

Z'leyra sees that both Unali and Chion would like the Sapphire Ring and 
offers "Both of you have something that I could further ensorcel to 
boost attributes. While I cannot boost them as much as this ring could 
boost dexterity, <but I can boost an attribute more than the ring boosts 
agility> I can provide more boost in total if split amongst three 
attributes. Perhaps the one that doesn't take the ring could get these 

"I offer to enhance the sapphire in the ring...I enjoy getting enhancing 
fine things. If both of you choose to take my offer I suggest that 
someone else in the party take and wear the ring. I myself would refuse 
to take the ring as it would conflict with an attribute boosting ring I 
have already made for myself." <She holds up a hand with several rings 
on her fingers.>

"If I enhance the sapphire in the ring it would leave open the 
possibility that I could add other enchantments to the sapphire sometime 
in the future, if asked." 

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