[pnpgm] Game update #135 - File #508 - A Gift is Given

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Nov 21 23:18:04 CET 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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       From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          OOC:  First, thanks Scott for running such cool adventures.
          You're doing a great job and I'm having alot of fun with it.
          I can tell you put alot of time and effort into the game and
          it shows.  Keep up the good work!

          OOC:  Second, Ben'Dar would like to claim some items from the
          loot list:
          1) Enough rations & drink to replenish what he's used
             [2 weeks worth and waterskin]
          2) The fur cloak (if it's not too elegant.  If it's barbarian-l
             like, he'll take it to help with the cold winter traveling)
          3) Two or three blankets (to help with the cold winter travel
             for both him and Tef'wo)
          4) 100' of good rope and 20' of good tying cord
          5) Marentian Culture, Legal, and History texts (don't know if
             he can read, but he wants to learn more about Marentia since
             he's running his business there)
          6) Xen'da histories (both east and west)
          7) Ba'ru legal text (since this land connects Marentia to his
             homeland, he wants to understand the laws of this country also)
          8) Set of riding gloves
          9) Marentian Province Map, World Map (good quality), & Northern
             Continental Map
         10) Two Man Tent (the sturdiest one he can find, to help with the
             cold winter traveling)
         11) Arrows to replace any he's used or that have been damaged
         12) Ceremonial Pike (for display inside the main bldg at his ranch)
         13) Two medium sized gems that are golden in color (not sure what
             type that would be) that would be suitable for setting in his
             wolf headdress in the empty eye sockets.
         14) Several extra torches to replenish any he has used
         15) An extra spear to replace the one he broke
         16) The magic dagger, once it is identified, and if nobody else
             wants it.  (He'll replace his normal fighting dagger with this.)

         OOC:  Third, Ben'Dar is ok with the idea of donations to Caladan's
         tribe, with the possible exception of the fur cloak.  Also, Ben'Dar
         feels that the party may need to keep one blanket per horse that
         they're taking back to Marentia.  If the weather turns bitterly
         cold, each horse should have a blanket over it to help them
         survive the trip.  He'll help with the loading of the loot on the
         horses to make sure that none are improperly loaded or
         over-loaded.  Ben'Dar is also ok with equal shares to all party
         members, including Jordi and Caladan.

         OOC:  Fourth, Ben'Dar spends his time in camp per your
         description, and he also spends his free time working on his
         tanning/leatherworking skill by working on his wolfskin headdress.
         He is careful to do this in private and far away from Cetric.  If
         possible, he will enlist Z'leyra's aid to learn this skill faster.
       GM:  GM.  Thanks.  I try to do a good job.  Course I have been
         doing PBEMs in various styles and formats for 15 or so years.
         Various game systems.  While at times I may be busy with life
         and have to do limited descriptions like in combat (since that
         could take 2-3 hours) I try to be more detailed in other updates.
         Being a programmer I'm a detail person.  As you may have guessed
         there is a overall Plot Arc and Adventure arc and some minor
         character arcs all intertwined in the story.  Clues abound in
         90% of the updates.  Foreshadows and omens.  Taking notes is
         always good but optional.  My Table game players are always
         taking notes in my games.  They've learned my tricks.  Course
         PBEMs have their limits and restrictions but I try and hope
         to continue it.  I have a general outline for Adventures #3-5.
         That will end the big Arc.  At that point it will be a big
         free form session and we may expand from there.  I'm going to
         try to have adventures centered around folks.  The next 3
         are active players and centered around them.  I've always
         hated English classes in school.  Too boring so I'm not a great
         writer but I do have a good imagination :)  The fur cloak is
         pretty fancy it must've belonged to one of the Priestess.  Its
         not too Barbarian like.  Still want it?  Also #13 above.  There
         is only 1 Gem (jewels and Jewelry are the others).  The Topaz
         Gem could be golden but its only 1.  Want it?  I'd have to
         research the color of the other pieces.  Ack on Jordi/Caladan.
         So cloak and Gems are unclear.  Dagger will be defined later.


       From Strie'bog: [Re: Actions]
         In regards to the claw, Strie'bog will approach Z'leyra.  "When
         we are back at the village, I will ask the Gods for wisdom
         regarding the claw and its history.  As I do this, I will be in
         a trance.  Will you watch over me until it is complete?"  He
         hesitates for a moment, "It may be possible for the Gods to grant
         me knowlege of the enchanted items we have recovered.  It will
         mean that I will be in communion longer, but it may be helpful
         to us."

         Back at the village, after recovering mana, Strei'bog will cast
         WISDOM to learn about the claw and the recovered magical items.
         The claw is the priority, and if it requires a second casting
         of WISDOM, he will do it to learn about the other items.

         I am fine with the GM suggested distribution of treasure.
         As for treasure, he will take a new pair of boots.

         For the other items, he will use his artists eye to try to
         apprise some of the workmanship, and inform the others.
         He will take 60 arrows to replace his and as extras.

         To the party, "I would appreciate an opportunity to look over
         some of the magical texts and scrolls.  As I have said before,
         I am looking for information that may help cure a wound my
         mother carries. Something in these texts may hold a key to this
         Strie'bog approaches Unali and Z'leyra.  "I wish to ask your
         advice regarding the gems and jewelry recovered from the keep.
         I want to gift my share to my mother, but I am not sure which
         would be an appropriate gift."  He considers for a moment.  "My
         people do not normally go out of their way to find such gems as
         this, and the jewelry produce I doubt would be considered
         sophisticated by the standards of the Merantians.  I wanted your
         opionion of which you think would make an appropriate gift."
         Looking to Z'leyra, "you know of the essence of stones.  Beyond
         its beauty, is there one which would bring pleasure to one who
         has lost a loved one?"

         As for the books, with out a lot of time, he would not be able
         to review them.  So, he will forgo these.
       GM:  Ack.  Boots and 60 arrows.


       From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
         Z'leyra will cast Perception through her staff on all the
         unidentified magical items, saving the Claw for last. She will
         ask Xian to cast Communicate before she casts Perception on the
         Claw just in case she starts speaking in a strange tongue again.

         Later she will practice other spells.

         Replying to Strie'bog "Different folk have different beliefs
         about what values and properties various gemstones have. Other
         than the ruby I don't think any of these gems are fine enough
         to have magical value. The ruby, when properly enhanced, should
         warn it's wearer of hostile forces of chaos, help protect against
         poisons and give immunity to choas spells of emotion. It will
         also be quite valuable. The other gems, though not as valuable,
         will have value measurable in coin. Perhaps the most value that
         any gem has as a gift is as a reminder of the person that gifted
         the gem and of their love for the one the gem was given to."

         Z'leyra indicates an interest in the wooden flute "Someday I
         may learn to play the flute, perhaps I should take this flute
         to learn with." She also would like to take either the bastard
         sword or the broadsword and half a dozen throwing daggers for
         use in protecting herself in future combat. Depending on their
         powers she may have an interest in one or more magical items.
         If no one else wants them she will take the jeweler's tools...
         as she left hers back at the manor.

         Perhaps one of the stronger fighters should wear plate armor
         so they take less damage in the future?
       GM: Ack.  No Tongues on Jef.  he's gone.  As to Tongues on
         Chion.  You'd have to ask him.  

     [New Stuff]

        [During the six days in the village Ben'dar collects pieces
         of specific treasure for himself.  He takes 2 week's worth
         of rations for himself and a waterskin.  He takes 10 arrows,
         6 torches, 3 blankets, 100' of rope and 20' of cord.  He
         eyes the Marentian books and can read them not fluently but
         he can read the books slowly.  It would be good material
         for his ranch.  He eyes the Zen'da histories as well and
         finds its written in Marentian since the Zen'da do not
         keep much recorded material.  He also takes the Ba'ru legal
         text in case he wishes to know their laws on horse trades.
         He takes a pair of gloves, he takes the Marentian, world and
         northern continental map.  He claims the 2 man tent.
         He takes the Ceremonial Pike for his ranch.  He takes
         a spear to replace the one he broke.   He requests to have
         the magical dagger.  ]

        [For the few days aside from duties in camp and the horses he
         spends time in seclusion with making his wolf skin.  Cetric
         is no fool and is aware of what is going on.  It even seems
         Cetric could offer advice but after the big confrontation
         between the two he decides not to stay friendly.]

        GM: Ben'dar will later in half a year or so learn the Ceremonial
          Pike was used by the great General Ak'zars Lenor of Marentia
          during his war with L'p'nth.  The general single handed took
          out more than 28 fighters and 1 Priestess with it.  But later
          in an ambush the General was killed and the pike taken as
          a token piece.


        [Strie'bog simply takes a pair of boots for the one that was
         touched by slime and 60 arrows for himself.  He can only
         read the Zen'dali materials and not the others as he doesn't
         know their written languages.  If only he could maybe there
         is some secret in them for his mother's cure.  Pain rushes
         through him as he goes through the documents but can't read
         but a small portion.  Maybe Kaylle can later translate the
         material for everyone.]

        Trembyl: "Cure for your mother?  Is she sick or has some
          long term disease?"


        [From the loot Z'leyra takes 12 throwing Daggers, the Jeweler's
         tools which includes eye pieces and fine cutting tools for
         the typical jeweler's work.  She takes the flute and a
         bastard sword.]


        GM: Z'leyra wishes to Enhance the Ruby necklace.  But
          Chion initially had his eye on it.  Since this is a
          possible conflict I need to know who claims it.  Chion
          had first dibs on it but I want to make sure he still
          wants it.  Chion? Its still on the treasure list as
          unclaimed in my eyes until someone says they want it.
          Once ownership is figured out or loan status for the
          owner it can be enhanced or not enhanced at the owner's
          request.  Its critical if I missed a email or such on
          treasure claims you resend them.  I've removed items
          off the master treasure report on each person's claims.
          So far no conflicts aside from the Ruby.


        [Of the magical treasure the 5 magic books and 9 magical
         related scrolls are all in L'p'nth.  No one can read
         them to determine their value or quality.  They will have
         to be translated.  No perception can be used on them
         as they are spell information sources not magical items

        GM: Since both Strie'bog and Z'leyra will determine the
          magical items I have figured out a way to share the
          experience.  Strie'bog's wisdom spell does take a long
          time so given the weakest magic items might be best for
          him and the rest can be done quickly by Z'leyra.  This
          gives Strie'bog some experience.

        [During the days waiting to leave Strie'bog takes the
         2 potions from the Bova camp leader and examines them.
         He also takes the Wand from the Bova Shaman #1 and
         all 3 items are used to cast Wisdom on to learn their
         powers.  The time involved though is 10 hours per item
         because its relatively important information.  All
         3 spells work.  The gods supply the information below.]

        GM: Strie'bog +1 EL in Wisdom Congrats.

        [Z'leyra takes and uses Perception spells on the Talisman,
         Magical Dagger, another talisman, magical ring and amulet.
         She casts her series of spells through her drum and
         staff to determine the magical qualities.  AS she is in
         the trance she cites their qualities for thig to note
         down on scrolls.]

        [Stair Guard - Talisman - Fort]
         Talisman - MEL7/EL5 Summoning
            [Seems to do Bullmen unsure if others.]

        [A'gar - Magical Dagger]
         Magical Dagger - MEL10/EL6  +4 Int, -6 to hit others

        [Ezam - Talisman]
         Talisman - MEL9/EL5 - Negation/Protection vs Beings
         using Light based magics.]

        [Ezam - Magical Ring (Sapphire)]
         Magical Ring - MEL9/EL5 +14 Dex, +14 St)

        [Wand - Bova Camp Shaman #1]
         Wand - MEL10/EL4, 24 inches, no powers

        [Amuleta - Bova Camp Leader]
         Amulet - MEL7/EL3 Protection vs Balance]

        [Potions - Bova Camp Leader]
         Potions - #1 - MEL10/EL4 Mana Reading
         Potions - #2 - MEL 4/EL2 Influence]

        GM: Ben'dar still want the Magical Dagger?
          The above information is now updated on the Master Treasure
          Report (Bottom link)


        [As the days pass the villagers give the party at least one
         full feast of honor.  Warriors get drunk and there is
         dancing and song.  On day 63 during the lunch time the
         party is gathered eating a form of salad prepared by the
         party with hot bread and a herbal tea.  Caladan, Durge,
         Gidwani and Gib'borah approach the party and all but
         Gib'borah take their place near the party on the low
         bench and tables.  Gib'borah stands and motions for
         a female to bring a sack over to the table.]

        Gib'borah: "The plains are quiet again.  The Bova has
          been quiet and Praelux reports no more intrusions along
          the border.  I speak for my clan, my family, the Ga'fel
          and the People in giving my appreciation for this help.
          As you know many guests onto the plains must be first
          invited or escorted with other Zen'da.  Those not invited
          or escorted tend to be dealt with as outsiders and invaders.
          This is a tradition that goes back to the first wars
          when the Donaran's invaded our land.  I can count the number
          of outsiders this village sees in a year.  Including a few
          merchants we allow on the plains to trade their goods."
          [he spreads his arms wide.]  "I hereby declare you official
          friends of the People.  honored guests of the Ga'fel tribe.
          As a result the women folk have made you each a gift."
          [He leans over and pulls what looks to be feathers out
           of the sack.  He holds it in his hand.] "This is a
           Ti'u Kelom.  There is no direct translation into Marentian
           but it means freedom or to be free." [he holds it up to
           show each person.  The item seems to be the size of a
           earring about 5 inches long.  Its not a earring but the
           object is metal and silver color.  It is a shiny gray
           color with a small leather strip around it.  The shape
           of the object looks like a fat spoon with the thinner
           piece on one side and the fat oval on the other.  Attached
           to the object are 3 small white feathers with a blue down
           feather from some smaller bird.] "Each of you will get
           one of these.  It will identify you as guests of our
           tribe and to the people.  They are obligated to allow
           you free travel on the plains unless you are interfering
           in some internal matter or harming that tribe.  As long
           as you travel through peacefully this is your ...as you
           say it..ticket to do so."

          [He hands everyone in the party each of the objects.  They
           don't seem to be fancy or worth a great deal outside
           the plains but the women seem to have worked sometime
           on each item.  They all look the same but there are tiny
           differences in each from the shape of the metal to the
           color to the length of the feathers.]

          Caladan: "For Jordi and Thig we've made wooden ones instead
            of metal.  Ben'dar does not need one but if he wishes
            to have one it will still represent him as a friend
            of the Ga'fel to his own people." [He winks at Ben'dar]

          Gib'borah: "If you travel in the lands always bring this
            with you and there will be no problems."


          [As the days pass its clear the party will be leaving soon.
           But Chion has to teleport back and forth to gather the
           last of the gear.  On day 64 the party has attempted to
           pack the gear as best they can onto the wagon they found
           in the Bova camp.  The wagon is big enough it should carry
           the bulk of the treasure.  It has created some arguments
           though in the method of storing the items.  Finally Caladan
           approaches those packing treasure.]

          Caladan: "Let our women help.  They'd be glad to pack the
            stuff.  That is one of their main chores around camp
            when a village has to move due to the weather or other
            issues.  Some of them have to pack up a full village
            within half a day's notice.  You may have seen that with
            Praelux's village when they moved.  They have learned the
            skills of efficient packing you might say."

           [With that the women help to store the weapons and 98%
            of the items.  In some cases they double or triple the
            load of one container storage wise than the party did.
            The women also help build a tarp over the wagon to prevent
            snow, ice or the weather touching the gear.]

           [Later that day during the lunch again Gib'borah approaches
            alone while Caladan is talking with Cetric on village

           Gib'borah: "I understand Chion suspects one more day and
             then you will be ready to likely leave us.  While your
             visit has been a good one I hope you have a good trip.
             I've seen the load you would be taking.  While you have
             the Kelom's you will still be traveling south through
             the Ser'manda lands.  With the amount of horses you will
             be taking with you could disturb them.  There is no
             direct proof you own the horses in their eyes.  They
             could try to intercept and bargain or force you to give
             some of the horses to them.  I am not their Ga'sha so
             can't speak for them.  However, I've taken the liberty
             of getting you some help.  This time of the year we have
             merchant friends.  They are trappers and fishermen that
             travel the Fel'oros northern river system.  They collect
             their fall materials.  I've gotten word from our clan
             members on the river to the west their last boats that
             carry the people back to Cholchara are due any day.  I've
             asked they be stopped and you be given passage back to
             Cholcara.  The river boats are big rafts but carry loads
             in terms of logs and wood back.  They should be sufficient
             even for the horses.  There are four to five of the rafts
             that are due back for the final trip of the season.  Since
             they use our river we allow them this passage for favors
             and I'm calling in one favor as you folks say.  When you
             are ready to leave I will have a couple warriors guide
             you to the river and you can board the rafts there when
             they are there.  Scouts report they should be there
             a day after Chion's last trip if things go well.  They
             can return you to Cholchara and avoid Zen'da lands
             all together.  Including avoiding Ba'ru lands.  Once
             safe in Marentia you can find your way home with the
             help of the spirits to guide you.  I hope this is
             acceptable to you.  It should cut your trip by days
             maybe even half the time down to Marentia."


           GM: Enough update for now.  Already late as it is on
             posting it :).  I will do the claw looking by
             Strie'bog on Friday's update.  Friday will be a short
             update mainly on the claw and character sheet updates.
             I've started working on them and hopefully by 12/1 we
             can start adventure #3.  So that leaves 2 more updates
             to go before then.  Since this week is Thanksgiving
             for the US I know folks will be busy and may be out
             of town so Friday's won't be a critical update you
             can view it whenever you get time.

             Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US!

           GM: The treasure report is updated on the website.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next update Friday...

           I already got actions on the Days 60-65 things to do
           but not from everyone but that's fine.  Its not required.
           There will be time later to do things.

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