[pnpgm] dealing w loot

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Tue Nov 21 02:56:40 CET 2006

Replying to Strie'bog "Different folk have different beliefs about what 
values and properties various gemstones have. Other than the ruby I 
don't think any of these gems are fine enough to have magical value. The 
ruby, when properly enhanced, should warn it's wearer of hostile forces 
of chaos, help protect against poisons and give immunity to choas spells 
of emotion. It will also be quite valuable. The other gems, though not 
as valuable, will have value measurable in coin. Perhaps the most value 
that any gem has as a gift is as a reminder of the person that gifted 
the gem and of their love for the one the gem was given to."

Z'leyra indicates an interest in the wooden flute "Someday I may learn 
to play the flute, perhaps I should take this flute to learn with." She 
also would like to take either the bastard sword or the broadsword and 
half a dozen throwing daggers for use in protecting herself in future 
combat. Depending on their powers she may have an interest in one or 
more magical items. If no one else wants them she will take the 
jeweler's tools...as she left hers back at the manor.

Perhaps one of the stronger fighters should wear plate armor so they 
take less damage in the future? 

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