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Ben'Dar ruddy face darkens with anger at Balrog's words.  "Z'leyra can
handle herself as well as any of us!" he says with a glare back at Balrog.
She held the claw because she could protect it better with her magic and
skills, especially if our enemies suspected that I still had it.  And from
what I've heard of the ambush, it was lucky for us that she held it.  I
doubt I could have escaped as she did."

He glances at Z'leyra and his eyes stray to her satchel.  "I do want to
learn more about it.  It has great power and could be used to accomplish
great things for the one who weilds it.  But there is something evil about
it as well.  When I carried it, I could sense it trying to influence me

He shakes his head.  "The decision on its fate is certainly not mine alone
to make.  We all have an equal say in what will be done."

He nods in agreement to Xian's suggestion.  "Yes, let us be glad that we
have seen victory this day and enjoy this well-earned meal!"  He smiles and
raises his mug in salute to his companions.

(Later on, he will mention to the party that it may be a good idea to
continue the subterfuge that he carries the claw still when they return to
Caladan's village.  Undoubtedly word will spread that he holds it, and if
anyone does come hunting for it, it would be better if they didn't know it's
exact location within the party.)
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