[pnpgm] Hauling the loot...

kzinti maouse kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 4 08:47:14 CET 2006

Chion suggests that he should make two trips. One with
half the party and half the loot and another with the
other halves. With any luck he won't teleport half way
into something (but by now he pretty well knows where
he's going. A dedicated circle in the center of the
courtyard might be in order just to help him get back
and forth (wouldn't hurt). Presumably most people can
be out of the fort within a short while. Chion has
slightly different plans for afterwards, but that is
not a suprise to anyone. He's contemplating the
catepults now too... A ward on the drawbridge to let
him know if anyone passes through the main gate might
be in order too. For the most part, Chion just wants
to strip the place down and then leave. Although
practicing destruction could be fun and fitting on a
place like this. Hmm...

Treasure wise, the gold is pretty decent (going to be
about 40 ea? Give or take the armors and what all).
Chion is wondering about the large flawless ruby. Can
it be removed and enhanced? (Gee, imagine Chion
Fearless... lol)

Also, any insight into the ring and talisman is good.
So if he needs to do a knowledge spell he will when
back on the plains.

His immediate plans for the future are relatively
unchanged: Loot and strip the castle; destroy
useability of it. Study the language of L'P'Nth so he
can read the texts and spell scrolls/book(s). Study
Shamanistic magic. After he succeeds or fails that
he'll go back to Marentia and start up his shop if
nothing new is happening - like finding a note from
Ezam that says "For the bounty head of Chion Blades,
Reward - 25 GC" or some such.


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