[pnpgm] Chion and the map...

kzinti maouse kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 31 04:50:07 CEST 2006

Chion will ask for something to draw the map out on.
He will draw the map in as much detail as he can
(which, I believe is nearly 100% accurately due to his
training). He will ask Farseeker, "If you were making
a hidden castle, where would you put the rest of the
rooms?" and perhaps Farseeker's (and other peoples')
strategic training can provide some insight into the
rest of the layout. "We should all commit the map to
memory. I suggest we all teleport into a hallway
instead of into a room which might be warded in some
way. Ideas?"

He will say in casual generallity to the group who
wish to go to the castle, "I will rest before going. I
intend upon going during the early morning, perhaps at
about 4 am. We should all work on sleeping at
different hours for the next few days so we can be
awake at this time. Oh, and we may need to ride for a
day to the south prior to attempting the move. I will
need to do some calculations." He will attempt to
calculate the real distance to the hidded fortress
using the maps he looked at at Wounderal's and perhaps
in his books, and of course from his own recollections
from making the journey a few times.

The preperation for the teleport will be as normal;
insubstantial, invisible, teleport - all using mana
from his staff if possible. I know the insubstantial
and invisible is short lived when done this way

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