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Ben'Dar doesn't back down to Durge, and he glances around at the warriors
backing him up with an amused grin.  He seems to be greatly enjoying the
fact that Durge seems bold only because of all his fellow warriors backing
him up.

In response to Durge's words about the claw, Ben'Dar merely rolls his eyes,
shakes his head and makes an insulting gesture of dismissal, the same as a
Zen'Dan adult would give to a disobedient child.

Later during the interrogation of prisoners...

Ben'Dar gives an exaggerated sigh of exasperation as Durge once again gets
in his face.  He seems about to say something highly insulting, but holds
his tongue as Gib'borah waves Durge away.

In reply to Gib'borah, Ben'Dar merely nods curtly and turns on his heel and
walks away.  He is satisfied that the young enemy leader knows nothing
more.  Ben'Dar is unwilling to take the risk of questioning either of the
spellcasters, who are probably just desperate enough to lash out with their
magic if given the chance.

Vote on Castle:  Ben'Dar will defer to Chion in this matter, but he will
mention that the people in the castle sound like soft civilized folk who
probably enjoy their beauty sleep, so an early morning surprise attack might
be best.
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