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Chion will say, "I am willing to share the power of
the brooch if it is ok with Z'leyra." In Choisa/Katai
he will add directed at Z'leyra, "Perhaps you would
like to learn some basic martial arts in exchange?"
Back to Strie'bog he will then add, "You are most
thoughtful, thank you."

--- "Robert A. Maxwell" <rmax at mindspring.com> wrote:

> Strie'bog will be happy to work with Chion in
> sharing the brooch.  Again, the offer does seem to
> mean a great deal to him.
> As a side note, before sleeping, Strie'bog is going
> to go and 'play' with Bodyzar.  Going out and
> running with him (though there is no hope of
> Strie'bog ever running faster than Bodyzar), feeding
> Bodyzar, and even seeing if there is any small game
> hunting that can be done in the area.
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> >The Watchful Sleep brooch CAN be shared. At EL5 it
> can cast it's magic 
> >twice per day. It has a 72% + person's MDV chance
> of success. One person 
> >can use it, then when the first is asleep the
> second can take it and use 
> >it. Though if not agreed upon beforehand the first
> would likely wake up 
> >when the brooch is taken.
> >Effect: In six hours the person will regenerate 7
> hit points and 7 mana 
> >while sleeping AND remaining aware of everything
> within 120 feet. If 
> >threatened the person wakes immediately (which
> cancels the regeneration 
> >of HPV and mana).
> >Note: If healing occurs this does count as magical
> healing...so previous 
> >or further magical healing within 24 hours is
> potentially fatal.
> >
> >Perhaps Strie'bog and Chion could share? 
> >
> >
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