[pnpgm] Watchful Sleep

Robert A. Maxwell rmax at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 24 01:23:24 CEST 2006

"Thank you Z'leyra," he says with a kind smile.  It is easy to sense that this offer means a great deal to him.  "With this help, I may be able to ask the God's for knowldge in the morning.  If they hear my plea, we may have a better idea of what needs to be done with the claw before the castle is confronted."

Gratefully will Strie'bog use the brooch.

In private, "Z'leyra, your kindness and friendship means a great deal.  I have heard you speak of your path, and your desire to enhance your healing skills.  Among her other functions, mother is healer.  Though her path is different from yours, I am sure a meeting between the two of you could be beneficial to both."  He hesitates a moment, "you see, my mother was wounded by my father's death, and her wound has never healed.  You may be able to see where others have not, and help us find a way to clease this wound and bring peace.  I know we have task present here in Zen'da, just consider this offer for now."

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