[pnpgm] Game update #106a - File #384 - Strie'bog Translocates

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Mon Aug 14 23:44:26 CEST 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          In response to Z'leyra's Perception spell:  Ben'Dar nods
          and says, "Yes, good idea.  Once things have calmed down
          a bit." Once the party reaches the village, Ben'Dar retires
          early into one of the tipis to rest.

          (If nobody else claims any of the magic items, Ben'Dar
          might be interested in some of them, maybe the amulet and
          the potion, depending on what type of magic they are imbued
          with.  He asks Thig and Z'leyra if they can discern it.)
        GM: Ack.


        From Strie'bog: [Re: Actions/comments]
          [OOC: Sorry for the long delay; busy month at work]

          After Ben'dar throws the punch, Strie'bog just shakes
          his head. After Ben'dar walks off, he will make sure
          Cetric is alright, before going about helping people get
          ready to move out.

          *Strie'bog can cast Wisdom to try to learn the location
          of this Shaman, and then Translocation to make it to the
          other village if needed.  As he casts it as EL 1, he can
          bring the Shaman back to Cetric and Caladan's village.
        GM: Ack.  No problem.  Stuff happens.  See below. 

        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
          Votes to take villagers with them. Take all horses and
          animals. Let warriors go, take elites with group, leave
          after two hours.

          If group wants to take warriors also, discuss a small
          hunting party to track the one that got away. Unali will
          then opt to go with that group.

          When everyone is getting ready to leave, Unali will
          change back into leather and bind her chainmail on her
          horse. She will secure her bedroll and tent and have
          everything packed to go. Before leaving the battle ground,
          Unali will stand silent for a moment on the spot where
          Caladan was laying/dying. Thereafter she will walk to
          her horse and mount it and ride off.

          Back in the camp she will converse with the girl that
          was raped and try to have her focus her anger somewhere
          else. She will show the girl some ways to hold a dagger
          and give some pointers on how best to subdue instead of
          kill. Also, she will volunteer for a watch on the
          prisoners during the night.

          Of the treasure, Unali would appreciate a Warhorse IV and
          Riding III or IV Some of the coin and gems would be
          appreciated, as shared by the group She would like to know
          what the amulet and wand can do, although does not lay a
          claim at this time. What are the coin bag and gem bag of
          the leader? Nicely made or something special?

          If the good quality dagger of the leader remains she will
          take a good look at it. She has her own daggers and is not
          really in need, so if anyone wants it, she will not claim
          it. If the laurel staff is not claimed she will make sure
          it is taken with the group.
        GM: Ack.  Noted but past the vote part now.  Ack on changing
            clothes/armor.  The dagger of the leader is shiny and
            has a nice leather sheath.  But otherwise its standard
            issue not really amazing or anything.  The coin/gem bags
            are made from silk but not overly expensive.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra would offer some of her trade goods to Praelux's
          folk, but I believe she left them at Caladan's village before
          she used the Tracking spell. Nonetheless she will offer a
          couple of flints to help in making fires if they would help.
        GM: Ack.  

     [New Stuff]

        Octaqi 22, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 52 of Trip] 
         Time: Roughly 7:00am

         [Just before entering the camp Cetric stops the party.
          He then comes up front and sits tall in the saddle.  The
          party wonders if this is another trick.]

         Cetric: "Before we soon enter the village I would like
           to ask you all for a favor.  I know I don't deserve
           such a thing but this is for the better of the Zen'da
           and the Ga'fel.  First please escort them away."

         [He points to the Leader, Shaman and Wizard.  He clearly
          doesn't want to talk in front of them.  Lodd, Praelux and
          Corr lead the three and surround them about 50 feet away.
          Cetric turns and continues while the party watches the
          prisoners for any tricks or escape attempts.  He asks the
          villagers to also join them so they do not hear as well.
          The villagers easily outnumber the prisoners 10 to 1.
          Once only the party is left with Cetric alone he continues.]

         Cetric: "I need to ask that no one tell that Caladan has
           died.  If he were to show up alive afterwards it would
           cause questions to be asked that I rather not give
           answers to.  It is a morale issue as well.  It is fine
           to speak to Gib'borah of it as he knows my secret ability.
           So does the other shaman I will send for.  But I can
           arrange things to be done so not to tip anyone off in
           the village.  My warriors have already pledged this and
           I'll ask this of Praelux.  It is your choice.  You can
           give the secret out but I will then likely have to leave
           the village.  But what of the people?  If someone asks you,
           simply advise he is elsewhere or resting in the Nemat
           village.  If I fail to save him then we can deal with his
           death then. Is this okay with you?  If he does come back
           to us then we can claim he was moved in during the night
           to our village.  Your fate is in my hands.  If you inform
           others of my secret Gib'borah will need to find a new
           shaman which could weaken the tribe."

         Balrog: "Who cares.  Fine by me.  I'll keep quiet."

         Farseeker: "I can understand the reasoning but to hold this
           back from the people could be as dangerous.  But it is
           fine with me."

         Kasha: "Fine."

         Thig: "Fine.  I could affect minds but as I said nothing
           lasts forever.  A pledge of this type is hard to keep
           but I will do my best."

         [He waits for others to reply.  Then concludes.  If
          someone decides not to pledge he will just nod and
          resign his fate to that person.]

         Cetric: "Thank of this not for me but for the Ga'fel
           and the Zen'da as a whole.  Even the Black Claw Lodge
           has no such shaman in their group.  If the Ho'ga'sha
           himself needed to be saved it would have to be in
           the most extreme secret nature.  Course he is so far
           from here time to save him might be lost.  If is
           your right to refuse this request.  If you do though
           I only ask you give me warning so I can prepare a
           replacement for the tribe.  I've been training a young
           shaman for the last five years."

         Farseeker: "Your a bit over dramatic."

         Thig: "He's right though.  I mentioned this before I
           believe.  I know of a Donaran royal wizard who
           resurrected folks for the court.  The prince would
           not let him save common folk.  The folk resented
           this.  When a great religious leader died the people
           stormed the castle hoping to save him.  In the process
           the wizard was killed.  The prince's knight's sought
           revenge and killed many.  That type of power needs
           not to be so open or if it is it should be shared
           freely." [With those last words he looks at Cetric.]

         [The party continues with the sun toward their backs and
          then finally to their right as they near and finally
          enter Clan Nemat's village.]


        Octaqi 22, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 52 of Trip] [Clan Nemat Village]

        [--Early morning -- Party few minutes now in camp---]

        [Strie'bog considers what Cetric proposes about finding
         the other Shaman.  He overhears Cetric giving instructions
         to Corr to find the shaman.]

        Strie'bog: "I can offer what little healing I have, and
          that many of you have seen, but I think my best offer
          would be to aid in getting this other shaman to Cetric's
          village.  As I mentioned, one of the gifts of my mother
          is to travel far distances.  I am not greatly skilled in
          it yet, but it may be enough for me to bring this man to
          the village.  We could be there before you, and have
          things prepared."

        Cetric: "We must rest here today.  I welcome your healing
          to the others.  It will take us three days to get back
          to village.  It will take Corr only 2 days to get to
          the village and half a day to get to the shaman.  Your
          idea is fine but the shaman doesn't like outsiders.  You
          are clearly one with that gear and skin of yours.  He
          might not react well.  Corr knows him and can deal with
          him better.  If you want to risk it though you can do
          so and I'll give you the info.  But as I requested
          earlier I would prefer no one in our village know of
          Caladan's death if you do go.  Your two friends and
          Gib'borah you can tell though.  Have the shaman prepare
          his stuff in my own Tipi.  He will bring all he needs
          and also request some other stuff from the tribe."
          [He pauses and looks in his tiny leather sack on his
           thin belt and pulls out a gem.  He looks at it some
           more as it shines in the light.]  "Chion gave this
           to me saying Caladan's master gave it to him.  Give
           this to the shaman.  His name by the way is Luan. Tell
           them it will guide Caladan's spirit.  He should know...
           I hope...how to use it.  Good luck to you."

        Thig: "Strie'bog you've not slept all night and it
          would benefit you if you should rest and leave in
          the afternoon.  Corr looks exhausted as well."

        [Z'leyra also confirms this to be a good idea for
         medical reasons.  A clear mind gives better magical
         results as well.  Strie'bog knows he could be back
         in Caladan's village in only an hour so as long as it
         is daylight there is time.  He decides to rest a bit.]

                ----------Shortly afterwards------------

        [Z'leyra Looks troubled after visiting the horses from
         Ben'dar's request and talking with Tef'wo.  Z'leyra
         approaches Ben'dar as he goes to rest.

        Z'leyra: "Ben'dar. Please do not try to use the Claw.
          Indeed, don't touch it, keep it away from your skin,
          preferably in a bag or something so your are not directly
          wearing it and while you have the Claw make sure that you
          are wearing the belt I made for you. I think I will have
          to cast additional protections before I can handle it for
          the Perception spell."

        GM: Ben'dar has already touched it and there has been
          no affect.  He has had it on his person for at least
          an a few hours at this point.  There has been no effect.

        [---Later as party rests in Clan Nemat village---]

        [Strie'bog finds Z'leyra]

        Strie'bog: "When you bring Caladan back, if needed, I can
          ask the Gods to bless him, granting him more strength to
          recover. There are also prayers I know that will revitalize
          his energy"

        [During the day Unali gets with the female the Big Warrior
         raped.  She learns her name is Mao.  Since both are females
         Mao gets less nervous around her and begins to talk with her.
         In about 20 minutes both are standing and mock fighting with
         daggers as Unali shows her how to use a dagger.  The two soon
         quickly notice sneers from males in the village of the Zen'da.
         Its clear the males think females should not be fighting.
         Unali ignores them and taunts Mao to ignore them as well.
         After an hour the sneers seem to stop and they give up.  Soon
         at lunch both are talking over fighting techniques.  Unali
         knows she can't teach her great skill in one day.  But she
         can at least get her started.  AFter lunch they train and
         show how to use a dagger in both subdual and regular attack
         modes.  Soon Unali tired from being up all night without rest
         has to sleep.  She leaves Mao to try her own fighting stances
         for a few hours.  When Unali wakes up later that night they
         eat dinner and do more training.  Soon Mao opens up and both
         have to find a quiet place to talk about the experience.
         Unali softens and helps talk her through it and to counsel
         Mao.  As Mao opens up Unali whispers a few things to Mao that
         she has never told anyone else.  Unali thinks back to Duke
         Valnon's daughter she also befriended back on Clima.  Its
         strange how things like this occurs...]


         [While Ben'dar rests..]

        Z'leyra: "I cannot say for sure, but the Claw may have a
          wicked spirit trying to take over whomsoever touches it.
          If Ben'dar suddenly seems different it may be because the
          spirit has taken over his body. If that occurs we shaman
          will have a difficult fight to drive it back into the Claw
          and get Ben'dar's spirit back into it's rightful place."

        Thig: "I touched it and examined it.  Even used it for a few
           minutes to control the dogs.  I took the risk and I seem

        Farseeker: "For you that is strange!"

        Thig: "Hush!  I do have mental training with my mental spells
          so that may be a good thing why nothing happened to me. I
          did not sense anything spirit wise from it.  I only
          sense great power from it and with great power always come
          great peril depending on how that power is used."

        [After a while Praelux asks his request for horses.  Z'leyra
         comes up and talks to him.  She explains she has some items
         the village could use.  If someone wishes to come to Caladan's
         village for them she will offer them. He is happy with this
         and accepts the offer.  He will go back to the village
         himself and will look at them then before he returns to his
         own clan after they move.]

        Praelux: 'Z'leyra." [He looks around to see who was listening.I
          "You saved my life back in the battle.  I am honor bound
          to owe you something and all that i have is my life to
          give.  We don't believe in slavery but I can pledge myself
          as a personal companion to you if you so wish for me to
          protect you.  What do you say?"


        [Later Z'leyra finds Unali and sits with her and Mao. Its
         clear females are separated at times in the village and so
         sitting with Unali gives some relief.  Even after all they
         did Z'leyra and Unali still feel a bit like outsiders.]

        [While sitting next to Unali, Z'leyra compliments her.]

        Z'leyra: "Unali, you not only are skilled at combat, you are
          wise and merciful in the use of your skills. I am glad you
          are in the same group with me."

        Unali: "And you are skilled in the magic of this world. We
          all have our strengths and abilities.

          I feel we work well together as a team. But at the same
          time I fear that we both offend the men of this plain, if
          just by being capable women. Wielding magic and weapons so
          openly. These men just don't understand that women can act
          on their own.

          And at the same time, I feel so stupid. Unable to stop that
          poor girl from killing that brute and unable to help her let
          her anger go. I should have stopped her. How will that much
          anger in a girl make that girl fit in with the men of these
          plains. How can she still belong here? She has a way with
          daggers, but if she cannot control her anger, she will never
          make a good ... fighter. Anyway, I am not in a place to take
          a student. And my values are not hers. Maybe you should talk
          to her and give her spirit some rest. You might understand
          her better than I do."

        [Unali is silent for a while.]
        Unali: "What do you think, will we be able to save Caladan's
          spirit. And how much damage will be left on the body. From
          what I heard those that are brought back never regain their
          old self completely. As if something is lost forever."

        Z'leyra:  "I have not directly studied the Resurrection spell
          yet. It is one of the hardest spells to learn and my
          understanding is that the better the shaman knows the spell
          the closer the spirit and body can be brought back to how
          they were before the death. Those that have totally mastered
          the spell are exceedingly rare, but have the ability to bring
          them back just as they were. Those that have barely learned
          the spell bring back little more than a shadow of the former
          person. I do not know how skilled Cetric is with the spell.
          That he is willing to wait more than a couple days indicates
          that he has some skill with the spell as one needs more skill
          to cast the spell the longer it has been since the death.

          "Morally it is not an easy spell to practice. Knowing that
           you are bringing folk back as shadows of what they were.
           Not easy. It is also difficult to master by study.
           Supposedly I am one of those that could totally master the
           spell. But to do it by study alone would take five or more
           years of doing naught but study. Most shaman request help
           from the spirits to learn such spells. This can increase
           the speed at which the spell is learned, but it would still
           take years to master."

           "As to offending the men of the plain, I do not do what I do
            with intent to offend them but I will be who I am regardless
            of what they think. I was born a Kameri where women of
            power talk with the spirits and advise the men openly. I
            shall not hide and shirk what the spirits would have me
            do. That I weild weapons, fight and even kill - yes, that
            is unusual.

            But as men of my family, clan and tribe are not available
            to do it for me I must do it myself when necessity arises.
            I see no need to submit to our enemies because it is unusual
            for one of our gender to wear armor or handle a weapon."

            "As to the girl....I don't know. Sometimes revenge IS proper.
             Having had it she may be able to heal the wound in her
             spirit. I shall talk with her..."

           [Thig looks over the camp and finds Z'leyra quietly
            chatting with Unali.  He sees Mao talking to another
            girl quietly also.  its clear Mao is telling of some
            trainng Unali has given.  Thig's ears perk up as he
            listens in for a few moments.  He then grabs some fresh
            hot bread from the other women of the tribe and go over
            to Z'leyra and Unali.  With a sly smile he hands the
            bread over to the ladies to eat.]

           Thig: "Fresh bread.  Its good.  You two have done alot
             for the party and for others I see." [He glances over
             his shoulder at Mao.  He looks at Unali.] "You have
             made quite an impression on her.  Course both of you
             have done that with the men as well.  Then again so
             have I.  But Mao seems to drink in your training.  Who
             knows maybe in some ways you have started a new thing
             for the women.  Something to show that women can do
             other things. I've seen it start as simple as this and
             go into a full revolt of wills.  It might be interesting
             to come back in a few years and see those changes."

           [...after a bit Z'leyra gets up to go talk with the girl.
            Mao doesn't at first talk and is still withdrawn with
            Z'leyra but slowly she begins to talk...]


        [Time: Late Afternoon around 3pm.]

        [Strie'bog finds Z'leyra -]

        Strie'bog: "Z'leyra," Strie'bog begins, "I suspect that the
          ritual that Cetric proposes will take time.  Once back in
          the village, I can aid you in learning about the claw by
          asking the Court of Life to grant me wisdom regarding the
          magics of the claw.  It is possible that there is a way
          to destroy the artifact, or maybe it was created for a
          purpose that has not been met as of yet.  Whichever, I am
          sure the guidance of great Cerrunos will help direct or
          feet to the proper path."

        [Strie'bog wakes up after a good six hour sleep.  He eats
         a late lunch and prepares his stuff.  Before he leaves
         he gives the village a quick few songs and stories of
         support.  Corr packs his horse but Strie'bog tells him
         he can't translocate horses at his skill.  Chion can but
         not Strie'bog.  He can barely take Corr.  In fact Strie'bog
         explains Corr will have to be left behind to get back to
         Caladan's village.  But Corr is fine with this. Strie'bog
         gathers his gear and Corr grabs his.  Corr is nervous but
         Strie'bog explains the process.]

        [Having cast Wisdom earlier he gains the exact location to
         the Shaman's tipi.  Cetric had explained he only lives
         with one other family away from outsiders due to constant
         spirit noise or something.  Strie'bog plans this location
         with a distance away from the Tipi so as not to appear
         inside anything.  He hopes this works as he doesn't
         have spells to make himself non-solid.  Strie'bog asks Corr
         if he is ready.  Corr nervously nods his head.  Strie'bog
         holds his Balalika and speaks a few mysterious words to
         Corr.  Soon they pop out of existence...]

        [Strie'bog and Corr pop back 44 miles north of the party
         in the middle of the plains.  Corr is amazed at this feat
         of spirit magic.  Strie'bog explains there will be one
         more spell.  He casts the spell but nothing happens.  He
         then suddenly becomes aware he has run out of mana for
         the day.  He underestimated himself.  He explains he will
         have to stay the night and make camp.  Unfournately they
         did not bring any horse or sleeping gear.  Corr becomes
         upset but only shows it briefly.  He looks around and
         hopes theres no predators in the area.  Strie'bog sits
         saddened at the mis-judgement.  But he is just starting
         out with this magic stuff and has to learn..]

        [Corr makes a campfire as Strie'bog prepares a sleeping
         area made from grass and looks to find some herbs and
         food source.  Luckily he has some rations so that'll
         help.  But water is low having Corr only a small waterskin.]


        [Time: Late afternoon near sunset]

        [After everyone has gotten a good nap the party wakes up
         for a late dinner that night...]

        [Unali continues to deal with Mao.]

        [Balrog is enjoying some wine with a young girl maybe around
         19 years old.  Both are flirting with each other.  Suddenly
         Kasha sneaks up behind him and throws a bit of water on him.]

        Kasha: "Moooooooo!"

        [Balrog screams and chases Kasha around the camp for a few
         minutes all the while Kasha laughs.  The villagers are
         unsure of this joke but the party understands.]

        [Jordi sleeps more so than others but finally wakes and
         checks over his gear and just sits against a tipi and
         watches the party.]

        [Ben'dar spends time with the warriors talking of battles
         and other actions of combat.]

        [Around 9pm or so Farseeker puts down his drink flask and
         walks toward the three prisoners still gagged.  Its clear
         they even need food and drink.  To ensure though they do
         not speak (especially the wizard) they are surrounded by
         people as they eat.  The slightest noise and they would be
         knocked out or worse.  But now he walks up to them and
         kneels in front of the leader.]

        Farseeker: "You are clearly the crux pin in all this.  Who
          do you work for?  Who are you?  Who sent you here? What
          were you planning?  See him?" [He points to Thig] "He can
          make you talk with his magic.  I'm sure you saw some of it
          already.  Best talk before we turn you over to the Zen'da.
          Only speak answers to my questions.  If you even begin to
          say anything unusual I'll kill you."

         [Farseeker places his great sword on the ground and ungags
          the man then sits facing the man with the blade of the
          sword pointing to him.]

         Leader: "I will not betray my people.  You might as well
           give up now and let me go.  Give me a horse and I'll
           ensure your people will be killed last."

         [Farseeker bursts out laughing.]

         [Kasha leans and whispers to Ben'dar]
         Kasha: "Why do these guys always boast of being powerful
           and they'll kill us last? Is there some Evil Book
           of Regulations or something?"

         Farseeker: "Bold!  Brave or stupid.  We've dealt with them
           all.  The Zen'da will be far more cruel than we would.
           I've heard stories of them burying folks alive with only
           their heads and hands out of the ground.  Then they'd
           leave you in the ground for days or have bugs eat you
           alive.  One classic example I think is pretty interesting.
           A horse thief gang was all put in the ground and the
           Zen'da sent a stampede of 40 horses against them.  The
           heads were detached or crushed.  it was very bloody."

         Leader: "You do not scare me.  There are things worse than
           you to scare me."

         Farseker: "Like what?"

         [The man stays quiet.  Kasha comes up and looks the man
          over.  He then speaks.]

         Kasha: "This man is useless.  Turn the #%#@A# over to
           the Zen'da for #%@@1"

         [The man's eyes jerk upward at the words.  But Kasha got
          what he wanted.  While the party did not understand two
          of the words spoken in Zen'dali he did and apparently
          so did the leader.]

         Kasha: "He's from L'p'nth or speaks it.  I know only a few
           words of L'p'nth.  A cuss word here a slur word there.
           The word for death.  He clearly recognized the words."
           [He says this in Marentian but figures the man can
           understand and does seem to.]

         Farseeker: "Your from the mountains then?"

         [The man remains silent.  Farseeker gives up and gags the
          man again.]

         Thig: "You give up too fast.  I can do my work."

         Farseeker: "I'm not a interrogator.  I could make him talk
           I'm sure.  Depends on what condition we want him in.  I
           suspect we should keep him in good shape till we get to
           Caladan's village then let them deal with him."

         Cetric: "L'p'nth?  Now it makes sense."

         Farseeker: "What?"

         Cetric: "The Claw controls animals and with other animals
           people.  The shaman took these folks here to their village
           to serve as prisoners we thought.  But we know the Bova
           have less people than we Ga'fel.  We can have upwards of
           3 to 4 thousand more warriors than them. Figured it out
           yet?" [He pauses] "The Bova would need more people for a
           war.  The claw gives them those people even if they are not
           all warriors.  Even if not warriors they could use the
           bugs to control the mass of other clans to their will.
           The Bova would then take over the plains slowly.  It is
           known the Bova have some ties with the mountain L'p'nth

         [Farseeker looks to the leader for some recognition but
          he just stares ahead.]

         Farseeker: "It makes sense.  A army with little effort and
           would do anything they ask.  But still limited in range of
           the claw.  This wizard and this guy must be from the
           L'p'nth.  The Shaman would likely be from here."

         Thig: "Why didn't we think of that?"

         GM: At this point no one had mentioned they figured this
           out so if you did and didn't say anything tsk tsk on you! :)

         Kasha: "But there is one thing.  The Blue Bugs that
           help control the folks.  You or was it Gib'borah?  Mentioned
           the bugs were only recently found.  Something about
           their hives only came to the surface in the last few
           months.  Is this correct?"

         Cetric: "Yes.  There were earth shakes.  Some believe the
           spirits were angry or wanted to shake things up in our
           young people who were becoming too lazy.  This was only
           a full moon or so ago.  Till that point no one I know
           of has heard of these bugs."

         Kasha: "So how did the L'p'nth know of them to start the
           grave robbery or was that just a chance occurrence?"

         Thig: "Good question.


         [As the sun sets and dinner is finished the party begins
          to still stir.  They will leave in the morning but
          they are still anxious to help Caladan.  Cetric explains
          that he has a few days before a point of no return.  The
          spell Z'leyra cast on Caladan will help protect his spirit
          from leaving assuming it has not already.  z'leyra grabs
          the claw and other gear (treasure) from the previous
          day's battle.  She prepares to do some Perception spells
          to determine their worth.  First she asks Thig to give
          some quick assessments on the items.]

         GM: Before this is done let's look at the Elites.

         Big Warrior - Obviously their best warrior and most
           experience.  Of course he didn't do so well due to
           the Transport spell.  But he did kill Caladan in
           a indirect way with his dogs.

           Treasure: 30 CC [20 L'p'nth, 10 Marentian]
           Other: Banded Armor, Spear, Mace [All non magical]

         Shaman #1 was the Claw user and was killed.  It was
           clear one of his big spells was Paralysis.

           Treasure: 50 SC [2 Marentian, 48 L'p'nth]
           Other: Banded Armor, Bow, Axe, Daggers (2) [All Non-magical]
           Magical: Wand * See below

         [This leads to a discussion as to why the 2 and the other
          Elites have coins.  The Leader and Wizard is easy to figure
          out but these 2 shouldn't have coins.  It must be that
          they were given coins in case they did venture to those
          lands.  But that is only a guess.  Ben'dar recalls the
          gold bars he got during the Thief chase.  That must be
          also another bribe to the Bova folk.]


         Shaman #2 - Still captured and with the party.
           He had tried to use his Death Blast spell and was quiet
           capable with it but no big time to use it.  Thig
           comments that this guy seems far smarter than common
           folks like him.  He even suspects he has some form of
           supernatural intelligence?

           Treasure: 35 SC [19 L'p'nth, 16 Marentian]
           Other: Mace, Leather Armor, Sling, [all non magical]
           Other: Gem* (see below)

           [When this gem is examined Balrog's eyes widen and he

           Balrog: "The Thief!  This was the Gem of Yukot Ziam!
             I know it from ...ahh..well I also tried to get it.
             This guy must've stole it!  But that would mean
             he got to Cholchara?  Interesting.  Maybe not him
             but maybe other Zen'da?"


           The Wizard -  It was clear he was using one of my new
             spells Armor.  If you've not read about it then you
             know I'll be using more and more of my new stuff
             in future games :).  he tried a couple other spells
             but failed or couldn't due to damage.

             Treasure: GC -  8 [4 Marentian,  4 L'p'nth]
                       SC - 20 [5 Marentian, 15 L'p'tnh]
             Other: Chainmail, War Staff, Daggers, Full helmet [Non-magical]
             Other: Cape (Silk/Nice), Laurel staff* (Below)


           The Leader - The party is surprised at the age of this person.
             He can't be more than 18.  The L'p'nth must hold him
             in high regard or care less of his safety?  He could only
             be some spokesman for them some figure.  

             Treasure: SC - 60 L'p'nth 
             Other: Dagger, Sling, Scimitar, Leather Armor [Non-magical]
                    Banded and Ring Armors
             Other: Amulet, Statue, Gems, Other * See below

           GM: Now back to Z'leyra's Perception spells.


           [Z'leyra places all gear of interest down near her.
            She has Thig give impressions on them and waits for
            him to make notes of her perception results.]

           [First Thig examines the Wand.  It is 24 inches long.
            But Thig determines its moderate power but seems
            to have no power inside it at all for some reason.]

           [Thig examines the Laurel small staff  34 inches long
            and finds it is not enhanced to bring out its
            magical properties.]

           [Thig examines the Amulet and finds it a low level
            item and has some magic in it.]

           [Thig then examines the two potions found.  he finds
            one is moderate while the other is low level in
            power.  Alignments of the items are unclear for
            him to figure out.]

           [Z'leyra casts her Perception spells (and others like
            Orient Self for her trance) and while in trance mode
            gives Thig details on the items.  The following
            is determined with the help of Thig.]

           * Wand - MEL10/EL4 - 24 Inches - No internal Power/Spell
           * Laurel mini-staff - 34 Inches - Unenhanced
           * Amulet - MEL7/EL3/MDV 10 - Protection vs Balance
           * Potion - MEL10/EL4/MDV 14 - Mana Reading
           * Potion - MEL4/EL2/MDV6 - Influence oriented potion?

          [For other items Jeweler, Armorer, Artist and other
           skills are used to determine their value and worth.
           With this the full inventory of Treasure is as follows
           including Elite and Warrior Treasure.]

         ******************** Treasure Inventory ****************

         Coins - SC - 155 [L'p'nth]     40 [Marentian]
                 GC -  29 [Marentian]    4 [L'p'nth]

         Armor -   Banded Armor  - 19 [12 Minor nicks, 7 Good shape]
                   Chainmail     -  1 [Good shape]
                   Leather Armor -  4 [Moderate nicks]
                   Full Helmet   -  1 [Good shape]

         Weapons - Spear         -  1
                   Axe           -  1 [Blade slightly dull]
                   Bows          - 13 [Good shape, 1 minor string nick]
                   Scimitar      - 21 [6 slight damage, rest good shape]
                   Daggers -Fight- 10 [Average shape]
                   Lance         -  4 [Good shape]
                   Short Sword   -  5 [1 Minor damage, 3 good shape]
                   Battle Axe    -  1 [Good shape]
                   Mace          -  2 [Good shape]
                   Sling         -  2 [Good shape[
                   Sling Ammo    - 36 objects
                   Bow Arrows    -569 [Average shape]
                   Quiver        - 12
                   War Staff     -  1 [Good shape]

         Magical - * Wand - MEL10/EL4 - 24 Inches - No internal Spell
                   * Laurel mini-staff - 34 Inches - Unenhanced
                   * Amulet - MEL7/EL3/MDV 10 - Protection vs Balance
                   * Potion - MEL10/EL4/MDV 14 - Mana Reading
                   * Potion - MEL4/EL2/MDV6 - Influence oriented potion?

         Other -   Statue - 10 pounds, Metal, Small of some person?
                      Value - Estimated 10 CC
                   Silk Cape - No one could determine value.
                   200' of Rope -
                   80 Blankets/Bedrolls
                   Animal Gear - 40 Saddles and assorted gear

         Gems - [1 Silk bag can hold all of them]
            1. Smell Ruby Jewel - Minimal Flaws, Fine Clarity, 24 SC
            2. Large Min. Flaws, Brilliant Jacinth - 5 SC
            3. Medium, Nearly Flawless, Average Clarity Serpentine -5 SC
            4. Small, Severley Flawed, Dull, Opal - Worthless
            5. Medium, Flawless, Dull Clarity Turquoise - 3.6 SC
            6. Medium, Slightly Flawless, Brilliant Agate - 3 SC
            7. Large Slightly Flawless, Dull Emerald - 2 SC
            8. Medium, Flawless, Fine Clarity Serpentine - 4 GC
            9. Medium, Nearly Flawless, Average Clarity -Amethyst-2.5 SC
           10. Large Slightly Flawless, Cloudy Carnelian - Worthless
           11. Medium Slightly Flawless, Average Clarity Topaz - 1.2 SC
           12. Large, Flawless, Fine Clarity, Carnelian - 20.8 SC

         Other* - These items will likely be used up by the time
           the party gets back to Caladan's village.  however if
           you want some of them (say some rations) let me know.
           If not claimed they will be gone.  

              Crate - 200 Travel Rations [Bulk will be eaten]
              Grain Bags - 10 lbs (5)    [All will be eaten]
              Fresh Meat - 25 FP         [All eaten]
              Cheese     - 16 FP         [All Eaten]
              Salt       - 1 Skin I      [Bulk used]
              Good Wine  - Skin II       [Drunk]
              Beer       - Keg I full    [Likely drunk]
              Water      - Keg III       [Drunk]

         Animals -  1 Draft Horse
                    9 Riding Horse III's
                    2 Riding Horse IV's
                   10 Warhorse III's
                   18 Warhorse IV's


         GM: Claims to Treasure should be declared.
           The following notes have been accounted in previous posts.

         Ben'dar - Amulet, Potion [after perception info]
                   Some of the weapons [Chris can you say which again?]

         Unali   - Warhorse IV & Riding Horse III
                   Interested in Amulet/Wand after perception
                   Interested in some coin/gems

         GM: The above aren't claims as far as I figure it so far.
           But make claims now if you want something.  Otherwise
           it will go into a party share and divided up later.
           Though if weapons are taken back to Marentian income
           from that will be 'home' income and held there till
           the party returns.  (Who knows what the next adventure
           calls for :)).The L'p'nth coins could easily be
           exchanged with a moneylender.  Z'leyra knows a Moneylender
           in her list of contact she could trust.  But Kasha
           has the skill and if asked would know the exchange rate
           to be at the time.


         GM: Before I continue here are some stats.  I have given
           everyone some skill experience.  the following chart
           shows the points.  For horsemanship and Zen'dali this
           is a continuos learning process up to and including
           the day of return to Caladan's village.

           Horsemanship - 10 Points to everyone (5 to Thig/flew alot)
           Zen'dali     - 10 Points to everyone

                              Changes in Skills
           Balrog    -    +1 Horsemanship
           Ben'dar   -    +2 Husbandry    (Now Max - checking horses)
           Jordi     -    +1 Horsemanship [Now max]
           Chion     -    +5 Zen'dali
           Strie'bog -    +1 Horsemanship, +5 Zen'dali,
                          +1 Artist [Checking statue value]
           Kasha     -    +5 Zen'dali, +1 Husbandry (Horse help]
           Thig      -    +1 Jeweler [Checking Gem values]
           Unali     -    +5 Zen'dali

         GM: Congrats.  At the official end of the adventure we'll
           allocate Characteristic Points and such.  But not yet.
           Some points were gained in Jeweler, Armorer and other
           skills but the above were only EL changes.

        Next update Friday...

        This is part 1 of 2.  I figure this part is big enough.
        Its a hodgepodge of stuff.  Part 2 we move forward.
        See next part for more info before you react fully.
        Action resolution is in part 2.  

Part B to come shortly tonight...

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