[pnpgm] Game update #104 - File #372 - Party Leaves Bova lands

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Aug 4 08:54:05 CEST 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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         [Posts from Ben'dar, Chion and Z'leyra - Mingled with text

     [New Stuff]

        Octaqi 22, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 52 of Trip] [Near Enemy camp]
         Time: Roughly 2:48am

        [Meanwhile somewhere deep in the southern mountains...]

          [The tall man places a brown tome onto the bookshelf.
           He looks the shelves over for another book when a knock
           comes to the door.]

          Man: "Enter."

          [A well dressed female enters and breathes heavily.]

          Female: "We found him.  We detected his presence nearby
            in the mountains.  But as quickly as we detected him
            he vanished again."

          [The man turns slowly and eyes the female.  He walks to
           his large desk and sits down.]

          Man: "Interesting.  Keep watch.  What is the report on
            our guest?"

          Female: "It took him a few days but he has arrived in
            place.  I didn't like him.  When he was here he gave
            me the wrong impression."

          Man: "Indeed?  What do I give you?"

          [The female gulps and stammers for a split second.]

          Female: "You are more sophisticated than that idiot.
            I respect you and get a good impression."

          Male: "What did you think of his plans?"

          Female: "Didn't make sense to me."

          Male: "Likely not." [He reaches to the desk and picks
            up a item on the table and looks at it.  He places
            it in his hand and closes his fist.]

          Female: "Why did he leave that?"

          Male: "His sense of humor I suspect.  I will await
            reports from the plains as soon as we get them."

          Female: "Yes my lord." [with that she backs up and out
            into the hall again.]

          [The male brings up the necklace/pendant and lets it
           shine in the candlelight.]

          Male: "A weird sense of humor indeed..."


        [Meanwhile back in the Bova enemy camp...]

        [Just after Ben'dar throws the punch. Z'leyra shouts at

        Z'leyra:  "Ben'dar stop! I caused Caladan's body to vanish,
           and between us Cetric and I just might be able to bring
           Caladan back alive. If you beat Cetric to a pulp or cause
           him to use up his magic we reduce the chance that Caladan
           can be brought back. So stay your hands. If you want to
           do something, make sure that Cetric and I are not
           interrupted while we do our magic."
        [Fire burning in his eyes, Ben'Dar struggles against
         Farseeker and Kasha, roaring angrily as the frustration
         and anger at the terrible turn of events this day has
         produced comes crashing down on him.  It is clear that
         his lashing out was as much an outpouring of grief
         regarding Caladan as an expression of anger toward Cetric.
         After a few minutes, he calms down enough to reply to

        Ben'dar: "I have thought much about the Deceiver.  He has
          displayed the "proper" amount of suspicion toward magic,
          yet now he tells us that he can do secret dark necromancy -
          magic powerful enough to bring one back from the world of
          the spirits?!?  Either he is lying now or he has been
          lying his whole life to the People about what he really
          is!  Why should we start trusting him now?"

        [Farseeker releases Ben'dar and turns around to look him
         directly in the eye.]

        Farseeker: "Has he?   You keep calling him the Deceiver.
          He betrayed us once.  That's it.  He explained he did
          it for his people.  Think of it this way.  If you had
          people showing up at your ranch during a time when
          say horses were taken or animals killed you'd be suspicious
          as well.  You'd confront them for the safety of the ranch.
          He did the same thing for the village and his people.  A
          clearly powerful group, us, came in and suddenly showed up.
          During a time when his people was plagued by bad things.
          He could've fought us with the warriors and likely lost.
          So he poisoned us.  Not with death poison but only a
          knock out poison so he could tie us up.  Then once he
          had us he tested us to ensure the motivation of us.  Granted
          the testing was odd but think of it this way.  The King
          of Marentia tests Knights in quests to see if their motivation
          is for themselves or for the kingdom.  Same thing.  In the
          Truth Ceremony he declared his sorry for the betrayal and
          indirectly asked for forgiveness.  Since then he has helped
          us in the battle.  If he was our enemy he could've taken
          us out with a yell before the battle occurred or other things.
          I understand your hurt and anger.  But a warrior must curb
          his anger.  One thing I train my men in the barracks.  If
          anger boils over in a warrior he gets nervous, distracted
          and sloppy in battle.  A warrior must have full concentration
          in battle and that must be done without anger.  I speak not
          to offend but to help you in the future.  Your actions results
          in the death of a prisoner and Torq.  Actions have consequences
          we must face.  I doubt either man was worth saving or keeping
          for their information but it could've been someone else."

        [Kasha stands slightly to the side eyeing Ben'dar then walks
         away to give Ben'dar time to listen to the words and not
         feel embarrassed.]

        [Farseeker says the above quietly so not to attract attention
         to Ben'dar to offend him like scolding a child.  Maybe
         Farseeker has been around Jordi too long and learned some
         diplomacy.  He points to where Cetric lays while Z'leyra
         works on him then continues...]

        Farseeker: "He explained the reason he kept the magic a
          secret.  We all have our secrets.  Just like why you
          left your people.  We don't ask.  We don't need to know.
          Look at it this way.  Z'leyrs is becoming a great Healer.
          Her reputation will grow monthly and spread.  If folks
          learn of her powers she will be flooded with folks asking
          for great healings.  The same is true for those who can
          raise the dead.  King Ols some 400 odd years ago had
          a wizard who did that.  I recalls the stories well when
          I was a kid.  He had to go into hiding due to the amount
          of courtly and peasant requests for help.  Cetric may
          have leaked his secret now to save Caladan but now may
          be in danger of requests for help.  With that claw you
          wear now you may become a great rancher and husbander.
          Do you want everyone flooding you with so many requests
          you can't handle it all?  With power becomes responsibility.
          Please hear my words and simply think on them."

         [With that he walks over and joins the others in cleanup.
          He jokes with Balrog as if the conversation was already
          forgotten to further show Ben'dar no offense.]

         [Z'leyra checks out the stab wound when he may have saved
          Unali and patches it up.  She then casts a powerful
          healing spell and heals more than half of his wounds.
          The stab wound closes up entirely but he still has one
          minor wound and the face punch bruise.  Still knocked
          out she gathers her stuff and goes to help others in
          the camp.]

         [After about 18 minutes or so Chion walks back into the
          camp as if he never left.  From the eastern shadows
          he walks over to Cetric still on the ground.]

         [Chion looks around and sees Cetric unconscious. He smiles
          as he often does when happenstance presents a humorous
          image of life. As he goes towards Cetric he will get a
          waterskin from one of the horses or that is lying around
          to wash the bugs off. He will lightly splash some water
          on his face in an attempt to wake him up. (If that doesn't
          work he'll attempt a wakefulness spell on the poor bugger
          (unless that is only on oneself)).]

         [Having been healed by Z'leyra the benefit helps wake him
          up when the water hits him.  It takes about 4 seconds
          but Cetric finally wakes up.  Chion kneels over and
          pulls something out of his pouch.  It looks like a shiny
          green gem.]

         Chion: "An old friend of Caladan's wishes you to have this
           in an effort to retrieve his life for him. I am happy that
           my laughing at your antics did not upset you, and trust
           you understand that I won't be in the future. I shall
           from now on consider them part of your charm." [He will
           smile at Cetric and hold out the gem for him to take.
           Not helping him to his feet.]

         [Cetric blinks and looks at Chion. He doesn't say anything.
          He reaches for the gem and is unsure of its purpose.  He
          finally asks.]

         Cetric: "I'm...[he clears his throat]...sorry?  What is
           this for?"

         [Cetric makes it to his knees then stands and gathers his
          stuff.  He looks around for everyone.  He reaches for
          his jaw and massages it.  He looks down to his stab wound
          and finds it gone.  He sees Z'leyra in the distance helping
          someone else.  He looks for Ben'dar and heads toward him.]

         GM: Chion do you explain the gem's purpose to Cetric?

         [With sorrow in his eyes he walks quietly toward Ben'dar
          who is inspecting some saddles.  Ben'dar doesn't see
          him at first.  He approaches and stops about 3 feet from
          Ben'dar.  When Ben'dar turns around he speaks.]

         Cetric: "I hope it is out of your system.  We are still
           in danger here.  You may not believe it but we are
           on the same side here.  Did it help to knock me out
           in front of your friends?  [He gets  a bit more softer
           speaking] You said Caladan was your friend?  Yet you
           knew him only for a few months.  I knew him for 20
           years.  I would say I know him more than you do.
           I will try to save him.  I hope to save him.  I pray
           to the spirits I can save him.  But if you interfere
           again with me it ..." [a flash of anger flashes in his
           eyes and then fades again as quickly as it came] "...
           just don't interfere." [He looks like he wants to
           speak more but does not.  He turns.  Then stops when
           he sees the claw.  He turns back.] "You were the Claw?
           That is not good.  It doesn't below to a warrior full
           of rage.  You must be careful or we'll be after you
           some day if that power grows beyond your reasoning."
           [He turns and walks away to join Corr in a quiet
            whisper.  Then he moves on to help with other duties.]


        [As the party continue to organize for departure various
         folks take on various duties.]

        [Z'leyra is asked by Balrog for healing.  She casts a
         spell and he heals his 9 points completely and is
         in 100% health.  Cetric, Farseeker, Chion, Corr,
         Unali, Thig are still lightly wounded but will wait
         for natural healing or healing later.  Praelux is the
         worst off at this point with moderate damage but has
         already been healed during battle to save his life
         so she can only patch him up.]

        [Some guard the prisoners.  While others gather the
         horses and inspect the animals.  Others gather the
         treasure, food and water for the trip.  All of this
         takes about 45 minutes.by now its near 3:30am.  Everyone
         is tired but they know the escaped rider could be
         coming back with reinforcements anytime.  Finally it
         is time to leave...]

        GM: The majority of 5 votes did vote to leave shortly
          rather than immediately.  So it took time to get
          things organized.  Unfournately on the enemy vote
          I still don't have a majority after 2 weeks.  Did
          not get votes from Chion, Unali and Jordi.  Those
          that did vote the majority of those voted to take
          the enemy with the party.  But it wasn't a decisive
          majority.  In that case I'll call on the npcs of the
          Zen'da warriors and Cetric to vote.  In that case they
          decide to leave the enemy or outright kill them.
          It is figured the enemy elite led the others so they
          know more than the common warrior so are voted to be
          taken to the party.  

        [The horses and wagon are gathered together.  Thig
         walks over to the prisoners.  There was 12 but with
         the recent death of one more only 11 left out of 30.
         He ponders the spells he needs.  Balrog next to him
         talks in quiet tones.]

        Balrog: "How do you plan to corrupt their minds?"

        Thig: "I've learned a few ways of combinations of spells.
          Nothing is perfect but the combination might work."

        Balrog: "Will it last forever?"

        Thig: "No.  Nothing is forever.  I can make them forget
          a max of 3.5 months or control their bodies or
          burn their minds.  But with a combination of spells
          I might be able to do enough damage to when they
          do retain their memory they'll be confused as to what
          they actually saw.  Here goes..."

        [Thig first blindfolds all the prisoners.  Then one
         by one he releases one from their blindfold and speaks
         magical words.  Seven of the enemy cry out in pain and
         are finally pushed down onto the ground.  He takes
         a break and gets some water.]

        Balrog: "did you kill them?"

        Thig: "No.  But they won't be the same."

        [He goes back to work on the last 4.  He reveals the
         blindfolds on all four.  Then he calls Ben'dar over
         with the claw.  He quietly asks Ben'dar and Corr to
         perform a fake battle.  It doesn't have to look good
         but the illusion cast will reveal what the enemy needs to
         see.  Thig casts some combination of suggestion, illusion,
         forgetfulness spells and uses a item in his inventory to
         create a memory implant in the four that watch the battle.
         The spells together last 10 minutes.  He then whispers
         in each ear words to make them nod.  At the end of the mock
         battle Ben'dar was to hide the claw from sight until he
         leaves.  Ben'dar wonders why he choose Ben'dar for the battle
         but then recalls Ben'dar was one of the closest to the claw
         shaman than others.  Thig walks back exhausted and weak
         from his massive mana use.]

        Balrog: "You sure they saw what we want them to see?"

        Thig: "I asked them what they saw after each attempt.  I
          would know if they were faking or not.  There is always
          still a slim chance.  But if we leave them here that's
          a chance we'll take."

        GM: So all 11 will be left here.  The elite will be taken.
          If had majority vote would have taken them.


        [The wagon is hitched up with 4 horses and the wagon is
         loaded up with treasure and items.  The crate of 100
         rations will be used to feed the party for many days to
         come.  The grain bags will feed the horses for a few
         days as well.  The meat, cheese, and salt will be cooked
         by Z'leyra in a couple days.  The keg of beer and wine
         are loaded to be taken.  The skin of good wine will
         likely be drunk by the time the party gets back to
         Caladan's village.  The rope is used for prisoners, horses
         and many feet of it is kept on  the wagon as its a useful
         treasure item.  Many blankets and bedrolls are stacked
         on the wagon.  With some party equipment also carried
         on the wagon the wagon soon becomes full.  Some of the
         blankets are used as cover.  It is soon learned a couple
         of the elderly are too weak to walk so they are given
         a small place on the wagon to sit.]

        [As to the animals it is determined the Goat, Cow and
         Mules would be too slow and annoying to take.  It
         would slow the party down as they tend to eat every few
         feet.  Balrog is glad to leave the cow personally.  The
         dogs are left only cause making them pets again may
         be dangerous.  The dead war eagles were never found by
         Z'leyra which makes Thig happy.  In total the horses
         taken are:

            1 Draft Horse - Wagon
            9 Riding Horse III's
            3 Riding Horse IV's
           15 Warhorse III's
           18 Warhorse IV's

         [The warhorses are a great prize to take as treasure back
          to Caladan's village.  The riding horses might be a bit
          too fancy for Zen'da to use. ]

         [The villagers double up on horses.  The Wizard, Shaman
          and Leader are mounted still tied up.  The wizard and
          the only living shaman (the other one killed) is gagged
          to prevent magic.  The three are surrounded by party
          horses on the ride out as they ride a horse per person.]

         [As the party leaves there is talk of maybe burning the

         GM: Is this done?

         [Torches are bought to guide the party quicker back to the
          party's own horses.  Ben'dar dismounts and quickly comes
          to Tef'wo.  But as he approaches Tef'wo backs away.
          Confused by this Ben'dar tries again.  Ben'dar then sees
          in the torchlight Tef'wo is looking right at the Claw.
          Ben'dar rounds some other horses and hides the claw in
          his leather vest.  He then returns and tries to remount
          Tef'wo.  The horse still seems nervous and Ben'dar must
          figure out he knows he still has the Claw.  But he can't
          figure out why the horse is nervous?]

         [The party gather their gear and horses and the large
          parade of almost SIXTY horses march in one big rumble
          through the plains northward into the darkness.]

         Thig: "This large a mass of horses isn't going to be easy
           to hide from being followed.  When the sun rises I'll
           take rear guard and do some aerial scouting.  But I'm tired.
           If Corona can help out that would be great."

         [The party heads on.  The sun rises and Lodd explains the
          looks of the terrain tells him you are still in Bova
          lands.  It takes another hour before your finally out.
          By then the sun is up.  Thig and Corona report no one
          seeming to follow the party.  Once the party crosses
          the hard to figure out border lands Thig decides to
          sleep on his horse as he is exhausted.]

         [Five and a half hours later the party finally arrives
          back into Clan Nemat's village 9 miles or so from the
          Bova enemy village.  Vlad is still there and has been
          helped the others.  The villagers are happy to return
          back to their clan village.  They are grateful to the
          party and constantly thanking them.  Cetric though
          advises them to leave as soon as they can and move
          further north or north-east to get away from possible
          Bova retaliation. The village elders take this into
          account and plan to do that very thing.  Vlad decides
          to stay and help out.  He will return back to Caladan's
          village in a few days.]

         [At this point it is now around 8:15am.  The party
          is relatively safe.  But everyone is exhausted and
          hungry due to the fighting and no sleep.]

         Farseeker: "We should sleep and head back tomorrow to
           Caladan's village."

         Balrog: "Can we do that?"

         Cetric: "It will take us about 2 days back to my village.
           One day here.  Yes.  I will still have time to save
           Caladan when we return.  I do need messengers though to
           go and get the other shaman to help me.  He is more
           skilled in spirit recall than I."

         Corr: "I can go."

         Cetric: "I will give you the info.  Thanks.  Have him
           get to our village as soon as possible."

         [Cetric talks quietly to Corr.  Ben'dar leans and tries
          to listen in case its a trap again.  But Cetric only
          gives some names and places.]

         GM: I assume the party will eat breakfast then some will
           sleep.  The party could move at night but I'll assume
           if no one speaks up AGAINST the idea that the party
           will move out tomorrow.    Let me know of other plans
           you may have.  

         Praelux: "I wish to return to see if Caladan can be saved.
           But I do have a slight request if I may.  The horses
           are a great prize.  My clan has suffered.  Many died.
           Could we have a couple horses as compensation so the
           warriors don't have to seek the revenge?"
        Actions? Comments?

        Next update Monday...

        GM: Actions? Plans? It will be late afternoon before
          folks likely sleep and wake up.  


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