[pnpgm] Questions and response from Strie'bog

Robert A. Maxwell rmax at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 22 19:27:42 CET 2005

"It seems that there are differences between this grave and the others.  Is it possible that a non-Zen'dali was buried here?  Graves may have been disturbed all over just to find this one if this were the case."  

He looks to Thig, "You said that the staff had an image of a snake on it.  Among the forest people, the symbol of the snake has ill associations.  Do you know if any around here can sense the presence of magic?  It is not a skill I possess, but if there is any lingering power on this body, it may tell us something."

"I will go to the village.  Though it may be unwise to split up, I agree that even an hour delay may cause us to loose the trail.  While in the village, I will see if I can discover more."

After talking to the elders in the village, he will talk to who ever of the party goes to the village.  "I am going to use one of my mother's gifts, but it requires that I enter a trance.  Could you watch over me while I meditate and pray?"

He will then cast Wisdom (effective EL I think is 2).  The question will depend upon what information we get from the elder.  If he doesn't know what was stolen, then the question will be to reveal what was stolen.  If he can help us figure out what was stolen, then the question will be what power or significance does it hold for the thieves?

BTW... I may not have reliable internet access until the third.  Happy holidays to everyone, and a wonderful New Year.

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