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Ben'Dar will go out with the trackers.

On 12/16/05, Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org> wrote:
> people who look like spock with those pointy ears and people with wings.
> I'm trapped here!  Opps.  Wrong universe.]
>     No big update this day.  Just a note.  I guess everyone is busy.
>     Not had posts from anyone bug Alex.  So I won't push anyone.
>     I knwo the holiday season is a busy time.  I'll wait for further
>     actions.
>     For those at the graves if you want to let me know who stays
>     to investigate further and who goes on the tracking let me know.
>     I'll do bigger update monday.  Next Friday the 23rd no update.
>     Nor likely the 26th.  i figure this will be a busy weekend for
>     everyone being christmas.  So folks may be out of town.  I could
>     still do updates but don't want to pressure you guys.  So after
>     monday it'll be the 30th next update.
>         ------------------------------------------------
> Post from Z'leyra on actions...
> Z'leyra sheathes her dagger, picks up her staff then tells everyone
> that she had just been communicated to by a Zendali spirit. The
> spirit said "...NO...NO!...disgrace....remove remove!...." Then
> it later said "-ong remove! Go-".
> Z'leyra suggests that we examine the graves to see if anything
> had been added that would upset the spirits. She then goes to
> the graves and looks.
> A few minutes should not make a difference in tracking, but may
> make a big difference here. After this is done we will track the
> perpetrators.
>     -------------------------------------------------------------
>     Trembyl: "I agree.  I get the impression from my spell something
>       is wrong here.  Elder.  Is there anything unusual about these
>       graves?"
>     Zaka: "I actually don't know the history of the graves.  The
>       Eldest knows it.  He is in no condition to travel here.  His
>       age is getting there.  he has been passing on his wisdom and
>       stories to us for the last 3 seasons.  But the graves are
>       one subject we've not covered yet."
>     Trembyl: "How far to your village?"
>     Zaka: "Maybe a half hour's ride that way."
>     Actions? Comments?
>     BTW stay tuned for some holiday cheer in next monday's update.
>     The Joke Dwarfs are back and I'll have a surprise.
>     Till monday...
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>      seen your posts in the updates then I likely never got them.
>      Same for email.  If you've sent email and not in the last few
>      updates then resend them.  Remember pnpgm@ is dead.  You can
>      check the mailing list archives (top of the email) for a link
>      to check the mailing list archives that way till the game site
>      comes back up.]
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