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Ben'Dar replies to the Elder, "I respect your claim to the right of revenge,
old one.  But why have your warriors not tracked down whoever did this at
other graves in past days?"  Gesturing to the birds of carrion circling high
above in the sky, he adds, "Why does your people sit back and allow their
honor of to be picked apart, like a bloated corpse to be fed to the
vultures?"  He knows that this comparison will cause some insult, given the
nature of the spate of grave robberies, but he is getting impatient with
these people.  He finally loses his patience altogether and does not even
wait for the Elder to answer.  "Bah!  You cannot spare warriors from the
village!?  Go back and sit with the women and children then.  I will go with
those who still value courage and honor to track down these criminals and
bring them back so that you can have your toothless revenge!"

Later, Ben'Dar smiles to Trembyl and says in Marentian, "No worries.  Go
ahead with your magic, it won't bother the dead and so it won't bother me."
Then, gesturing at the Elders, he continues, "These old ones probably won't
have the slightest clue what you're doing, as long as don't do it right in
front of them in Zen'dali!"

Listening to Thig and Kasha discussing the possible location of the grave
robbers, Ben'Dar interjects impatiently, "We can talk about it all day, but
it won't get us any closer to them.  Enough talk!  Let's follow the tracks!"

With that, Ben'Dar kicks Tef'wo to a trot and begins following the signs
left by the grave robbers.  Though he is not skilled in tracking, he does
have some skill in plains survival, so if he cannot follow the trail, he
will just scout out and away from the burial area, looking for any outlying
signs of the robbers and/or any enemies lurking about.  At the very least,
it will be a good chance for him to get some fresh air blowing in his face
and get away from the stench of the rotting corpses in the uncovered graves.

(OOC:  What struck Z'leyra?  Was it invisible or did the rest of the group
see it?)
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